The Progressive Data Tampering Continues Unabated

You can’t make this stuff up. One layer of temperature fraud piled on another.

RSS lower troposphere temperature data shows that cooling over the last 10 months has been the fastest on record.


So Carl Mears of RSS rushed out a press release today saying 2016 was the hottest year, not to use lower troposphere temperatures, and instead imagine we live at 20,000+ feet.


Meanwhile, yesterday, Zeke Hausfather told the press that there never was a hiatus. (The same hiatus which experts made dozens of excuses for over the past decade, and Michael Mann says is real.)

Today, Zeke says we should compare GISS surface temperatures to Carl Mears upper troposphere temperatures, and ignore all those air temperatures down near where we live.

But here comes the fun part. Zeke then said to compare the upper troposphere temperatures with the “most commonly used sonde data (RATPAC)

So why is Zeke using RATPAC data?  Because it is heavily adjusted. RATPAC adjustments quadrupled warming relative to the raw radiosonde data generated by Jim Angell at NOAA since 1958


Angell     RATPAC

The hockey stick of adjustments to the radiosonde data mirrors all the fake adjustments done to surface temperature data sets by NASA and NOAA.

So how does this all tie together?  RSS lower troposphere data matches radiosonde data very closely, until they tamper with the radiosonde data. So they altered the radiosonde data and used the altered data as an excuse to ignore and eventually tamper with the lower troposphere data.

In the 1995 IPCC report, none of the data sets (surface, radiosonde, or satellite) showed any net warming from 1958 to 1995.

Essentially all of the warming since 1958 is due to data tampering. The game they play is to adjust one data set upwards, then use the adjusted data as an excuse to successively adjust all the other ones upwards to match, in a domino effect. This was aptly described in the Climategate E-mails as “hiding the decline.”

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18 Responses to The Progressive Data Tampering Continues Unabated

  1. JPinBalt says:

    OMG – they are adjusting (f’cking with) raw radiosonde too? What is the excuse? Time? Pressure? Latitude error?
    At least with land based they had flimsy excuse of time of day double readings (which can/should go both ways).

    The 10 month record drop in lower troposphere temps is due to El Nina over as was the upward spike earlier last year for short run. Lets not play their game, it is/was a normal weather pattern/cycle, not climate change in either direction. But it pisses me off that in the world of religious AWG believers (who have never heard of El Nlno) in confirmation bias, a short term rise in temps is evidence, but the succeeding fall in tropospheric temps is ignored and not even reported in the fake news main stream media press.

    It will be about a dozen degrees below average in Baltimore next few days, guess evidence for twice over already into next ice age by AGW standards.

    • Gail Combs says:

      “…it pisses me off that in the world of religious AWG believers (who have never heard of El Nlno) in confirmation bias, a short term rise in temps is evidence, but the succeeding fall in tropospheric temps is ignored and not even reported in the fake news main stream media press…..”

      And that is why Tony is reporting it here. To jerk their chains HARD!

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Gag, they can’t even get the three day forecast straight.

    Now it is back to 1 to 3 inches of snow (down from five, yesterday) and 10F, 3 F, followed by 12F. So they lowered the temp for two days and raised it for the middle (from –1F yesterday back to 3F) That is for Sat, Sun and Monday.

    • RAH says:

      They forecast 10 F for our low last night. It was 3 F when I woke up at 04:30. Good day for a fire in the fire place.

      • Gail Combs says:

        It is days like today that I curse the builder that put the blasted heat exchangers right where the chimney for the woodstove was supposed to go. This After I had him put extra footings and bracings to support the stove.

        Need I say that he was muslim? And that he walked away without ever finishing the house? And that he was ‘Judgement proof’ GRrrrrr….

    • cdquarles says:

      Numerical weather forecasting has in-built issues. Apply a +/- 3 to them. The same thing happened here. The overall ‘meta’ forecast was correct. Previous system pulls in cold air. Secondary system develops and tracks over the northern gulf coast. The track ended up being a bit north of the forecast and, where I am, it cleared enough the day before to have a +5 actual to forecast temperature differential. That meant that the forecast changed roughly every 12 hours. First one was rain => mix. Second one was mix => snow. Third one was snow. Fourth one was rain => ice mix. We got that one with a dusting of snow. About 0.25 inches of freezing rain/fog followed rain->sleet->freezing rain/sleet mix.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    …Today, Zeke says we should compare GISS surface temperatures to Carl Mears upper troposphere temperatures, and ignore all those air temperatures down near where we live….

    Upper troposphere???
    ERRR, Isn’t that a sign that all the heat from the El Nino is headed out the door making a quick escape?

    Look at all that energy, transported by convection being radiated to space at the tropopause!

    • richard verney says:


      Similarly, the implications of the decline in Arctic sea ice is that heat is leaving the planet. The oceans are able to give up their heat resulting in high latitude northern oceanic cooling.

      • Gail Combs says:

        That is another point that sails right over the heads of people like Griff.

        While MORE sea ice ALL YEAR in Antarctica means MORE energy reflected back to space because the ice is closer to the equator.

        RACookPE1978 says it better than I can.

        …the yearly maximum solar radiation occurs in early January at 1410 watts.m^2. The minimum solar top-of-atmosphere radiation occurs July 3, when the Arctic sea ice is decreasing strongly day-by-day, BUT while Arctic sea ice is between min and max. Roughly, the edge of Arctic sea ice is between 74 and 76 north.

        At the point of maximum solar radiation at TOA, the ANTARCTIC sea ice is is a wide “ring” slowly varying from 59.2 south (last October under 1370 watts/m^2) to about 64 south latitude (in January under 1410 watts/m^2) to a minimum sea ice extent at 3 Mkm^2 (in March at 70 south latitude back down to 1360 watts/m^2). So, when the TOA solar radiation is at its maximum, ARCTIC sea ice is dark. When the top-of-atmosphere radiation is at its max, Antarctic sea ice is not at its minimum.

        Net effect: As a whole, Antarctic sea ice is MUCH, MUCH closer to the equator every day of the year.

        Overall, increased heat losses from open ocean in the Arctic (when Arctic sea ice is at a minimum in late August-September) are much greater than increased heat absorbed into that open water. More sea ice loss in the Arctic => More heat loss from the planet and a net cooler planet….

        Again the ClimAstrologists are playing a shell game. Directing attention to the Arctic when the Antarctic is the critical area.

        • -B- says:

          They always direct attention to where ever it may be warming or could be made to appear to be warming. There will always be such a place.

  4. Neal S says:

    I suppose we should be thankful that the Climastrologists can’t get their stories straight among themselves. It is these difference between these stories that helps to make it clear how much BS it all is. Just like the differences between what GISS reported recently for a range of years in the past, versus what they reported previously for that same range of years. This shows clearly that there is some combination of lying and incompetence, then and now. My money is on their both lying and being incompetent both then and now and always and forever more.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      After Climategate, they must also be pissed that skeptics made it harder for them to coordinate their stories and data manipulation. Like perps held in different interrogation rooms, they will contradict each other.

    • Neal S says:

      I just read a ‘news story’ and can’t believe it.

      The first paragraph is
      “Employers added 156,000 jobs in December, capping a year of more moderate but healthy payroll gains as the U.S. economy approaches full employment, while wage growth reached a seven-year high.”

      “full employment”!?!?! What world are these people living in? While a few small factoids may be correct, the whole thing is grossly misleading.

      The first time I read the story, the ‘participation rate’ was given at about 62% or so buried deep within where few would notice it. But the story was then updated, and all mention of this is now gone. Probably because it shows how baseless the rest of the inflated claims are.

      • Neal S says:

        Here is the original source for that story

        And the inconvenient truth that was edited out
        “The labor force participation rate, at 62.7 percent, changed little in December and was unchanged over the year. In December, the employment-population ratio was 59.7 percent for the third consecutive month; this measure showed little change, on net, in 2016.”

        • RAH says:

          Just like climate the democrats have been playing with the numbers and are facilitated by their press in doing so in order to deceive the people. Can you say FAKE NEWS?

  5. Shooter says:

    Yet alarmists say the adjustments and data tampering are things skeptics do.

  6. John Niclasen says:

    Data for Southern Hemisphere looks very different in the different datasets.

    Plots are of SH from HadCRUT4, RSS, and UAH.



    SH is 9th column.

    Different scale is one thing, but the last year looks very different in the different datasets.

    Is there a sound explanation for this?

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