More Spectacular Arctic Temperature Fraud From NOAA/NASA

Gavin Schmidt told the Canberra Times that NASA/GISS had not removed the Arctic warmth of the 1940’s

“The claim that GISS has ‘removed the 1940s warmth’ in the Arctic is not correct.”

NASA chief slaps down climate sceptic senator Malcolm Roberts: ‘You hold a number of misconceptions’

As is often the case, Gavin is lying. The GHCN V3 data (which he uses) shows a huge warming spike after the 1970’s, and rapid warming over the past century at Greenland’s capital.



Nuuk GHCN V3

The GHCN V2 data showed the exact opposite. The 1940’s were just as warm, and Nuuk has cooled about one degree over over the past century.


Nuuk GHCN V2

Gavin accomplished this reversal by knocking about 1C off Nuuk temperatures from pre-1980’s temperatures, and adding as much as 0.85C to post 1980’s temperatures.


Gavin’s alterations show an impressive hockey stick of data tampering.


This is exactly the same fraud he committed to temperatures at the capital of Iceland.


The person in charge at the Icelandic Met Office described these adjustments as “grossly in error”

The GHCN “corrections” are grossly in error in the case of Reykjavik but not quite as bad for the other stations …. we do not accept these “corrections”.

Another GISS miss, this time in Iceland | Watts Up With That?

Scientists, policy makers and journalists rely on this fraudulent data. Trump needs to clean house.

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7 Responses to More Spectacular Arctic Temperature Fraud From NOAA/NASA

  1. AndyG55 says:

    Its not as though there aren’t any stations near Reykjavik to homogenise to.

    Thing is.. they all have exactly the same peak around the 1940’s

  2. AndyG55 says:

    And Iceland itself

  3. GrandMax says:

    Thanks for your superb website.
    Your material on Nuuk Greenland is damning.
    How can these temperature changes be blamed on Gavin Schmidt?
    What is the background on GHCN v2 versus v3?
    What documentation does NOAA or GISS provide for modifications to individual locations such as Nuuk?

    • tonyheller says:

      Gavin uses the GHCN data, claims data independance, and refuses to take responsibility.

      • GrandMax says:

        You state quite clearly “Gavin accomplished this reversal by knocking about 1C off Nuuk temperatures”.
        Does he, or does he not, modify GHCN data?
        I consider this a pivotal issue for the integrity of your website.

  4. Lewis Austin says:

    NOAA’s explanation is “The dataset is also routinely reconstructed (usually every week) from its roughly 30 data sources to ensure that GHCN-Daily is generally in sync with its growing list of constituent sources. During this process, quality assurance checks are applied to the full dataset.”

    It seems everything hinges on the nature of the “quality assurance checks”.

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