Massive NOAA/NASA Fraud In Iceland

NOAA and NASA have completely erased a rapid 1930-1980 cooling trend at Vestmannaeyja, Iceland.


The image below shows how they not only erased the trend, but actually made the spike disappear from 1926 to 1929.


They have lost all most of the data from 1927 to 1929.


The 1927-1929 data was present in their 2011 data set. Where did it go?


Even worse, NOAA has lost all of the data prior to 1949, as they have with most of the stations in Greenland and Iceland.


The cooling was very real. In 1973, scientists reported that the sea ice around Iceland was as bad as the Little Ice Age.


14 Apr 1973, Page 15 – at

NOAA and NASA have no scientific basis for their data tampering. It is straight up fraud, in pursuit of an agenda.

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One Response to Massive NOAA/NASA Fraud In Iceland

  1. Chris Curnow says:

    I just wonder what the employees of NOAA and NASA think because surely some of them must read your blog. Do they sleep well? Are they so scared to comment? Sad indictment.

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