Instant Retribution For The Terrorist Apologist In Chief

Hours after declaring the JV team “contained” – they shot hundreds of people in Paris.

Obama doubled down on his malfeasance this week, saying that Republicans were afraid of widows and orphans. Right after he said that, a female terrorist blew herself up in Paris.


But it gets worse. It turns out that the Charlie Hebdo terrorists were orphan immigrants.


Cherif and Said Kouachi: Their path to terror –

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2 Responses to Instant Retribution For The Terrorist Apologist In Chief

  1. Ed Pechin says:

    Hey Tony,
    You found the video I saw years ago. I think it came out before he was elected. I was looking for this!! Thanks for bringing this up. A very important video for the deniers……to see

  2. SMS says:

    Our president is an idiot! No getting around it.

    To make matters worse, the world knows it and takes advantage of his deficiencies.

    I look at the current lot of Republican contenders and I see each one of them as being significantly smarter than the current Commander and Chief.

    I look at the current Democratic contenders and I just see more Obama’s. Bernie thinks climate change is our biggest threat. That shows you how well informed he is. Hillary won’t say what her position on anything is until a poll comes out. That’s how vacuous her thinking is. She can’t reason out what her position should be until she gets the results of the most recent poll. Unbelievable!

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