Autumn Colors In Boulder

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4 Responses to Autumn Colors In Boulder

  1. Rah says:

    At the rate things are going your going to be seeing slot of white before it hits peak colors here.

    Harvest here has begun. They got 3 cuttings on the hay this year instead of the more typical 2. Corn and soybeans being harvested and nobody is running their dryers so their loving it.

  2. Rah says:

    I’m sorry for the typos. Wore out. Time to crawl into the sleeper. In Tonawanda, NY after having delivered in Etna, PA last night. PU high temp insulation at 10:00 AM and take the load back to Anderson.

  3. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    Lovely photos, Tony.

  4. gregole says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful Tony!

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