Miami Beach To Drown In Only 700 Years

Miami Beach is at about 7 feet elevation, and sea level there is rising about 12 inches per century. That gives them only 700 years to evacuate.

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Sea level in Florida has been rising at a steady rate for over 100 years. The rate of rise is completely independent of atmospheric CO2 concentration, and would continue even if humans disappeared off the planet.

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Climate experts believe that the eight foot tides during Monday’s full moon were caused by CO2.

ScreenHunter_10543 Sep. 30 08.24

This is what Miami Beach looks like this morning.

ScreenHunter_10546 Sep. 30 08.43

This is what Miami Beach looked like during September, 1926. Climate experts believe they can return to those good old days by simply implementing global communism.

miami_beach2 (1)1926_hurricane-11

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5 Responses to Miami Beach To Drown In Only 700 Years

  1. Larry Geiger says:

    It’s called a dredge. You dredge the channel deeper for larger boats and place the leftover stuff on the land. The land grows taller. Wow, who woulda thought?

    Google “North Banana River Dr., Merritt Island, FL” in Google Maps. Essentially every house, every store, every apartment you see there was built on what in 1940 was wet or under water. Miami was the essentially the same way in 1926. See the nice, deep channel behind the barrier island. Hmmmmm, how did that happen?

    You can find examples like this all over the coastal areas of Florida. Floridians are NOT afraid of normal sea level rise.

    • jafree says:

      What, Dredge and fill you say??? You mean the thousands of miles of canals in South Florida that are 2 feet below the road were not always there?

      How dare you suggest that the precious wetlands were tamed by technology and that if we wanted we could continue this plan.

      This suggestion is a terrible deception and you should fall under RICO laws.

  2. jafree says:

    I lived in South Florida for 30 years. Miami and Ft. Lauderdale for most of that time. The Heavy Rains can come in bursts that may only be challenged by Texas rains. It is rare, but when it occurs, the entire streets flood and canoe is your best transporation option. This is nothing new. I saw these types of floods occur at least 6 times in my 30 years.

    Nice try extremists.

    Hey any CAGW extremists want to talk about the 1978 snow in Miami and most of FL? Yea, I thought not.

    • jafree says:

      Oh, just so you know, In Florida to build a house requires you to build to a certian height depending on the known flood probability, and what generally happens is most peoples houses are fine and the streets are flooded.

      Gee you mean they have learned how to deal with this problem long enough to create regulations to solve 99% of these occurances. Hmmmmmm! makes you think this has happened before.

      Shocking, shocking I say!!!

      • rw says:

        Well, you see, back then people didn’t need a college degree to solve a problem. They just learned how to do it. And that way they didn’t get their heads so filled with hot air that they ended up in cloud land (where the sea level is rising ever faster and the temperature is increasing unstoppably and the Arctic ice is melting away – and tomorrow it may all be different – because that’s the way things are in cloud land).

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