Six Years Into The Southwest Permanent Drought

Six years ago, Joe Romm announced the southwest permanent drought.

Dust Storm Marks Beginning of Southwest’s “Permanent Drought”

This has been one of the wettest winters on record in the west.


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8 Responses to Six Years Into The Southwest Permanent Drought

  1. Don B says:

    As Judith Curry and Roger Pielke, Sr (leaning on the research of McCabe et al 2004) pointed out, the ongoing drought of 2012 was just an example of natural variability.

  2. RAH says:

    The problem is that shysters like Romm and Hayho are not called out on their predictions by the MSM and are continually consulted as experts by the press as if they are real authorities without being called on to account for their miserable failures. They love to make public forecasts but when called on to account for their failures they hide.

  3. John Niclasen says:

    This map is departure from normal precipitation in inches (water equivalent) for the three winter months, Dec, Jan, Feb.

    As can be seen, most of western USA is up to 8 inches above normal, while large parts of California are more than 20 inches above normal. They sure got some snow and rain.

  4. LOL in Oregon says:

    But it is a “dry rain”!
    Just ask Trofim Lysenko Brown, gov of California, about it!

  5. Psalmon says:

    Just saw this posted by NWS meteo…Oct-Feb in CA are officially the wettest 5 mo start to the water year in officially recorded history…

    Gov Brown Emergency Drought Rules still in effect as far as I know.

  6. Andy DC says:

    But instead we have now suffered through extreme Droughflood, when severe floods and extreme drought are both taking place at the same time.

    Every idiot knows that Droughflood is far worse that either drought or floods! How do I know? Dr. Mann and Dr. Hayhoe says it is so, in leading peer reviewed science journals!

    The Droughtflood phenomena was first discovered by Dr. Hayhoe during 2o12 in the state of Texas. Only five years later, it is now traumatizing snowflakes throughout the entire state of California!

  7. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    When it comes to climate scientists (and their lapdogs like Joe Romm), there’s definitely a permanent drought in logic and intellectual honesty.

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