Just A Coincidence

Some Russian spy is granted a visa by Obama to come to the US to talk about adoption, and while she is here she decides to tell Donald Trump Jr. some fake story about having evidence of illegal Hillary collusion with the Russian government. The Obama deep state then releases her E-mail exchanges with Trump Jr. to the New York Times in an effort to bring down the US president.

That makes perfect sense. If you have the IQ of a Democrat.

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10 Responses to Just A Coincidence

  1. The Trumps are guilty for being told that the Russians hacked Hillary’s criminal emails. And I’m guilty of 9/11 because I saw smoke coming from the buildings.

  2. You can’t blame the Dems per se. The party defended colonial plantations with slaves against the new Metropolis (yankees) under the protectionist Customs Union. Since the Civil War they’ve been adrift, and easy meat for other slaveholding ideologies such as communism. The bacterium of their political machine is injected with different phages and reinforced by the lust for spoiler votes as the ticket to a paycheck and a hand in the till. Plunkitt of Tammany Hall summed it up: “Can I count on your vote?”
    Both major parties are much the same viewed by outsiders. Kleptocracies slowly morph to pander to different groups of voters. The problem is that both parties are still stuck on a straight line from Hitler to Stalin. Both need to learn to think outside the line first, then outside the box soon after that.

    • Kris J says:

      Hank, that’s quite an impressive collection of metaphors! Sailing, hunting, molecular biology & epidemiology, larceny, and a few more thrown in

  3. boo says:

    The IQ bell-curve has 2 sides: one for Democrats, and one for Conservatives…


  4. Andy DC says:

    With all of this fake cloak and dagger nonsense and the impeachment mania that the Democrats have engaged in, where is the least bit of evidence that alleged contact with Russians affected the last election in the least?

    There is far greater evidence that blatant Democrat attempts to have illegal, undocumented aliens vote, as well as having dead people vote, had a far greater affect on the last election. Even created a fake victory for Hillary in the popular vote.

    The Democrats have WAY overplayed their hand and I suspect it will bite them back big time in 2018 and 2020.

  5. Jeffk says:

    Today, NBC says “However, accepting campaign opposition research from a foreign government is not a common practice” — completely forgetting the fictional Trump dossier John McCain commissioned overseas!! Plus Clinton-DNC colluding with Ukraine to get Trump’s Gen. Flynn and P. Manafort !!

  6. Bob Grise says:

    Come on, these are the same people that are saying that my Yugo is heating up 300 million cubic miles of ocean water. The same people that claim Greenland is melting at 33 degrees below zero. The same people that tell us raising taxes improves an economy. The same people that can’t see a quid pro quo when the Clinton’s were raking in the dough.

  7. Kris J says:

    Apparently the latest is that the Pycckuu had evidence of the DNC taking foreign (illegal) contributions. Wouldn’t that turn the story on its head??

  8. Don says:

    Ukraine actively worked against Trump, and for Hillary. POLITICO had a fine piece about that in January.


    And the dossier was straight from the KGB, and Dims used it (McCain too was involved with the dossier), and recently Dims were still talking about the dossier. Dims may even have paid for that dossier, but somehow that fact about the KGB written dossier isn’t interfering in the election.

  9. Ernest Bush says:

    The biggest thing that screams fake to me can be put in one question. Why would the Russians work against Hillary at all, since she was going to destroy the U.S. military and turn us into a third world country? She was going to finish what Obama started.

    The answer is that it makes no sense at al that they would work against her election.

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