1963 Global Cooling Hurricane Produced 100 Inches Of Rain

Joe Bastardi sent this map over. Hurricane Flora produced 100 inches of rain in Cuba in 1963.

At the time, there was unanimous consensus among scientists that Earth was cooling.

January 30, 1961 – NYTimes

Being a typical progressive, Fidel Castro raised taxes and blamed the US for the bad weather and his own failed leadership.

22 Oct 1963, Page 1 – The Hays Daily News

President Obama proudly posing in Cuba with Che Guevara

One month after Hurricane Flora, President Kennedy was assassinated by a “single shot through the right temple.” So the police of course arrested a guy whom they said was located directly behind the motorcade.

22 Nov 1963, 10 – Fort Lauderdale News

Oswald must have had one of those curvy bullets they use in Hollywood movies.

But no worries about that minor detail, because all of the accused conspirators started dying two days after the assassination.

16 Mar 1967, Page 3 – Palladium-Item

We now know that everything bad which happens is due to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and that government never lies.

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19 Responses to 1963 Global Cooling Hurricane Produced 100 Inches Of Rain

  1. Jeff says:

    There is a guy named James Files who claims he delivered the fatal head shot to JFK.

  2. Eric Barnes says:

    Indeed. The 60’s had their own scumbags as well, and they were bolder than today’s self-flagellating globalist nincompoops.

    “Terribly shocked Johnson”. That’s rich.

  3. Joe Bastardi says:

    I also heard at the time, Castro accused the US on blocking the storm to destroy his islands. My dad who was a student at Texas A and M he was 34 at the time, I was 8) said that it seemed like a pretty dumb thing to tell your people cause if the US could block hurricanes, what chance do you have. But they were gullible. Sounds alot like what we see today where people get told anything about climate and weather and believe it

  4. Joe Bastardi says:

    note my comments were addressing the history of the storm, as I see the article weaved into a different narrative

  5. John B., M.D. says:

    Remember the Texas permanent drought just a few years ago?

    Now alarmists are blaming climate change for the record flooding.

  6. Thanks for the Kennedy info.

  7. AZ1971 says:

    Unique atmospheric conditions—the blocking highs which were/are preventing forward movement of Hurricane Harvey—are not indicative of climate change. They’re indicative of bad luck for those whom are being affected, and the power of a major cyclonic system that isn’t steered by any prevailing Westerlies.

    That we have a bunch of morons out there making claims that this system is evidential for global warming when none exists is testament to the hystrionics and hyperbole of their pseudo-religion.

    • Rah says:

      As Joe Bastardi showed clearly in the most recent Saturday summary at weatherbell, there is a long history of tropical cyclones looping, stalling, and doing the unexpected. For the left, any history that does not support their current agenda must be ignored and if it is too damaging then it must be revised or destroyed.

      One aspect of the destruction or removal of Confederate monuments that you’ll never hear from the legacy media is that in almost every case you can point to the person(s) depicted and truthfully say “He was a Democrat”.

  8. Windsong says:

    For those readers who follow Joe’s daily summary on Weatherbell, he posted a short Sunday (8/27) edition about 1700 EDT. It covers Harvey’s possible path, potential TS Irma and some other westbound disturbances in the Atlantic.

  9. Jeff Jones says:

    Do you blame Hussein fro saluting Che? I guarantee you would be hi-5ing Che too if you had that mean looking chick off your right shoulder.

  10. JOHN ELVIDGE says:

    I remember watching the Saturday morning cartoons in the early 70’s touting the coming ice age due to pollution. Funny, Carl Sagan was a big global ‘coming ice age’ guy and his self-appointed successor, Mr Tyson, is all for global warming? For once, it would be fitting if Tyson had to explain why his mentor was so completely wrong and he of course is correct. I’m sure that Mr Tyson controls any interactions so that inconvenient facts can’ get in the way of the narrative. Kind of like antifa only beats people up in localities where their ‘allies’ run the local government. When the Gov of Arkansas and the Mayor of Little Rock refused to provide protection for students who were black from attending the schools that SCOTUS said they were allowed to attend, IKE sent in the 101st Abn Division, and that was the end of that. Maybe the same thing needs to happen in California and Virginia? I don’t care if you don’t like what the people, lawfully assembling have to say have to say. They deserve the same protections as given to any citizen, and if the locals can’t provide security, maybe the US Army can.

  11. Dan says:

    Not a fan of the Warren Commission findings, Mr. H? ?

  12. Soren says:

    The weather is now brought to you by Raytheon. Climate engineering is their so called climate change! All blamed on you and me. Look into it folks, every patent is documented.

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