Today’s UN Climate Fraud

The UN study which said that moles will tip Stonehenge over, also says that Mesa Verde (which was abandoned in the 13th century due to drought) will be destroyed by heat, fires and drought.

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2016-05-31 05 42 51

World Heritage Centre – World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate

The area isn’t getting hotter.

TELLURIDE4WNW_CO_AverageMaximumSummerTemperature_Jan_Dec_1850_2016 MONTROSE#2_CO_AverageMaximumSummerTemperature_Jan_Dec_1850_2016

The area isn’t getting drier.


Past droughts were much worse, like the ones which caused Mesa Verde to be abandoned.


Past dry periods have lasted more than 200 years, scientists say – San Jose Mercury News

Forest fires are down 80% from 80 years ago.

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Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents

Forest fires are down 90% from the pre-industrial period.

2016-05-31 06 03 50


The UN and Union of Concerned Scientists simply made everything up. There is no science behind their work, just propaganda intended to frighten people.

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21 Responses to Today’s UN Climate Fraud

  1. Steve Case says:

    The climate change juggernaut is entrenched. We drove through the Texas panhandle these last two days, must have seen several thousand wind mills. Earlier in the week over a lunch conversation someone’s son-in-law in the wind power business was building a trophy home in Tahoe, and I read a headline that 3.5 million people in the U.S. Are employed in environmental jobs.

    It’s not going away any time soon.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Steve, it depends on whether or not the globalists win the next US election and the EU can manage to hold together.

      If the globalists win there is no reason to continue the Global Warming farce so expect it to fade away especially since it is really fraying around the edges.

      Consolidation of the USA as a third world plantation/vassal state under the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be instituted. The USA is likely headed towards a Venezuela type crisis especially if good old “free stuff” Bernie get into office. When that “free stuff’ goes away, as it has to, expect major riots as the Bernie toddlers toss temper tantrums followed by gun confiscation. With four or five new socialist Supreme Court justices, killing the 1st and 2nd Amendment will be as easy as twisting the Commerce Clause into a pretzel as FDR did.

      Step one under the Clintons:
      Our manufacturing, the basis of our wealth, our technology and much of our natural resources have been sold off to foreign interests leaving mostly shop clerks and burger flippers to pay taxes.

      Step two under Obummer, Clinton and the Bush boys.
      Now flood the country with ‘illegals’ competing for those low paying jobs and looking for free handouts. The US economy is near collapse under the double whammy of low tax revenue and high government spending. Worse illegals take jobs, don’t pay tax and then export the job generated revenue back to Mexico instead of circulating the money in the US economy so it can be taxed at every step. (Remember Reagans 151 taxes on a loaf of bread?) A favorite is for the husband to work illegally while the wife applies for and gets all the freebies she can. In this way the wages can be sent to Mexico to support the extended family. —- Can you hear the giant sucking sound?

      Step three
      Add the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in a lameduck session with it’s completely open border clause. Any decent paying job will now have hundreds of third world applicants further driving down wages and thus taxes. Since TPP can trump ANY US law they dislike the USA become defacto a vassal state of the corporate cartels.

      In the last step you get national bankruptcy and the World Bank steps in to run the country, cutting off all the freebies.

      The IMF a few years ago warned the USA had to do an across the board 10% wealth confiscation to get back to 2008 debt levels and solid financial footing.

      (Alternate referencing the Forbes article)

      .. here is the excerpt where the IMF clearly advocates a tax on your private savings to pay down government debt:

      “The sharp deterioration of the public finances in many countries has revived interest in a “capital levy”—a one-off tax on private wealth—as an exceptional measure to restore debt sustainability… The tax rates needed to bring down public debt to pre-crisis levels are sizable. Reducing debt ratios to end-2007 levels would require a tax rate of about 10 percent on households with positive net wealth.”

      More detail that are perhaps correct.

      We are a country in danger of collapsing under the weight of our debt and subsidies programs. Jeff provided some astounding figures:

      1. out of every 2 Americans receives government benefits
      45.6 million of those (15%) are on Food Stamps

      2. The actual unemployment rate is 23%, accounting for 18.6 million Americans [Shadow Stat agrees – GC]

      3. Out of 100 Americans, half cannot come up with $400 without borrowing or selling something.

      In short, Americans are still in bad shape despite all the “positive” economic data that has been floating around Wall Street recently.

      With American debt building and the economy not growing enough to pay it down, the United States government must institute a massive wealth tax similar to what we’ve already seen occur in Cyprus…

      Back in 2009, Paul Craig Roberts former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury said “The bald fact is that the combination of ignorance, negligence, and ideology that permitted the crisis to happen still prevails and is blocking any remedy. Either the people in power in Washington and the financial community are total dimwits or they are manipulating an opportunity to redistribute wealth from taxpayers, equity owners and pension funds to the financial sector.”

      Stewart Dougherty, a specialist in inferential analysis. In 2009 he said it is now “statistically impossible for the United States to pay its obligations”.

      This is an interesting take on the Venezuela crisis by Ryan Mallett-Outtrim, an Australian Green leftist living in Venezuela.

      Does Venezuela’s Crisis Prove Socialism Doesn’t Work?

      ……Inflation had eaten away my savings, making my weekly trip to the grocery store not only time consuming, but also increasingly expensive. It felt like the country was heading into crisis, and it couldn’t possibly go on much longer.

      That was Venezuela two years ago.

      People like that woman outside the supermarket blame the government’s socialist ideology for the downturn. Government sympathizers often point the finger at an international conspiracy….

      Reality is comparably boring. To be sure, socialism has gone a long way towards shaping today’s Venezuela, and the US government would no doubt delight in seeing one of its few regional rivals collapse. Yet in reality, Venezuela’s current economic crisis can mostly be chalked up to one of life’s most dreary technicalities: bad currency management.

      The ‘Inflation Depreciation Spiral’

      He blames the crisis on bad luck (Chavez illness and death) and on the ‘bad management’ of the currency and the economy never cluing in to the fact that socialism/Communism IS completely based on management of the currency and the economy instead of allowing the market/consumer/seller to do the adjustments in real time . (Bangs head on wall)

    • Aurora Svant says:

      It will end the morning after subsidies dry.

  2. Charles Deyoung says:

    Pretending to care about non-existent problems is how the progressive/socialist folks at the UN signal their virtue and justify their annual budget.
    P.S.- Tony, what do you think about the AP News, “India records its hottest temperature ever…” story? I tried find more info about this place ”
    The record was set Thursday in the city of Phalodi, a scorching 51 degrees Celsius (123.8 degrees Fahrenheit). I would very much appreciate your investigation of this claim. UHI comes to mind, but I wouldn’t even begin to know where to look.

    • Jeff Jones says:

      You don’t have the pleasure of living in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. We thrive on solutions to non-existent problems. From our $Trillion high speed rail that no one will use to Arnie’s Hydrogen Freeway that got funded but never built (used the money to support illegal aliens), to Gov Moonbeam restricting water usage to 60% of historic usage, farms going out of business in record numbers (as you probably know, the Central Valley feeds the world, or at least it used to before the Marxists took over) while 70% of Kalif’s fresh water goes out in San Francisco bay to water the Snail Darter. I could go on but don’t want to overly bore the reader.

  3. Greg Raven says:

    In the fifth century, this same type of person would have been bemoaning the construction of these buildings in the first place.

    • Gail Combs says:

      In the fifth century, this same type of person would not have existed because Mother Nature would have handed him a Darwin Award.

      Only an affluent civilization allows non-realists to continue to exist into adulthood.

  4. “negative effect on tourism in the park (Mesa Verde) which attracts about 500,000 visitors per year contributing about US$47 million to the local economy”
    So the claim of the World Heritage Centre is that each tourist spends about US$100 locally!! Compare that to Disneyworld/Epcot!

  5. Stewart Pid says:

    Thanks a bunch for everything you do Tony. I just used the USDA forest fire graph on some comments in the Globe and Mail where the greentards were saying the 30’s were all bad farming practice / not hot!!
    Join the fun if u want and pile on the lefties!!

  6. Pathway says:

    The old ones grew corn on the plateau above the cliffs. Today the flats are covered with sagebrush and juniper trees. You certainly couldn’t grow corn there today. Just too cold.

  7. Jeff Jones says:

    OK, I admit I am not the sharpest tack on the bulletin board, but there doesn’t look to be much combustible in that stinky rock ghetto. What am I missing? How can a grass fire a few hundred feet below destroy that relic? Incidentally we have had 3 grass fires in our oil field in the past couple months due to PG&E construction going awry. Haven’t noticed any extra global warming in the area.

  8. Brodie says:

    Is the UN concerned about the destruction of Palmyra by ISIS? They could save it with less expense than the trillions necessary to replace fossil fuels.

    • Jason Calley says:

      “Is the UN concerned about the destruction of Palmyra by ISIS?”

      There is no reason for the UN to be concerned. After all, ISIS does not feel guilty about it and won’t be blackmailed to give any money to the UN.

  9. Thomas F Anderson says:

    From 2007:

    Forest fires release 4-6% of US Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

    So using the “preindustrial period” estimate of around 10x as many acres burned…..results in around 40%-60% of carbon dioxide emission per year in middle ages compared to now in US.

    I wonder what the add-in is for the rest of the world?

  10. RickS says:

    The UN study which said that if the rains don’t stop falling in “Texas” (That’s a lie because it doesn’t rain in Texas any more per the Little Hoe House in Texas) and Oklahoma that soon the runoffs will flow west and flood the Grand Canyon causing much distress within the region !


    The UN study which said that “trolls” are invading the State of Colorado disguising themselves as Climate “Scientists” and sucking all of the resources out of what used to be a prosperous State and President Obama has warned said State that either they stop embracing Real-Time common sense issues or that he, President Obama, will cut off all federal funding (Which is something that he always does to those who will not Worship, oops I meant Submit to his “edicts” and acknowledge his Supremacy) or he will “remove” the State of Colorado from the Union reducing the United States to only “49” States until the American Taxpayers bail out Puerto Rico in which Puerto Rico will then become the “new” 50th State as long as Puerto Rico guarantees to register “all” of their Country Men, Women and Transgender as Democrats for the new [Democrats for the Satanic Bureaucracy of America Coalition] !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! (Please don’t count the Exclamation Marks, it’s just a “typo”)

    This has been provided to you by DSBAC [DeSback] !

    The End

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