White House Leading The Rise Of The Green Shirt Fascists

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

– Voltaire

About a month ago, President Obama began a campaign to target anyone who disagreed with his attack on America’s energy supply, using imagery from the darkest days of human history

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Immediately after that we started seeing Congressional Democrats attacking skeptical academics, all out personal attacks from the radical left press on skeptics like Marc Morano, and now Twitter bans. The White House goal is to convince their useful idiots that incredibly bad, un-American, unconstitutional behavior, is good behavior . Same strategy used by Hitler, Lenin, and every other tyrant.

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7 Responses to White House Leading The Rise Of The Green Shirt Fascists

  1. Bear says:

    Ah, “Green Shirts” great term for those thugs.

  2. dom says:

    Fourth Seal; Rev: 6: 1-8

    Interesting how the Green shirt Fascists bear the similarities to Islam and the 4th Horsemen who were to be Pale (translated to Green) and Death.

  3. Mark says:

    As the late, great Robin Williams said, “I prefer it (the message) in the original German”.

    PS: I have German heritage, and I disagree with the Nazi message.

  4. BigWaveDave says:

    This is scary stuff. Kids have already been getting social service credit for joining the eco-mob du jour team in their fights. When they join the TFCCD, can they become thought police?

  5. Richard T. Fowler says:

    Having all the major voices of the opposition focused primarily on Twitter works to their advantage, because:

    1) Using a partisan administrative staff, they can further chill speech by doing occasional bans of the “offensive” minority.

    2) By keeping their greatest opponents addicted to Twitter, they fragment the thought processes of most of the people who are opposed to them and to their methods. Fragmented thoughts produce fragmented states of mind, which in turn produce a fragmented and dysfunctional resistance.

    3) Having everyone on one system enables massive fraud and just general confusion regarding the statistics of how many people are reading a particular conversation or subset of a conversation. Without even analyzing any statistics, we clearly can state that with Twitter, many good ideas that would have gotten widespread attention on a blog get much less attention because they are blended together with a flurry of less consequential tweets and are therefore harder to notice (unless you already know they’re there and can go searching for them, which of course would imply that you are not a new pair of eyeballs for that particular idea).

    4) Twitter encourages less thinking by those who use it, which leads to less questioning and less likelihood of unhappiness with the status quo / less likelihood of wanting to resist.

    5) Because Twitter encourages less thinking, what few thinking people remain will be disproportionally turned off by Twitter, and therefore less likely to sign up and/or contribute on Twitter. Therefore, Twitter functions as a kind of fraudulent public opinion meter insofar as, even if all the statistics are on the up-and-up, there is a built-in handicap for the side that does less thinking.

    This handicap can create a false impression of an overwhelming majority of the public favoring the policies of the tyrannical regime. This appearance, in turn, can produce a snowball effect, rolling even more fence-sitters or moderate opponents over to the side of a global, tyrannical regime.

    If I were to try to do the Twitter equivalent of the above comment I’ve just written, I think I would have to just swallow it all up in the following, simple statement:

    Twitter is Lenin’s and Hitler’s dream-come-true. Not just total surveillance of people’s ideas and conversations … but the ability to head off budding resistance before it even tries to get off the ground.

    Oops! That’s 207 characters. I stand corrected; it just simply can’t be done.

    Get us all (or even just most of us) addicted to Twitter, and the regime will have broken the back of what little resistance had managed to rise up in these perilous times.


  6. Jon says:

    The government never lets a good crisis go to waste, and anthropogenic climate change will give them all sorts of opportunities to increase regulations, bureaucracy, and taxation.

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