Settled Science

Pollsters say today that Clinton leads Trump and is rapidly gaining, and that Trump leads Clinton and is rapidly gaining.

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18 Responses to Settled Science

  1. Gail Combs says:

    FOX NEWS HATES TRUMP because of his stance on unrestricted immigration.
    FOX News is One of Top 10 Largest Donors to the Clintons
    On top of that 20% of Clinton’s donations come from the Saudis and other Muslims.

    Fox is OWNED by foreigners who want US open borders. Murdoch and his buddy Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

    Note that Saudi Arabia is building a wall and refuses to take Muslim Refugees. Niether have the rest of the wealthiest Muslim nations – ., Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Kuwait. They have accepted NO SYRIAN REFUGEES! Saudi Arabia has banned Syrian immigrants from its country due to security concerns but the Saudi Prince and his Buddy Murdoch have no problem sending the same terrorist infested groups to the USA and Obama has no problem dumping them in small towns throughout Fly-Over Country.

    Based on Pew data, covering 2/5 of the global Muslim population, it is estimated that 17.38 percent of Muslims worldwide openly express support for terrorists. (wwwDOT) sympathies.

    51% of Muslims living here in the USA just this past June(2015) told a Polling Co. they preferred having “the choice of being governed according to Shariah,” or Islamic law. 60% of Muslim-Americans under 30 told Pew Research they’re more loyal to Islam than America.

    …Rupert Murdoch-Open Borders: The link is that the Rupert Murdoch (Chairman/CEO News Corp, Owner of Fox News) is co-chair of the open borders group, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE). PNAE was one of biggest supporters of Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8 Immigration Reform Bill/Amnesty push. They flooded the airways and media with pro immigration reform propaganda. Fox News was also devoid of unbiased reporting of this bill….

    Murdoch and Ailes support of open boarders and the Gang of 8 immigration revamping has never been disclosed by Fox News ….

    Murdoch has also stated: “We need to do away with the cap on H-1B visas, which is arbitrary and results in U.S. companies struggling to find the high-skill workers they need to continue growing. “ [Meanwhile E. M. Smith and Tony Heller, my husband and many others can’t find decent jobs despite being high-skill workers.]

    BREITBART: The Anti-Trump Network: Fox News Money Flows into Open Borders Group

    Murdoch is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the most powerful immigration lobbying firms in country, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).

    In addition to blanketing the country, media, and politicians with literature, advertisements, and a barrage of lobbyists pushing for open border immigration policies, the Partnership for A New American Economy (PNAE) was a prime lobbyist for one of the biggest open borders pushes in American history: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)79%’s 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill….

    Interestingly, Bill Sammon — FOX News’s vice president of News and Washington managing editor — is the father of Brooke Sammon, who is Rubio’s press secretary.

    As Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 36% and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) 37% told The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza back in 2013, Fox News was essential to the Rubio-Schumer effort to expand immigration levels beyond all known historical precedent… (WWWDOT)

    If there is any doubt about Prince Alwaleed bin Talal deep friendship with Murdoch this 2013 Vanity Fair piece puts that to rest.

    The Stockholder in the Sand

    …. the enigmatic Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has very public holdings: he is the second-largest voting shareholder in News Corp., he owns Paris’s George V hotel and part of New York City’s Plaza hotel, he is a stockholder in Apple….—a calorie-counting cell-phone addict who loves texting James Murdoch

    One of the largest shareholders in Citigroup, the second-largest voting shareholder in News Corporation after the Murdoch family, and with major stakes in dozens of other Western companies, he travels the globe….

    Over the last two decades, he has swooped in with tons of cash to aid various companies and superstars at their low points, including London’s Canary Wharf, Citigroup, EuroDisney, Apple, Donna Karan (the company), and Michael Jackson, to name but a few. On the day of our second meeting, in late April 2012, the prince was clutching a small string of prayer beads as he talked about News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch and Citigroup’s then C.E.O., Vikram Pandit.

    The ties between Alwaleed and Murdoch run deep. Alwaleed owns 56.2 million shares of Murdoch’s News Corporation; News Corporation, in turn, owns a 19.9 percent stake, worth around $150 million, in Rotana, Alwaleed’s privately held pan-Arab media conglomerate, based in Bahrain. As much of the world knows by now, last year was not a good year for Murdoch. Due to a phone-hacking investigation into his British newspapers, he was forced to close the major London tabloid News of the World, abandon his bid for control of the satellite network BSkyB, shunt aside his younger son and heir apparent, James, and testify before Parliament about the company’s abuses of power. Some 32 people, most of them former and current News Corp. employees, have been arrested since the phone-hacking scandal was uncovered…..

    ….He remains supportive of 40-year-old James. “James is not my partner only in News Corp.,” Alwaleed said. “He’s also my partner in the Rotana. . . . He’s a highly ethical, professional, decent man. I think of his honesty. I’m thinking of him. I know him very well.” They are texting pals, and James is on his speed dial….. (WWWDOT)

    Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud Resource Page: “If I am going to do something, I do it spectacularly or I do not do it at all.” — Prince al-Waleed bin Talal bin Ab Al-Saud

    Howlin’ Mad Murdoch: Rupert Murdoch’s immigration sermon

    • mogur says:

      I LOVE to see the right eating their own. Really, Gail? Murdouce is your villain now? Wow, I guess Soros is your new hero.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Fox news is the Controlled Oposition.

        The MSM LIES. It is the propaganda arm of the Elite and has been since 1915.

        I figured that out 45 years ago when ALL the national news stations showed film footage of the ‘Riots’ at my university right after the Kent state riots.

        Only one problem. I was on campus from 7:00AM till 5:00 PM and there WERE NO RIOTS!

        My parents, living 3 states away, were frantic. However my instate dorm mates parents never saw that film or heard of the riot. The college website mentions other problems but does not mention that “Major Riot”

        The whole thing was a big CYA for a government that shot and killed unarmed students who were protesting the town’s denying older college studentsl the right to vote. Again that is from a friend who was in his twenties, married with kids and IN the riot. His wife got to vote but he could not.

        The elite HATE the US Constitution and want the USA to fail. Once you understand that everything makes sense.

        There are only the two basic philosophies of governance. All types of governments can be put into one of these two categories.

        The philosophy underlying our US Constitution is the state exists to protect the rights of the individual. The other, more common philosophy, is the individual exists to serve the state. Who is ‘the state’? They are our owners, and the owners are not a nameless, faceless government; it’s other people.

        All individuals except for the king, emperor, pharaoh or whatever are serfs/slaves of the state. Since the ‘state’ is actually the collection of the ruler and his supporters, that means the aristocracy/elite are the actual owners of the rest of the country and its people. This is the point Marxists always gloss over when spouting Marxism. Citizens in countries where the ideology is the individual exists to serve the state have no real rights only privileges that can be removed at any time by whim of the elite.

        A key point is only the aristocracy/elite and their bodyguards are allowed to have weapons when the citizens are slaves of the state. This is the underlying reason behind the Second Amendment. It was put in place to prevent tyranny. If you can not own weapons you are at the mercy of the state. Your ‘rights’ become ‘privileges’ that can be remove with little effort and therefore you are a defacto serf/slave. This means gun crimes, gun deaths and all the rest of the excuses for ‘gun control’ floated by the totalitarian enablers are nothing but a false narrative to convince citizens to disarm themselves so they become serfs of the state. An armed citizenry threatens the totalitarian nature of the Elitists plans for us. An armed citizenry would have the wherewithal to rebel; to protect itself from tyrants, despots, and elitist oligarchs who would impose a system of government not based on individuality and freedom. This is the reason why those who would enslave us target our right to bear arms and our rights of free speech and assembly.

        The over running of the USA with Muslims and criminal illegals is to provoke civil unrest that can then be used to remove our right to bear arms.

        If you do not believe me look at this article in the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses
        The Brexit has laid bare the political schism of our time. It’s not about the left vs. the right; it’s about the sane vs. the mindlessly angry.

        Mindlessly angry over the complete removal of democracy in Europe? — The EU Parliment is a toothless whipped dog with ZRO power. It exists only to fool the ignorant into thinking they have a say in their governance

        Mindeless angry over 3000 girls raped in Rotherham with the government’s blessing?

        Over people beheaded in broad daylight in London?

        Over airports blown-up?

        2016 Ramadan Bombathon – Day 25
        Terror in the name of Islam – 188 Attacks – 1339 killed
        All other religions combined – ZERO
        Islamophobes – ZERO

        Islamic Terrorists have carried out more than 28,724 Deadly Attacks since 9/11

        Islamic Terrorists killed twice as many people in one month (5000) in November, 2014, than were killed in in 350 years of Inquisition (2000-3000).

        Islamic Terrorists murder more people everyday than the KKK has in the last 70 years (26 since 1945).

        And these ‘Politically Correct’ idiotic Elite call US crazy because we protest having our countries and homes over run by these barbarian hordes?!?

        • Gail Combs says:

          Oh, and the newest
          “13-year-old girl stabbed to death by a Palestinian attacker in the West Bank was an American citizen.”

          This does not include the little 5 year old girk raped by three boys here in the USA.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Fox news is not the only ‘conservative news organization’ gunning for Trump.

    Salem Communications [radio talk show (Hugh Hewitt), Red State (Eric Erickson), now also Twitchy (Michelle Malkin), Hot Air (McCain), NRO, Townhall, Human Events, Bearing Arms] apparently have the same general ideological world view -regarding immigration- as Rupert Murdoch and The Wall Street Journal, etc.

    A Salem Communications insider stepped forth via email to the Last Refuge in September of last year to affirm all of the previous reports, and add details specific to the instructions from Salem Broadcasting and Salem Communications group:

    In 2014 (sorry, cannot recall the date), Salem Radio hosted a conference call with Senator Marco Rubio to address the Gang of Eight legislation and “set the record straight.” All national and local talk hosts were urged to take part. I am one of their local hosts, and what I heard that day was troubling.
    Moderated by Hugh Hewitt, it began with Senator Rubio offering a brief explanation of the measure and why it was so very necessary. Then Hewitt opened the call to questions. There were only a few, and they were exclusively from higher-profile, national Salem personalities, like Mike Gallagher, Katie Pavlich, and Mark Davis. No local host was permitted a question. Following the Q & A, Senator Rubio was cut loose, and that’s when things got weird.
    After Rubio departed, Hewitt introduced Salem V.P. Tom Tradup, who began by saying, “Thanks, Hugh. Now, here’s how I would like our talkers to be talking about this…” I exited the call in disgust at that point and have no idea what followed.
    The effort by the GOPe to co-opt the so-called “conservative media” is real, and it’s widespread. It also makes me gag.
    XXXXXX (name intentionally withheld by CTH)

    Who is Salem Media Group?
    From their website:
    “Salem Media Group is America’s leading multimedia company specializing in Christian and conservative content, with media properties comprising radio, digital media and book, magazine and newsletter publishing. Salem’s conservative sites include,®,,, and As the dominant publisher in the conservative space, with leading authors including: Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, Newt Gingrich, David Limbaugh, Ed Klein and Mark Steyn. Salem’s book publishing business also includes Xulon Press™, a leading provider of self-publishing services for Christian and conservative authors. Salem Publishing™ publishes Christian and conservative magazines including Homecoming®, YouthWorker Journal™, The Singing News, and Preaching.”

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Some how I think Trump is correct. The Refugees (and illegals pouring over our border) are a YUGE Trojan Horse but Hitlery, Obummer, the MSM and many in the Republican establishment rather call us Islamophobies and Climate Change Deniers instead of using the words Islamic Terrorists.

    • cdquarles says:

      They also forget our history. Jefferson sent the Marines instead of the jizya. That happened more than 200 years ago.

    • Ross says:

      Don’t worry Gail. Look at how quick George Soros changed his views after the Brexit vote. Prior to the vote he was pushing Remain and funding Open Borders groups etc. Now he is blaming it all on Angela Merkel ( throwing her under the bus) and saying she went too far on the immigration issues.
      Where I live Soros would be called a “fair weather friend” . So things can change rapidly.

      • Gail Combs says:

        They thought they had us cowed via Political Correctness and shouting Social Justice Warriors. They thought they had the GOP bought and paid for. They thought they had a smooth road ahead to their one world government ruled by the elite.

        The election was supposed to be Jeb the Twig vs Hitlery the Crook. Either would push through TPP and the Trans-Pacific Partnership was supposed to wipe out the USA as an economic power, as a country with a unique identity and as a sovereign nation.

        Then someone who was NOT under their control and who was wealthy enough to fund a campaign with no help showed up. Someone who genuinely loves the USA and who wanted to make ‘Great Trade Deals’ and who wanted to restore the US economy. Some one who would completely destroy their world government plans.

        Remember the GOP leadership going Apeshit and declaring “The Republican party is OUR party” when voters wouldn’t act like good little Sheeple?

        Now the Elite leaders are in a panic because their specially engineered Precariat have leaders and a voice so their Problem-Reaction-Solution got derailed.

        This election cycle is the most entertaining I have ever watch as more and more establishment heads, in politics and the MSS, explode.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    While I am at it lets look at La Raza, that judge Trump called Mexican and the San Jose beatings of Trump supporters.

    First the Judge on the Trump University case was born an anchor baby of illegals.
    Second if you are born of a Mexican parent in a foreign country you are considered MEXICAN by the Mexican government.
    Third there is a question as to whether an anchor baby of illegals is actually a US citizen. LINK )

    The correct interpretation of the 14th Amendment is that an illegal alien mother is subject to the jurisdiction of her native country, as is her baby.

    Over a century ago, the Supreme Court appropriately confirmed this restricted interpretation of citizenship in the so-called “Slaughter-House cases” [83 US 36 (1873) and 112 US 94 (1884)]13. In the 1884 Elk v.Wilkins case12, the phrase “subject to its jurisdiction” was interpreted to exclude “children of ministers, consuls, and citizens of foreign states born within the United States.” In Elk, the American Indian claimant was considered not an American citizen because the law required him to be “not merely subject in some respect or degree to the jurisdiction of the United States, but completely subject to their political jurisdiction and owing them direct and immediate allegiance.”

    The Court essentially stated that the status of the parents determines the citizenship of the child. To qualify children for birthright citizenship, based on the 14th Amendment, parents must owe “direct and immediate allegiance” to the U.S. and be “completely subject” to its jurisdiction….

    There is also the question of whether this judge actually owes “direct and immediate allegiance” to the U.S. since he has been very active ‘protecting the rights’ of illegals at the border and even sponsoring scholarships to US colleges for illegals.

    The San Jose Trump Rally

    This is a sign saying TRUMP, This Is MEXICO You are not Welcome on Native/Mexican Soil!

    So where the heck did this dude get this idea? Why did the La RAZA mayor tweet:

    Rally preparation. Tomorrow, we WILL protect the 1st Ammendment, our Community, and our Officers.

    Why did the La RAZA police chief say his officers would not intervene unless the ‘protestors’ were in the act of commiting murder. There were 250 officers in riot gear and less than 400 ‘protestors’ yet they could not control these ‘protestors’ and the ONLY arrest made of ‘protestors’ who attacked the police??? RIGHTTTTtttt

    According to an eyewittness report from Karen Power via the Last Refuge.

    As a Trump supporter, I was there, in San Jose, attending the Trump event on June 2.

    The Trump event attendees were forced to walk past the protesters afterward, after the event was over, to get to their cars. Broad areas of sidewalks and streets, that were not blockaded before the event started, were blockaded by barriers after the event ended,
    and standing in front of those barriers were lines of individual police officers telling Trump event attendees what route to follow to get to their vehicles.

    I had parked in a parking garage right next door to the event. Before the event, an easy walk to the event, after event over, had to square 4 blocks of sidewalk lined with protesters who somehow knew the exact route that Trump supporters/event attendees had to walk, and were waiting for them.

    Frankly, it was pretty obvious that either law enforcement personnel or the mayors office, someone in the know, had told the protesters where the Trump supporters would be forced to walk after the event. Attendees only went where law enforcement officers told them to go in order to get to our cars. We followed their instructions. The protesters knew, seemed well informed, of the direction where Trump supporters were going to be heading even before we exited the event, and protesters lined that walking route as a result, literally laying in wait where no law enforcement was present.

    There was an intent to force the supporters and protesters together. There was no intent to keep them apart.

    Trump supporters exiting the event were literally set up like rats in a maze, forced to follow a prescribed set of boundaries, which led directly to the protesters and not away from them.
    The press got their story but the clash was completely avoidable. It was created by intention and by design.


    Police valiantly guarded a concrete wall and watched gang members and thugs armed with bags of rocks, beat the crap out of American citizens.

    “…, San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia insisted that it was more important for police to hold their “skirmish line” formations than to stop individual attacks…”
    San Jose PD cops making $300k a year salaries, when average cops make $55k a year. here:

    Now on to LA RAZA

    This is where it really gets interesting!

    Quick history Lesson
    Spain took the land from the indians and then the USA beat the living crap out of Mexico, and paid Mexico for the land we took. What other country has ever bothered to pay for land taken in a war?

    And if you think the Mexican government cares about the indians in Mexico, you need to get your head out of the sand.

    Mexico’s Resilient Cast System: – The Clute Institute
    Ethnically, three groups form Mexican society: Indians, Mestizos and Creoles. The Mestizos have European and Indian ancestors, while the Creoles have an ancestry that is exclusively European. Until the advent of NAFTA, the managerial profession functioned as an aristocracy, excluded the Indians and was dominated by the Creoles. NAFTA and accompanying free market policies are, however, transforming the managerial profession into a meritocracy, thus bringing Mestizos and Indians into this profession. For foreign firms this transformation causes managerial problems such as the reluctant acceptance of executives of Indian appearance and ethnically based disparities in executives’ salaries.

    Today in America you can assault white people right in front of cops in complete safety knowing the politicians and MSM will make all sorts of excuses for your anti-social behavior. link

    These thugs are in partfunded by Soros who learned from the Master — Hitler. These paid thugs are a repeat of the Brownshirts of the Nazi party. They use the exact same methods of intimidation and brutality to silence opposition.
    And yes they are PAID!
    “Get Paid $15 An Hour To Protest At The Trump Rally”

    And La Raza? Why La Raza was formed by another Hitler paid American hater.

    Jose Vasconcelos who died in 1982, is the Nazi Propagandist behind La Raza Mexican nationalism. Like Soros, Jose was on the Nazi Germany payroll during WWII. La Raza, Spanish Mexicans, with a dash of indian is the Mexican equivalent of the Nazi “aryan” Race. La Raza Cosmica is the Mexican equivalent of Hitlers Mein Kemp written during the same time period by Vasconcelos.

    La RAZA pushes a dangerous fairy tale called AZTLAN
    LA VOZ DE AZTLÁN (THE VOICE OF AZTLÁN) Radical Open Borders and secessionist organization

    Here is the extent to which they have achieved infiltration of the areas they CLAIM AS THEIRS within the USA.

    So WHO funds La RAZA? The US tax payer of course!

    La Raza is a racist organization that makes the KKK look like a church picnic with a goal of getting back the territory that Mexico lost & the US paid for after the Mexican-American War. Therefore it should be considered a Terrorist Organization since it openly advocates the violent overthrow of US rule of law and occupation of United States territory with the ultimate intent of sedition.

    That is the real La RAZA, which receives federal funds 30 million in California alone.

    “Chicano is our identity; it defines who we are as people. It rejects the notion that we…should assimilate into the Anglo-American melting pot…Aztlan was the legendary homeland of the Aztecas… It became synonymous with the vast territories of the Southwest, brutally stolen from a Mexican people marginalized and betrayed by the hostile custodians of the Manifest Destiny.” (Statement on University of Oregon MEChA Website, Jan. 3, 2006)
    We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free pueblos, we are Aztlan. For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.

    That closing two-sentence motto is chilling to everyone who values equal rights for all. It says: “For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.” Makes the KKK look like an old ladies tea party.

    Today, LaRaza, both in my direct experience and from tales of others, is a system of bribes and terror. They bring the system of graft from Latin America and old Spain into our government and businesses. Of course Dems like Obama would approve as it is a system much like set up in Chicago. They want go away money, no work jobs, seats on commisssions, no bid contracts for their buds (who are giving them a cut), rent a mobs, rigged elections, friendly with narcos, etc. One of their big pushes in Texas was to get non-qualified “students” into and graduated from law schools so they could get in on lawfare scams. Of course not all Hispanic lawyers are scammers but a lot of them are. It is one of the reasons that south Texas cannot keep physicians or businesses open unless they pay them off. When they infiltrate a government body (counties and cities) they give themselves huge salaries and family members crooked contracts.

    They are parasitic. And if you don’t go along with their extortion they will run you out of business. The social and “educational” side is Reconquista crap they spew to suck in the dopes to do their bidding. Periodically they get cleaned out and sent to prison in Texas and the towns or counties will recover financially for a while until the next set come in to rob it. It is a organized crime syndicate. It is about getting paid and controlling the peons who pay and pay and pay. Now they have judges. They want open borders to have plenty of saps to milk and are easier to control because they are used to it in Mexico and other countries south. Now La Raza is getting examined even though both Dems and Repubs are screaming. Too late. The San Jose rent a mob had LaRaza crap on their placards and up to their old stunts.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    Let me say this about that comment above that is in moderation. Many of the Hispanics here in the USA legally and illegally want to get away from that system of graft and corruption and live in peace and I do not blame them one little bit.

    The reason we in the USA had passed immigration laws and used to vet immigrants is to make sure we do not bring in criminals and disease. To make sure the immigrant would add value to our society and would not be a drain on our national purse. Open borders completely defeats those common sense goals.

    Why anyone in the USA would not support regulated immigration, and that is what Trump is advocating, completely floors me. (On the other hand I want to boot the flag burners out of this country so I guess that makes me an Evil Nationalist Brownshirt.)

  5. Latitude says:

    two caveats…..

    1. Conservatives do not poll…that always makes it look like the liberal is ahead

    2. Democrats will do everything in their power to change the voting results and make the republican lose

    So a republican can be polling way behind and still win…and still lose because the liberals rigged the voting

  6. Latitude says:

    BTW….isn’t it odd the liberals hate conservatives and call them ignorant white trash

    …and then run the poster child for IWT as their candidate

    • Gail Combs says:


      I have never seen a group of people more eager to wear slave chains than liberals.

      • gator69 says:

        You mean leftists. I am a liberal, as I believe in liberty. Remember, these are wolves in sheep’s clothing that we are dealing with, they only claim to be liberals.

        Don’t get fooled again Gail. ;)

        • Gail Combs says:

          Gator, I refer to you as a CLASSIC Liberal to avoid confusion since the Progressives have stolen the liberal label. Above I was just using the same term latitude was using.

          The battle for language drives me nuts!

        • gator69 says:

          They didn’t steal it, they simply told you that these are not the droids you are looking for. You cannot steal that which you cannot possess.

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