Top Pictures From This Morning

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  1. RAH says:

    A little rainy today so I could not wage chemical warfare on the weeks in my driveway as I planned. Instead I replaced the halyard on my 30′ flag pole and replaced the old swivel clips with stainless steel ones. Found both the SS hardware and the halyard rope at Tractor Supply for less than half of what it would have cost had I ordered it from a flag dealer on the internet.

    To do this one just puts a leather glove on one hand then with the help of an assistant melt the end of old rope to the new one. You can even do this with just a regular cigarette lighter if that’s all you’ve got. While the plastic is still hot and the melted portion pliable rub it with the gloved hand to smooth out the splice. Let it cool a minute and check the strength of the connection and then you can just pull the new rope through the top pulley using the old rope. After the I cut the old rope off, and cut the new rope to the appropriate length, I melt the ends of the new rope to ensure they don’t unravel. Then after installing the new swivel clips with their plastic retainer cups on the new rope I use a fisherman’s knot to tie the two ends of the new rope together forming a continuous loop. A fisherman’s knot is simple, much stronger then a square knot, and easier to undo after time and tension hardens the knot. Adjust the new clips to their proper places for the size flags your flying then clip in the flags and run them up.

    Now there is a new 3/8″ polypropylene woven rope halyard with new hard SS swivel clips. The new halyard should last me at least 7 years which is how long the last one has lasted. The SS swivel clips should last longer than I do. Would love to put a SS cable up for a halyard but the pulley up top is made out of plastic and thus would get eaten up over time by the cable and replacing that top pulley would be a big hassle requiring a cherry picker. So I’ll just keep using rope and some person after I’m gone can deal with it eventually.

  2. Latitude says:

    Must be cold….everyone is puffed up

    • Andy DC says:

      Cold in DC, high today only 75. Most of the country is well below normal. But nevertheless, climate experts will say it is the 5th hottest over the last five years.

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