Golf Ball Deniers!

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21 Responses to Golf Ball Deniers!

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    It would be good to remove at least part of the 2017 ball, but we are still left with “why the ball”.

  2. phil jones says:

    No no… after adjusting the time bias -50 years the tree isn’t there… the ball never hit the tree according to Consensus Models..

  3. Javier says:

    It’s clearly a bird’s egg falling from the tree. It even has the shape of an egg. Who has ever seen an egg-shaped golf ball?

  4. bleakhouses says:

    I see an extreme weather event attributable to man’s burning of fossil fuels.
    A single gold ball sized hail pellet traveling horizontally at high speed and likely with extreme rotational speed. This is a phenomenon never witnessed before and certainly something we must expect to occur with great frequency in the future. In fact, man is in danger of extension as these events become ordinary. Expect to see people collapsing around with extreme impact wounds. It would be wise, from now on to wear a motorcycle helmet, with full face shield, and football equipment everywhere you go. I am actually going to call my congressman and suggest that he draft a bill with full funding for such equipment to be provided to all people; but of course, first to minorities, because they are the first victims of climate change.

  5. gator69 says:

    Holy Ghost! It’s an orb!

    What the hell is that guy pulling on? Is he flying a kite?

  6. psark82 says:

    According to my calculations, the ball was going about 70 mph.

    Length of long axis vs short axis of ball in picture = 1.36
    1.36 x 1.68″ (ball diameter in USA) = 2.28″
    2.28″ – 1.68″ = 0.6″ moved in 1/2000 of a second.
    2000 x 0.6″ = 1210″ per second or 101′ per second.
    101′ x 3600 (sec/hr) / 5280 (ft per mile) = ~70mph (plus/minus a hugh error margin).

    Assuming it was a drive shot based on the height of the ball, the average driving golf ball speed is over 90 mph according to miraculous internet, so a pretty lame shot I’d say ;)

    • cdquarles says:

      Two factors not addressed: 1. the ball is rotating and 2. the ball starts decelerating from drag the instant it leaves the club face. Sure, it isn’t much in the second or two it has taken to reach the distance it has and we have not taking into account the downward acceleration from gravity. Still, the guy is probably a duffer, so the launch velocity will be in the lower half of the distribution anyway. That 90 mph average includes guys like Tiger hitting it at 120 to 140 mph.

  7. arn says:

    So much global warming in this picture.

    1)The Hockey Stick was tampered to look like a golf club.

    2)Carbon parts of the hockey stick were photoshopped to make the carbon pollution non existent.

    3)The evil racist white small dot on the left is a carbon molecule.
    You can see how radiation is reflected back to earth.
    Preventing infrared rays to escape the surface.
    Considering that this white dot is much less than 400ppm of all pixels in the picture while still being able to keep all the sunrays from being reflected back into space-that’s proof for global warming.

    All these green stuff around the guy is full of carbonpollution.
    Without co2 pollution these plants would not exist.

    the gray path is the road to hell and the white carbon molecule is the leading us that way.
    (most of the gray path was already flooded by rising sea level and “my pussy has teeth” activists)

    The guy is neither a SJW nor a Climate Sctivists,
    therefore it must be Trump.

  8. H. D. Kline says:

    Typical anti-science diversionary tactic by a hate-filled, moon-denying, conspiracy theorist, oil company shill. Your so-called “golf ball” is obviously a large hailstone, propelled through the air at deadly speed by a localised extreme weather event. And I don’t need to tell you what caused that, do I?

    Thought you could make people forgot that almost everything in the picture is made of deadly carbon pollution? THINK AGAIN, BUDDY! Keep emitting carbon pollution at the present rate and the whole world could end up looking like this. How are you going to EXPLAIN THAT TO MY GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN?

  9. Um, don’t look now but Austria is going through a reverse Anschluss. Econazis are resigning and Saracen Berserkers can no longer wear ski masks to and from explosions, auto amok rampages and rape scenes. Germany is also rejecting not just Ecological Naziism, but even that old-time National Socialism. Denazification is finally beginning to take hold.

  10. dave1billion says:

    “Back, and to the left!, Back and to the left!”

  11. PJB says:

    Clearly, the “lefty” is wearing “green” cap and socks so he is an environmentalist trying to warn the robin to stay away from the falling sky egg…

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