Obama’s Super Secure Phone

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Tech-savvy Obama keeps online lifeline | US news | The Guardian

The president used a super-duper-extra-secure phone, so that he could send secured E-mail to this .gov address.

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Screenshot 2016-01-30 at 03.43.06 PM

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2 Responses to Obama’s Super Secure Phone

  1. oeman50 says:

    C’mon, Tony, give Hilarity a break. She was just trying to keep from carrying two phones (she actually had 3), and she wanted to let the Russians and the Chinese know how good the US is, even in secret. That way, they will become our friends!

    Do I have to put the /scarc tag on this?

  2. The Iconoclast says:

    You’re right. You can ping it from the open Internet. Holy cow.

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