Saving The Critical South Boulder Wetlands

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  1. Jeff L. says:

    Apparently the Joni Mitchell track has caused Google to flag your video (on behalf of Warner Music Group) so it only plays on YouTube and not embedded in your site.

  2. mat says:

    I never realized just how much you sound like a hippy there Tony…. ;p

    btw, youtube blocks vids with copyrighted music quickly. Not sure why anyone would want to copyright that, but lawyers never miss much is the screwing things up department..

  3. Andy says:

    Very good song to go with it.

    Rather than AGW in the long run, need to think more of man’s impact of biodiversity in the short run.

    Thanks for posting


  4. RAH says:

    This is off topic but thought you might like to know. If I remember correctly your planning on heading up to the area we were at to view the coming solar eclipse. They are all ready in full hype mode for the event up there. They already have cheap paper and plastic glasses for direct viewing of the eclipse on sale in the many shops.

    I assume your planning on taking photos of the event. Was wondering what provisions your making for doing so? Are you going up to the top of Jackson Hole or one of the other peaks in the area for the viewing? If so go early because I’m sure that whole area is going to be mobbed at that time.

  5. Timo Soren says:

    TO TOny: Have you posted a map of what area they/you are wanting/talking about?

    And if there is wetlands there HOW would even the mild EPA regs allow destroying them?

    • just a thought says:

      “HOW would even the mild EPA regs allow destroying them?” – Timo Soren

      Two words for you, Timo – FELLOW TRAVELERS.

    • Duster says:

      It isn’t the EPA per se. The governing law is the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) which no one loves unless it has to do with their own backyard. Then suddenly the most rampant laisez faire devloper can become an ardent environmentalist temporarily.

      Wetlands fall under United States Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction for some obscure reason, and the Army has never really been big on enforcement in many districts. In other districts you can accidentally create a pond, playing around with a dozer you let a neighbor park on your land and clobber your permits totally (true story).

  6. R. de Haan says:

    Great video presentation, great comments. Absolutely no problems watching the video in Firefox or Safari. I am confident you’re going to win this fight. The University could consider to expand skywards and under ground. Same for student accomodation. It could help to find an architect who is willing to make a design based on the expansion plans, preferbaly within the current footprint of the University. That could help to ease the decission making process. Just trying to think out of the box. And maybe someone could activate the students. Anyhow, I wish you all the best.

  7. James Keil says:

    What is overlooked is the city of Boulder partnering with the University of Colorado to change the land use designation to annex the land. The area falls under wetlands protection under a Boulder ordinance. CU as state entity is not restricted by any Boulder ordinance to develop property. The biggest example is the construction of Williams Village dorms that goes way over Boulder’s height restrictions for buildings.
    Here is a good take on this:

  8. Bill S says:

    Boulder is one of the things the greenies got right (I am a Wyoming native – I get to call them greenies. i.e. Back in 1984, we all wanted to move to Fort Collins to get away from the wind. Colorado was green!). Keep up the fight sir – I hope you prevail.

  9. John M says:

    I can believe Boulder could vote to ruin this wetland. Already back in the 1980s Josie Heath and the County Commissioners had no problem with misusing public funds to advocate against Reagan’s missile build-up in Europe. When divorced from law and justice, people are capable of anything, including savage destruction of the beautiful creatures and habitat you have documented. I pray it doesn’t happen.

  10. GeologyJim says:

    Boulder City Council is absolutely convinced CO2 is “carbon pollution” and directly responsible for “the greatest threat to mankind and the environment”.

    So let’s demand they run a test.

    Monitor real-time CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere (subject to independent calibration and audit) at four locations:

    Broadway at Canyon Blvd – right outside City Council chambers
    Boulder Junction mega-apartment blocks (aka “workforce housing”)


    South Boulder Creek wetlands
    Any place in Boulder’s 40,000 acres of open-space

    Compare the numbers, identify the sources and sinks of “carbon pollution”, and adjust City policy accordingly


    • neal s says:

      You are suggesting a combination of objective measures and rational thought from the Boulder City Council.

      The world really will end before that ever happens.

      • GeologyJim says:

        Yes, Neal S, we both know what sort of reception this test would get from the Council

        But it would be interesting to hear the reaction – and the reaction to the reaction – for a data-based assessment of the “problem”


  11. TimA says:

    Thank-you for all you do Tony….I’m proud to know you….

  12. Rick says:

    Some great videos, photos and work, Mr. Hunter. I will be traveling soon from Texas and working close to Boulder for about 60 days and would love to get the location of the wetlands where one can visit and enjoy it.

    Could you possibly post a map of the area and maybe where the trails are? Thanks so much for your all of your work! You have a great number of folks that support your efforts!

  13. Psalmon says:

    I feel increasingly bad for the “progress” progressives will bring there. Enjoy your pictures. It’s what residents should value, but won’t notice after it’s gone. It’s obviously not the only case.

    Most of Northern CA wetlands, specifically the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta, an area of almost 1,200 square miles, will soon be turned into a lifeless toxic salt (intrusion) swamp when Jerry Brown builds his long lobbied tunnels to divert water from the Sacramento River around the Delta. It started with the Peripheral Canal in the 1980s that voters rejected…but Brown has another swing. And the feds have given them the green light to kill endangered fish, just like windmills chop birds.

    Once the destruction occurs, it will all be blamed on sea level rise caused by Climate Change. This is why study after study in CA, Brown speech after speech talks about 3 feet of sea level rise…the pumps for water south at Tracy, CA where the tunnels will lead are about 3 feet above sea level…it’s a conditioning…the Tunnels didn’t destroy No CA, Climate Change did…it will be the worst environmental disaster in the US, brought to CA by progressives for the benefit of Big Ag in So Cal. In CA, all politics is water…it’s Chinatown.

  14. Eliza says:

    Ot but drones have already resolved most of the ISIS problem why the xxxk hasnt Trump work this out for NOKO just one man?

  15. When I look at these pictures of deer and wild flowers, all I notice is a selfish lack of wind turbines.

    The US uses 4 trillion kW/hr per year and the average bird chopper makes 6 million. That means we need to spread 667,000 wind mills across the country.

    Colorado needs to do its share. No more selfish beautiful landscapes. I need to see a bat killer in every picture!

  16. kevin roche says:

    Hey Tony, any advice on shooting the eclipse with a Coolpix 900? What kind of settings are you planning on using at totality? Thanks.

    • tonyheller says:

      You need a solar filter. I’m doing time-lapse with focus set on infinity and AE-L off. That will allow it to adjust to changing light conditions during the eclipse. I will use a pocket camera for stills during totality.

      • Andy says:

        Tripod as well if you have one. me and friend from 1999 in Europe

        I have to say though the ideal is for someone else to take the nice shots whilst you just stand there and look in awe. My friend did that with a better camera. I just stood there and took it all in…..

        Given the experience just standing there with your two eyes taking it all in, the birds stopping tweeting, the temp going down, you don’t really want to be fiddling around with getting that best shot and looking at a screen.

        Let others do that.

        JUST STAND THERE AND GAWP for your 3 minutes worth.



  17. Ken Allen says:

    Dear Tony (Dear John?) : It’s over for the Front Range. It’s very sad, but we have to accept this. I moved to Colorado in 1978 for a faculty position at CSU. I’ll admit it, I was the point of the spear in terms of population growth and deep down I wanted “immigrants” like me to be be the “door shutters” – we weren’t and I was naive to think we were. If you want to visualize the future Front Range, at least the Fort Collins/Denver vista, visualize a drive from Ventura to LA, its about the same distance albeit west to east versus north to south. This is our future, 4 lanes both north and south on I 25
    On the other hand, to our north and south we still have WY (540,000 people) and a beautiful place, and NM (5th biggest state with 2 million) and also very beautiful ( at least the N part!) to screw up by the next generation.

  18. Andy says:

    Good luck Tony.

    Increasing amount of humans with their large space per person impacts on the rest of wildlife and reduces their living space. So reduced biodiversity.


    Not climate change. That is far longer.

    Not sure how we can sort it out though. More people, more space taken up……


    All the best with this


  19. Psalmon says:

    Watching Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman on Discovery…Apparently Tom Brokaw has a ranch in Montana, but unfortunately not near Boulder.

  20. Rob says:

    I hope it can be saved but unfortunately I doubt it given how many concrete jungles are being built where wildlife used to be all in the name of the almighty dollar. It’s very frustrating and really ticks me off.

    Close to a year ago I moved to a rural property that backs onto a decent sized forest with a nice stream through it from a typical suburbs type neighbourhood that’s about 15 years years old and full of cookie cutter decent sized houses spaced 7-10 feet apart with tiny yards and my appreciation of nature has gone up tenfold. I have always appreciated wildlife and nature but never to the degree I do now. I love walking in the forest and spending time listening to all the creatures and admiring all the mature trees that tower over me. The back half of my property also has a pond and has some wetlands like characteristics and I love seeing all the critters around that area. I don’t think development will ever occur in that forest area given its location but if it ever did, I would be furious so I can only imagine what it’d be like living there by that area that has more diversity and just more wildlife in general.

  21. RJ says:

    Here’s a theory.

    Take a “cool” auditorium, which has thermometers in it.
    Start admitting people in to the auditorium. 8 billion to be accurate.

    (One person has got a dirty bag of coal with them, but has no intention of burning it.)

    What will the effect of just adding people be on the thermometers in the auditorium?

    The temperature will RISE, without the need for any fossil burning.
    The claimed rise is purely due to burning fossil fuels producing “too much” c02.

    Has there been any focus on just what the heat of 8 billion humans have added to the silly concept of the “global average temperature”

    I know, global average temperature is so wacky I hate to validate the concept.

  22. Nicholas Schroeder, BSME, PE says:

    Interesting editorial comment about Boulder in today’s, 10/29, Denver Post.
    Lived and schooled there, BSME. Wife & I bought a house near campus. Purchased for about $30k, sold it two years later for $55k – after Boulder limited building permits. Thanks!

  23. stephen says:

    If you would like to see to see a good news story about animals then view

  24. David M. says:

    Tony, you are respectfully urged to alter course. Require U Boulder, the Boulder City government and all their employees to depend ENTIRELY on wind power for 2 years BEFORE turbines ruin the South Boulder Wetlands. Freezing and frying in the dark 18 hrs. each day, eating cold meals routinely, poor refrigeration and other privations should bring them to their senses–and save a wonderful area. If not, there really is no cure for stupidity, and you will have to ask Scotty to beam you up.

  25. willys36 says:

    Tony; a video that is screaming for you to publish is one documenting the hoax of CO2 as a pollutant in the first place. You are doing a fantastic job of documenting the empirical proof of the symptoms for the case but get to the source and show what the mechanism of greenhouse CO2, the miniscule contribution it provides (especially compared to water vapor which is 97% of greenhouse gasses), and the fact that CO2 is at saturation and 10X more would have no impact, based on the true science.

  26. Eben says:

    Doesn’t anyone question that RSS measured temperature error range is getting so much bigger to the present from the tiny range in the past, Hoe is that even possible ???

  27. Griff says:

    I came across an organization called ‘ducks Unlimited’ which has an interest in keeping the wetland habitat that ducks (and duck hunters) use…

    i wonder if they’d take an interest? Not a greenpeace sort of conservation organisation – might be your sort of folk???

  28. Bill says:

    OT: Thought you might like this story:


  29. norv hermanson says:

    Mr. Heller
    Is this Paul Beckwith a credible source? He’s really convinced that our climate is in severe trouble. I guess time will tell.

  30. Roaddog says:

    Tony, probably the most effective thing you could do is bring some people from Calhan to Boulder, to speak of the decimation of their community that has been wrought by El Paso County’s imposition of a wind farm on them.

    El Paso Country Property Rights Coalition may be able to help.

  31. I Dreamed I was Dorothy says:

    I saw the singer’s words,
    “The jealous sky”,
    reflected on the water.
    As the little dog played
    on the shore of its
    quite beauty.

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