Hottest Year, Ever

August 1936 was ten degrees above normal in the Midwest.


August, 2017 (the hottest year ever) is ten degrees below normal in the Midwest. Because 20 degrees cooler than 1936, is the new record hot.

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  1. McLovin' says:

    Maybe they mean it as when someone says, “man that X is bad!” But actually mean, that X was really good! You know…like it’s ironical.

  2. John F. Hultquist says:

    Just in time to say WA and OR are beginning to cool.
    This may bring some storms, lightening, fires, etc.
    But it is a change from the hot, dry, and smoky.

    Locally, a semi carrying cabbages spilled a bunch of cabbages along the edge of I-90.
    The grass caught fire and we had roast cabbages. Global warming does amazing things.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Thing is, once they start burning, they give off CO2 ,

      … so they just get hotter and hotter ;-)

    • Jeff says:

      There hasn’t been a daily record low at SeaTac since February 25, 2011. We are supposed to believe it’s not getting hotter?

      • gator69 says:

        Gee, a warm airport, and with no record low for over six whole years?

        Panic and raise taxes!

        • John F. Hultquist says:

          Panic we are short of, but taxes have been raised.
          The taxes are needed to create more asphalt and concrete.
          If one were to check, I wonder about the amount of grass and trees added to SeaTac (airport) and SeaTac (city) over the last 50 years versus the hard stuff?
          The children of SeaTac will grow up not knowing what a record low temperature is.

          • RAH says:

            They’re putting down a lot of new Concrete and Asphalt everywhere I’ve been going this summer. Seems like more construction that usual all over. And Indiana seems to have more than any of the other states I’ve driven in this year.

      • Jeff says:

        2016 is the 69th year of records at SeaTac, so each day has a probability of 1/69 of setting a record low temp. To get through the entire year of not setting a record low we get a probability of (68/69)^365 = 0.00485 or 1 in 206. Successive years gives very remote odds.

      • neal s says:

        So how many record highs over that same time period? How long since the last record high there? Have you ever considered that perhaps weather there is getting milder? Or that record lows are being made less likely (all other things being equal) by increasing UHI?

        How likely is it that all ‘adjustments’ being made to the temperature record, are to cool the past and warm the present? How likely is it that ‘adjustments’ should closely track reported CO2 levels?

  3. Andy DC says:

    Never fear, Griff will doubt come up with some alarmist screed about Outer Slobovia having a record heat wave.

    Just my opinion, but we are wasting way too much time and energy trying to feed the resident troll. We can never engage him in any rational discussion of the actual facts. All the troll can do is parrot fraudulent alarmist talking points in a snide, condescending manner. He totally ignores all of the totally verifiable information that Tony presents on this site, plus all of the information others provide with their comments.

    It is getting tiresome, going around in endless circles with him, day after day. You can never have a rational discussion with him, thus he is wasting way too much of our time and energy. Maybe just ignore him?

    • AndyG55 says:

      I suggest that the only single reply should be…


      All he is here for is attention-seeking.

      He is a lonely little cretin, with a very sad life.

  4. Buck Turgidson says:

    Yeah it is really roasting out in Baltimore and DC. Low 80s again yesterday. What a cooker, can’t every US citizen except al gore and Obama stop using power and move into a tent and fix this, or something? The east coast is screaming. Low 80s. What a heat wave, we are doomed unless we do some more climate modeling. Because climate modeling has produced such fantastic and accurate results, at bargain basement rate$, and has been a godsend for setting energy, transportation policy and dietary guidance. Anyone who would want to cut gov’t funding for more climate modeling is a hateful right-winger curmudgeon.

    I have a hard time writing such foolishness but it’s not far from the dominant paradigm … which years ago we were supposed to subvert.

  5. TA says:

    Here in the heart of the Dustbowl, it is a very pleasant 84F, the grass is still green, and rain is forecast for later today. Normally, in the middle of August around here, it is about 105F and hasn’t rained in two or three months, the grass has gone dormant from the heat and it is dry as a bone. But not this year. We want a summer just like this every time.

    There have been so few heatwaves this year that the alarmists are scrambling to find any, and none of them have lasted long enough to really start sounding any alarms over.

    This is the hottest part of the year and we are way below average in temperatures, and the heat of summer is just about behind us. 2017 is not projected to be as hot as 2016, and from the way the weather is behaving, that would be my guess, too.

    CO2 Up, Temperatures, not so much.

  6. arn says:

    Imagine such extreme temperatures to appear these days.
    They would use this to implement 3 instead of a single global tax.
    (and you can bet your butt that the co2 tax is just the beginning of many many more world wide taxes that are planned to happen as taxes are-just like debts- a one way streat(just like debts) they are always increasing in every possible away because they are invented for paying all the debts..

    I returned from a walk at 11.30 noon /germany= 12.5 degrees celsius(mid summer.)
    Global Cooling?
    The missing 8-10 degrees can be found in southern europe where it is 5-7 degrees too hot.
    The weather just isn”t mixed/balanced as it could be.

  7. Brian D says:

    This is what the map of Aug 36 looks like today for avg temps with the current baseline of 1981-2010. Nasty hot in the central US. Nothing compares to the summer heat of that era.

  8. RAH says:

    Question Tony.

    How many reporting USHCN stations are there now as compared to 20 years ago?

  9. The people who believe in AGW caused by CO2 are the people who are denying science. The science of thermalization and the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of molecule energy explain why CO2 does not now, has never had and will never have a significant effect on climate.

    Failing to recognize that CO2 has no significant effect on climate is a distressing mistake but is dwarfed by the potential disasters of ignoring what is happening that actually does. Discover the three factors in an equation which matches the measured average global temperature trend 98% 1895-2016. .

    The still-rising water vapor (WV) is rising more than twice as fast as expected from water temperature increase alone (feedback). The rising WV coincides with rising irrigation, especially spray irrigation on fields and lawns. The warming (WV is a ghg) is welcome (countering the average global cooling which would otherwise be occurring as a result of declining net effect of ocean cycles and a declining proxy which is the time-integral of SSN anomalies) but the added WV increases the risk of precipitation related flooding. How much of recent flooding (with incidences reported world wide) is simply bad luck in the randomness of weather and how much is because of the ‘thumb on the scale’ of added water vapor?

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