NASA : Solving Global Warming By Moving To Saturn

NASA believes that a 0.0001 change in atmospheric CO2 will destroy all life on earth.

But not to worry, NASA says we can move to one of Saturn’s moons and live there. Carbon taxes on Saturn have been very effective.

Nasa uncovers an ‘alien habitat’ on one of Saturn’s moons | Daily Mail Online

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14 Responses to NASA : Solving Global Warming By Moving To Saturn

  1. Steve Case says:

    Wednesday June 11, 1986

    Two years before Dr. James Hansen’s famous congressional testimony. So when did the flip-flop from “Global Cooling” to “Global Warming” occur?

    This is the latest I find at your old website:

    • Steve Case says:

      1970s Global Cooling Alarmism
      has a list in chronological order and here’s the last:

      1979 – New ice age almost upon us? (The Christian Science Monitor, November 14, 1979)

      I’m pretty sure I saw “Nuclear Winter” stories running in the press at the same time as “Global Warming” stories.

      • Steve Case says:


        In 1990, in a paper entitled “Climate and Smoke: An Appraisal of Nuclear Winter,” TTAPS give a more detailed description of the short- and long-term atmospheric effects of a nuclear war using a three-dimensional model:[118]

        • Steve Case says:

          And Wikipedia says:

          The term “nuclear winter” was specifically coined in 1983 by Richard P. Turco to refer to computer model results where this soot/smoke remained in the air for almost a year, and during this time it caused monumentally severe planet-wide temperature drops (“winters”)—apocalyptic models that Turco would later temper and distance himself from.[8]

          • R. Shearer says:

            I personally know one of the published researchers cited. I can say without a doubt, he was anti-Reagan, anit-nuke and, in my opinion, suffered from noble cause corruption, which biased his research. The observational results speak for themselves.

          • R. Shearer says:

            That said, I don’t think we want to test the full blown hypothesis.

      • arn says:

        i’ve been searching for a chronological list of global cooling
        for a long time.
        It’s very usefull to have a ton of articles about global cooling to back up arguements as people start to become aware that there is something wrong when you can overwhelm them with huge quantities((of course not Griffs,as they are immune,but normal human beings without polarized opinions and religious attitudes usually are impressed)

        As global cooling is a thing from the past(just like snow)
        and warming the definitive ultimate undeniable truth right now,
        i wonder what the next great thing will be when warming and cooling become useless to scare people.
        Maybe the global hiatus tax.
        As always in history of mankind climate has been changing-
        but in the past decades nothing changed.
        Such a thing has never happened before,therefore man made and only a world wide tax will help survive this horrible scenario :
        Neither rising nor lowering of temperatures or sea level-
        that’s such a threat to all life on planet earth.
        We need a tax.

  2. TA says:

    NASA says life might develop at hydrothermal vents in oceans underneath the surface of some of Saturn’s moons.

    As far as we know, Life on Earth did not develop at hydrothermal vents, but rather developed on the surface in much more benign conditions and then life migrated to the hydrothermal vents later. That’s something to keep in mind.

  3. TA says:

    I saw a report in Astronomy magazine some months ago that claimed the first paper written on Global Warming was written in the early 1950’s.

    Coincidentally, the 1950’s was a very hot decade, but the temperatures dropped off significantly after the 1950’s, to the point that climate scientists were declaring and worrying about Global Cooling by the 1970’s.

  4. CO2isLife says:

    Tony, you are missing the mosts important part of that article. O3/Ozone is a greenhouse gas more powerful that CO2 because it absorbs at 10 microns. Hansen is claiming that Ozone depletion, ie less of the greenhouse gas, will warm the planet. Hansen is claiming that more and less greenhouse gasses can kill the earth.

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