Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

It is easy to blame Obama for the corruption of climate science, but the real credit goes to Al Gore in 1993.

As of 1990, NOAA had satellite sea ice data going back to 1973, which showed that sea ice extent was much lower in the early 1970s than in 1979.



But all of the NOAA pre-1979 sea ice data disappeared after Al Gore took office, because it wrecked his CO2 agenda.


Arctic air temperatures highest since 1900, global report shows – Telegraph

As of 1990, the IPCC showed a much warmer Medieval Warm Period and much colder Little Ice Age.


But by the time Al Gore left office, the MWP and LIA had disappeared.

hockey stick mann

Similar story with sea level. As of 1990, sea level rise at the IPCC was less than five inches from 1880 to 1980.



Government agencies now claim almost twice that much sea level rise.

Under Al Gore, the criminal behavior of government agencies corrupting data, fraud and defunding skeptics began. Obama has simply extended and expanded Al Gore’s fraud.

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2 Responses to Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

  1. Pethefin says:

    The sea-ice satellite story is rather interesting since the IPCC did continue their focus on the early satellite data in their 1996 IPCC SAR WG1 Report, where a similar but updated figure was presented on page 150, with the following introduction:
    “ Sea ice extent and mass
    Neither hemisphere has exhibited significant trends in sea ice extent since 1973 when satellite measurements began (Figure 3.8).”

    However, by 2001, the data had been “reinterpreted” and the corresponding figure found here:
    looks dramatically different compared with the two previous figures (7.20 from 1990 and 3,8 from 1996). The “reinterpretation” was rather embarrassing since they used sea ice data from the Great Lakes. When one looks at the three graphs (1990, 1996 and 2001) side by side, one can not but wonder what were they thinking.

    Same year, 2001, Walsh and Chapman were able to create a hockey-stick-like graph of the sea-ice (flat past, sudden decrease) that fit the CAGW-story. That approach was adopted by the IPCC in their 2007 report which meant that they abandoned both the early data and its 2001 reinterpretation altogether and pretended that the early data did not exist. Thereafter, the data from the early years seems to have been conveniently forgotten and we are usually told that the satellite observations began in 1979.

    The Walsh and Chapman (2001) hockey-stick-on-sea-ice was recently critically analyzed here:
    and here:

  2. KTM says:

    The FAR is a treasure trove for skeptics. The Warmists like to talk about how the basic physics underlying Global Warming have been understood for more than 100 years. They think it gives their arguments more power. But after literally decades of intensive study, they produced the FAR as the first worldwide consensus document.

    It’s easy to wiggle out of predictions made before that, but if the worldwide consensus is flat wrong after a century of study, why should ANYONE believe the science is now magically sound?

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