The Incredible Heatwave Of 1934 In Durant, Oklahoma

For 43 days from July 12 to August 24, 1934 – Durant, Oklahoma was over 100 degrees every single day.

ScreenHunter_10339 Sep. 06 17.50

Long heatwaves in Oklahoma were much more common prior to 1960.

ScreenHunter_10338 Sep. 06 17.49

During the summer of 1934, 80% of the US was in drought.

ScreenHunter_10335 Sep. 06 13.50

Experts say that US weather is getting hotter and more extreme, because they are criminals paid to lie about the climate.

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3 Responses to The Incredible Heatwave Of 1934 In Durant, Oklahoma

  1. Curt says:

    But without the TOBS double-counting, it would only have been 42 consecutive days over 100 degrees…

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