New Video : More Fake News About The Northwest Passage And Global Temperatures

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  1. Amundsen sailed through the Arctic during summer. Summertime in the arctic has light 24/7 (midnight sun, remember!?), so he was able to see where he was sailing.

    This minor error is in the beginning of the video.

  2. mwhite says:

    “This just in from our onboard journalist, @worldexplaura: ‘Flying over Iceland on our way to Anchorage. It’ll take over 40 hours to get to our final destination of Nome, Alaska. From there we board two Polar yachts and head North as we try and become the first in history to sail to the North Pole”

    I thought they try from the Atlantic at least.

  3. garyh845 says:

    Hey Tony – have you seen this yet?

    CarbonBrief – GLOBAL TEMPERATURE 19 July 2017 Explainer: How data adjustments affect global temperature records

    They have a different take, it appears, on the scale of what adjustments NASA has made to GT’s.

    • pmc47025 says:

      By Zeke Horsefeathers. Search for “Zeke” using the search box on this page.

    • tonyheller says:

      Total BS. They are hiding most of the adjustments which are done through station selection, homogenization and infilling.

    • sunsettommy says:


      Here is a post you should read,it is about the manipulations AND the massive closure of Rural temperature stations.

      4 New Papers: Modern Warming Is Substantially Artificial, Traced To Urbanization, Bias

      “Scientists: Temperature Data Contamination
      Accounts For 33% – 75% Of Modern Warming

      Urban heat from paved roads, buildings, and machinery can artificially inflate temperatures substantially above measured temperatures from non-urban areas. This introduces a significant non-climatic warming bias into long-term records.

      Heat from an urban (or highly populated) environment can artificially raise temperatures by as much as 3°C to 10°C relative to nearby rural locations. This is true even for villages in the Arctic.”

      Kenneth Richards, who posted this also made a comment about the massive number of RURAL station closures, that created warming bias. He replies to a notorious warmist loon.

      • garyh845 says:

        Thanks Tommy; however note – I posted the comment wondering if Tony might take that presentation on – I just don’t have the skill set to do such. I know that the historic temp has been adjusted much more than those folks present. Also aware of the massive closure of the rural stations ( I might offer, I suspect that the actual cause of that was budget cuts – but the end result has been the same).

        And, I often comment to others and post comments about the urban heat island effect. In fact earlier today I posted this in response to a piece in the LAT’s about the hot spell in our near future:

        Interestingly, looking at the weather records for Los Angeles (where the LAT’s get’s their data from), for the month of August (31 days), 14 of the record high temperatures still on the books were set prior to 1970 (all GW prior to this was naturally occurring), with 11 of these set prior to 1900.

        The all time record high temp for August, is 106 degrees F, set on Aug 19, 1885. This would be long before any urban heat island effect could artificially add to the temperatures. To match that record today, we’d really need to reach somewhere between 110 and 112 degrees.

        Thanks again,

        • Andy DC says:

          In Washington, DC, the all time record highs are as follows:

          July: 106 in 1930
          August: 106 in 1918
          September: 104 in 1881
          October: 97 in 1941

          All set at least 75 years ago, when the DC heat island was tiny compared to now. Could that be possible if we were getting catastrophic AGW?

  4. Scott Scarborough says:

    The Russians can probably travers the North West passage in winter with their nuclear powered Icebreakers.

  5. AndyG55 says:

    The Larsen route of 1944 alongside Banks Island is still closed to all.

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