Ocean Circulation Controls The Climate

Many climate scientists say CO2 controls Earth’s temperature. This simply isn’t true. Atmospheric temperatures correlate almost perfectly, with the Atlantic Multidecadal  Oscillation, and show very little correlation with CO2.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

NASA has known for 45 years that man-made CO2 has minimal impact on climate.


In ten days, the scam comes to an end.

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12 Responses to Ocean Circulation Controls The Climate

  1. BobW in NC says:

    One can only hope that those who have been at the feeding trough of the AGW scam will not only be called out on it, but will have to defend themselves (and fail) to the finest point to show the immensity of this fraud fostered on the world community. Then, may they have shame and disgrace heaped on them, that truth be the standard again.

    • GeologyJim says:

      A couple of thoughts about the coming Trump administration –

      Sec. Commerce candidate Wilbur Ross should announce on Day One that NOAA has nothing to do with the mission of Commerce (economic development) and will be abolished. Data collection activities shall be transferred to Dept Interior.

      Ross should further announce that the Coast Guard has nothing to do with the mission of Commerce and that activities related to coastal security (only) shall be transferred to Dept of Defense – the rest of activities to be abolished.

      Sec Defense candidate Mattis, at direction of President Trump, should announce that NASA will be included in Department of Defense, with the singular mission of solar system exploration. No more atmospheric crap – that will belong exclusively to NOAA under Interior.

      At direction of President Trump, several agencies (EPA, DOI, FWS, and others) should announce that environmental regulations shall be transferred to the sovereign states, with local control of matters pertaining to chemistry of flowing surface water, chemistry of the air, policies regarding plant and animal species, as well as hunting and fishing as at present)

      EPA Director candidate Scott Pruitt should categorically declare that CO2 is not a pollutant and establish a mandatory series of debates regarding the “physics” of atmospheric chemistry to be presided over by engineers over the age of 60. Evidence shall be limited to demonstrable measurements – no models, no appeals to future “calamities”. This could make great TV.

      Of course, the “Clean Water Plan” and the “Clean Air Plan” must be thoroughly contested and repudiated in court, with arguments founded in measurements, not models.

      Dept Interior needs to be restructured to focus on investigation of the nations geology and hydrology, natural hazards, and management of public lands (Parks, Forests, BLM, etc) for the benefit of all (not just recreationists). That means resource development. Forest lands need to be administered by Interior, not Agriculture, and fire management should be transferred to the states through regional collaborations.

      Bugs, bunnies, newts, fungi, shrubs, fish, gnats, and all should be studied by the Smithsonian and only regulated at the state level, very minimally.

      Hmmmm, oh yes, let’s just abolish the Dept Education and leave the money in the states (duh!).

      Must abolish unionization of TSA employees, largely by abolishing the agency and passing air security over to the airlines with blanket authority to control airplane access to them – absolutely. If you look squidgy, you don’t get to fly. Period. Profiling? you bet! That’s what every common-sense person does in their daily lives. Works for the Israelis.

      Abolish unions for all public sector employees – period. FDR knew the danger and, on this point, he was absolutely right.

      And categorically scuttle all energy efficiency/sustainability/climate concern bullsh!t from all Dept Defense programs (in particular), and in most all other govt programs.

      Focus on things that work today

      Could say more, but let’s start the conversation

  2. Robertv says:

    So the Clean Air Act made US cities warmer.

  3. Robertv says:

    But I thought it was Obambi who controls the Climate (data) with his apostle Mann.

  4. Joe Friday says:

    What about our star??? Oh that’s right, the UN claims our star, has no influence. My Bad

  5. Latitude says:

    Used to absolutely drive me crazy…and still does

    We have another ocean you know……..AMO

  6. Shooter says:

    But NASA has a 90 second video showing CO2 as Earth’s thermostat…clearly, it has to be true!!!!!

  7. bailcon says:

    The AMO correlation is almost too perfect.

  8. BCurrie says:

    NASA has known no such thing. You rely on ONE paper published 46 years ago to make your claim. Yet, writing in the NY Times that same year, Schneider wrote: “Serious scientific studies have indicated that CO2 and dust [aerosols] can affect climate, albeit in opposite directions. We do not yet know the magnitude of these influences well enough to be certain which, if either, of those effects might predominate.” We do now, and the evidence does not support the claims made by this site.

    • tonyheller says:

      In six days, your religion is dead.

      • BCurrie says:

        To the contrary, the absence of real empirical evidence to support its claims, the financial backing of deeply vested economic interests, an implicit adherence to the “status quo”, and a quasi-religious faith in “invisible hands” and “magic of the marketplace” are 4 ways climate science denialism is the religion.

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