Twenty Five Years Since A Category Five Hurricane Hit The US

This week in 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit Florida with 146 MPH winds. It was the last category 5 hurricane to hit the US.

Andrew’s Path

CO2 was just over 350 PPM at the time. If this happened now, experts would say they were 100% certain it was due to high CO2 levels.  And as always, they would be lying.

27 Aug 1992, Page 4 – The Cincinnati Enquirer at

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36 Responses to Twenty Five Years Since A Category Five Hurricane Hit The US

  1. mat says:

    “Twenty Five Years Since A Category Five Hurricane Hit The S”

  2. Steve case says:

    How ’bout a caption for the pic with storms?

  3. CheshireRed says:

    This is quite a milestone and will be news to just about everybody. Many are familiar with the ’12 years since a major hurricane (cat 3, 4 or 5) hit the mainland US but I for one had NO idea it is fully a quarter of a century without a cat 5. This is the exact opposite of what experts like Al Gore said was ‘certain’.

    Yet another monumental fail for AGW ‘science’.

  4. arn says:

    Hasn’t there been some big big hurricane just a few years ago?

    Not that i buy into this AGW bullcrap((only a little bit as part of cause&effect a little bit of a weak climate gas is only able to increase temp. a little bit,but nothing to worry about)
    but i remember that there was much much talk in our media(germany)
    about the biggest fastest hurricane ever hitting america?(though i never heard of any significant damage(as i expected from the beginning)

    • Ron Hotchkiss says:

      It’s been 12 years since a cat 3 or higher hit the US. The longest period in US history without a major

    • Mohatdebos says:

      Hurricane Patricia. Wikipedia still hyping it and exaggerating the damage. If I recall correctly it knocked down a few leaves.

      • arn says:

        Thx-it was Patricia and i already knew that it will cause a huge little nothing when hitting the states,because they were so desperate talking it into the ultimate armageddon(the usual ‘biggest eva’ blabla),due to lack of any significant hurricane in the past years.

        But i still don’t get how such a tempest in a teapo…oops bigger than the universe
        mega- hurricane did not reach category 5??
        Or was it a spinal-tap category 6?

  5. Patricia says:

    You forgot Katrina, hurricane cat 5, August 31, 2005.

    • tonyheller says:

      Katrina was a category 3 at landfall. It is easy enough to check these sort of facts before making comments.

      • Patricia says:

        I am not your enemy, but the way you respond to my hint that there was a cat 5 hurricane in 2005 is no good and rude. I visited your site daily and liked it, but I will not visit your site again.

        • Stewart Pid says:

          Wow Patricia …. you make a mistake and Tony points out the error and you go home with ur panties in a knot never to return. Grow up, little one!
          We all screw up …. learn to laugh at ur mistakes or errors and learn. I had a great boss who said at a department meeting “we all make mistakes, don’t make a really stupid one & don’t make the same one twice”. The unsaid warning was getting fired would result from the more serious mistakes.

        • Bernal says:

          OMG, Tony just collapsed into a shivering mass of self abnegation and remorse to the strains of the world’s smallest fiddle playing the Albinoni adagio.
          And Patricia, I am so triggered by your self sacrifice in no longer seeing app the cool pics Tony puts out there. “Look into your heart!” Patricia.
          Don’t your understand that working hard enough to rub the letters off your keyboard might make a man a little prickly? Oh that’s right, you’re not listening anymore

        • gator69 says:

          It is a wonder that Patricia finished any schooling at all. But then I guess there are laws against truancy.

        • Andy DC says:

          You made an erroneous comment on Tony’s blog and Tony then politely corrected your error. You suggest his simple correction of your mistake is rude and not good? That Tony has no right to correct a mistake on his very own blog? What else should he have done?

        • John Swallow says:

          If you are that thin skinned, who will miss you?

      • Patricia says:

        With a technicality (CAT 5 at landfall) you erase the most active hurricane season in history according to Wikipedia: “The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active Atlantic hurricane season in recorded history, shattering numerous records.” AND “Katrina was the costliest natural disaster and one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States.”
        Well, the headline implies – like it or not – that there were no very destructive hurricanes in the last 25 years – and this is badly misleading.

        • gator69 says:

          Well, the headline implies – like it or not – that there were no very destructive hurricanes in the last 25 years – and this is badly misleading.

          Twenty Five Years Since A Category Five Hurricane Hit The US

          No, it is not misleading. It states exactly what it does, and nothing else.

          I visited your site daily and liked it…

          Really? How?

        • CheshireRed says:

          Look at how Wiki – notorious for climate alarmism, use an over-excitable ‘shattering’ when a more mundane ‘breaking’ would’ve been quite sufficient. A small detail but they don’t do these things by chance.

        • Rah says:

          Patricia, it isn’t the technical at all. Katrina was not a Cat 5 at landfall Period. Just don’t take Tony’s remark personal. I have seen this same emotional kind of stuff when you correct people that say that Sandy was a major hurricane at landfall in NJ. When I show them that the National Hurricane Center said it wasn’t even a Hurricane at land fall they go nuts! They immediately start talking about the damage and lives lost. That has NOTHING to do with the classification nor does it matter if it came ashore some where or not. All that matters is sustained windspeed.

        • buster says:

          I wouldn’t take Wikipedia as an authority on anything, especially something that’s become political. Katrina was so costly only because it hit New Orleans, which failed for decades to properly manage their levees even though they had many many warnings to do so. New Orleasn is laregly below sea level, which explains why so much of it can be wiped out by even a Cat 3 hurricane.

          And regarding 2005, there were sevelra hurrican seasons in the 1930s that were more active I believe, but if they are using dollars figures then modern storms are more apt to be more expensive due to cost of labor and insurance differences between the eras.

          • John Swallow says:

            “Good research and citing your sources
            Articles written out of thin air may be better than nothing, but they are hard to verify, which is an important part of building a trusted reference work. Please research with the best sources available and cite them properly. Doing this, along with not copying text, will help avoid any possibility of plagiarism. We welcome good short articles, called “stubs”, that can serve as launching pads from which others can take off – stubs can be relatively short, a few sentences, but should provide some useful information. If you do not have enough material to write a good stub, you probably should not create an article. At the end of a stub, you should include a “stub template” like this: {{stub}}. (Other Wikipedians will appreciate it if you use a more specific stub template, like {{art-stub}}. See the list of stub types for a list of all specific stub templates.) Stubs help track articles that need expansion”

        • John Swallow says:

          I hope that this is of some interest to many.

          “To give you an idea of the strength and devastation associated with these storms, below is a listing of some of the most memorable hurricanes since pre-colonial times. While the number of casualties from these storms have gone down over the years, the cost from the damage caused by these storms have risen tremendously. That has resulted from more building along the coastline, and more expensive homes and businesses.”

    • sunsettommy says:

      Patricia, he said it TWICE:

      “Twenty Five Years Since A Category Five Hurricane Hit The US
      Posted on August 20, 2017 by tonyheller

      This week in 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit Florida with 146 MPH winds. It was the last category 5 hurricane to hit the US.”

      Tony’s criticism was mild.

      • wert says:

        There has not been hurricanes making landfall as cat 3 or stronger. All hurricanes stronger than category 2 have weakened before landfall, because the surface sea waters have been cold enough.

        Alarmists count cat 5 hurricanes at tropical seas, and try to equate those with landfalling hurricanes.

  6. Buck Turgidson says:

    Tony is talking about Cat 5s that made landfall. Katrina was a 5 in the Gulf but not when it came ashore (@ Buras LA)–down to 3 as others note. Not sure if that’s a technicality, but it’s factual and has been widely discussed in the hurricane/storm surge communities.

    2005 was very destructive but it has been incredibly quiet since then. Ike was a large storm in 2008, and Sandy of course in 2012.

    It is remarkable that since Katrina in 2005, the entire Atlantic and Gulf coasts have been hit by only a couple of hurricanes. Pretty quiet this year, too, as the media is pointing out (oh wait, they aren’t pointing that out are they).

    This is the exact opposite of what the climate alarmists told us was going to happen.
    Hurricanes were supposed to be getting stronger and more frequent — they aren’t. More egg on the face of the Chicken Little, sky-is-falling, it’s all getting worse climate alarmist crowd.

    What’s that I hear? Oh it’s the crickets again

    • Patricia says:

      Tony, you really have great company! True brave keyboard heroes, hiding behind their keyboards in anonymity spitting out insults, well, stay classy!
      BTW Tony, you are my age. These folks have no manners, they are simply cowards.

      • Latitude says:

        Patricia…Wilma was also a cat 5…..and it didn’t hit the US as a cat 5
        …Tony said “hit”

      • gator69 says:

        Patricia, you have done nothing to back your assertions. And it appears you are anonymous ,and have access to a keyboard as well.

        You accuse Tony of being “badly misleading” with a perfectly non-leading headline, right after calling his perfectly reasonable response “rude” and “no good”. What do you expect? A Nobel Prize?

        Get over yourself.

      • arn says:

        YOU have no manners.

        You said
        ” that you visited his site daily but will not come again”

        But since that comment you are still posting.

        Either you are a liar or your word means nothing and is of no value.

        Worse-you also are an anonym keyboard hero.
        That makes you a hipocryt.

        In understand your critics,but you are worse than those you criticize.

      • Andy DC says:

        All Tony stated was a fact, that Andrew was the last CAT 5 at landfall. Adding to that is that there has not been a landfalling major (CAT 3, 4 or 5) in almost 12 years, by far the longest such period on record.

        Yes, Ike and Sandy were destructive storms, mainly due to very high tides. But they did not qualify as major hurricanes in terms of their wind speed.

      • AndyG55 says:

        That’s odd, I can’t see where Buck insulted you at all. !

      • Colorado Wellington says:


        my wife hints from time to time that I have no manners so I will be extra careful in phrasing this:

        What did Buck Turgidson say that you found so unmannerly? Now, my wife would call it just another proof of my boorishness that I must even ask but would you please help me out?

        I am trying to better myself and the last thing I want to do is to upset you even more than Buck did.

  7. Buck Turgidson says:


    would have read better as “…..been hit by only a small number of hurricanes that caused only modest amounts of damage.” “..a couple of hurricanes…” is incorrect. mea culpa

  8. Joel O'Bryan says:

    Camille was 48 years ago.
    pCO2 was 324 ppm. And was Global Cooling then.

  9. Psalmon says:

    Anything with the movie title starting with “The Day After…” is guaranteed not to happen and so far always results in the opposite of contemporary liberal fantasies about catastrophe.

    In 1983 everybody knew that crazy senile can’t-trust-with-the-nuclear-codes President Reagan was going to incinerate us all any day. The original “The Day After” had Jason Robards wandering thru a nuked Kansas where it was better to have been incinerated from the start. The Soviet Union collapsed 8 years later. We may have booted the end game, but Hollywood had done the damage.

    In 2004 the second installment: “The Day After Tomorrow” paradoxically portrayed a sudden global warming caused ice age that followed Arctic “hurricanes” the size of continents ravaging a planet whose balance constantly teeters on a knife edge. After a record hurricane season in 2005, hurricanes ceased to be a bother in the US and ACE declined world wide. Children in Florida have grown up not knowing what hurricane is…they may have to rename the U’s football team.

    I’m hoping for a next installment “The Day After Trump” that tells the horrors America faces resulting from his leadership. We need the next The Day After… Probably guaranteed a commercial success in the current environment. Come on Hollywood, we need you. It’s time.

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