Dewey Wins!


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9 Responses to Dewey Wins!

  1. Pathway says:

    I knew it was all over the minute Mr. Trump made a visit to Michigan. Candidates only pay attention to their internal polling and know when they have a chance to carry a state.

    • Jack Striker says:

      I’m actually wondering whether he legitimately won Minnesota, given that he began rallying there AND she was forced to make a stop there.

      There are several hundred thousand somalis being stored in that state. SURELY none of them would have been allowed to vote…

  2. Ross says:

    I saw Team Trump’s data guy being interviewed on Fox’s Kelly File —it seems he wasn’t a pollster but very good at data analysis. He said he was sure about 1 week out that Trump would win and by the weekend was absolutely sure. This back’s you up Pathway, with your comment on internal polling/data.

  3. Dave N says:

    Recently I saw some footage of CNN hosts and others claiming that Clinton was a shoe-in and there was no way Trump could win. I suggest that someone with a really big TV, sets it up near their studios and play it back; over and over.

    I just think the MSM deserves to be metaphorically beaten over the head with their hubris

    • Rah says:

      No Dave! Let them continue and even ramp it up as they have been. Their complete lack of real introspection will be their downfall. Every attack on Trump and those that support him hurts them and helps us. Their cred is swirling down the toilet and they continue in their same old ways.

      There are only five states in the Union where the Democrats hold both the governorship and majorities in the legislature. They’ve lost 60 seats in the HR since 2010. Nobody but those in the bubble can be aware of the numbers indicating the real trend and continue behaving as if things aren’t changing. I don’t want their bubble to burst until the left in this nation qualify for endangered species status.

  4. TA says:

    Luntz and all the othe pundits were so sure of themselves.

    Watching the aftermath has been so delicious, and it’s only going to get better, folks.

    Next scheduled Leftwing Head Exploding event: Trump’s cabinet picks.

    CAGW is going to get a thorough airing this time around. The sunshine is going to flood in.

  5. FourTimesAYear says:

    There are two members of the Electoral College from Colorado trying to change some other Electors votes.
    I figure the country has been through enough. Hope they’re not successful in trying to overturn this.

  6. No Mo Dupe says:

    Luntz. Dead wrong–two years in a row. When will the media outlets stop listening to that hack?

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