Closer Look At The Bright Spot

Frame 312. Right side of JFK’s head is in the shade.

Frame 315 : Front right part of head gone, bright white spot appears in cloud of blood spray.

Frame 317  : Very bright spot on shaded side of JFK’s head. Reflections don’t occur in the shade.

Frame 319 : Head lurching back violently. Bright spot on shaded side of JFK’s head is much brighter than anything else in the area.

The bright spot is not a reflection. It is luminescent. The only explanation I can think of is an incendiary bullet lodged in his skull.

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29 Responses to Closer Look At The Bright Spot

  1. richard says:

    Blimey, after all these years nobody spotted it before and analysed it until Tony.

    Problem solved.

    • tonyheller says:

      The identical brainless argument made by climate alarmists.

      • RW says:

        The shade point is an interesting rebuttal to what my initial thought/explanation concerning the brightness being a reflection.

        The bright streak does suggest movement coincident with JFK’s head jerking back and to the left. I wondered maybe it was a reflection off of some jewelry, perhaps a ring or cuffling or something else on jackie’s hand/coat.

      • richard says:

        So I was spamming but you left one of my comments so you could make a snippy reply that I cannot respond to.

        You have to laugh.

  2. Gator says:

    Almost every issue concerning the assassination of President Kennedy is
    in dispute. From the number of shots fired, to the number of visitors at
    the rotunda. One aspect of the assassination that is not in dispute is the
    fact that a portion of Kennedy’s skull was blown away during the
    shooting, and recovered in Dealey Plaza the next day. A young man
    named Billy Harper found the skull fragment, and turned it over to his
    uncle. The fragment was given to a Dr. Cairns at Methodist Hospital, near
    Dallas. It was adequately photographed before it found its way to the
    White House and into the hands of Kennedy’s personal physician, Dr.
    Burkley. Shortly thereafter, the “Harper Fragment” disappeared. Its
    whereabouts are now unknown. That piece of skull bone is visible in the
    Zapruder film. It becomes visible in frame 313 and flies through the air
    before going out of view around frame 337.

  3. richard says:

    312 – damn it, the man in the front seat, on the left, has got a whopper of an incendiary hitting his head.

  4. Rud Istvan says:

    Doesn’t compute ballistically. I do a lot of reloading and even have my own rifle/pistol/shotgun range in an abandoned quarry at my farm. The rifle used was a Mannlicher Carcano in 6.5×52. The spec with the most common bullet is 2300 feet/second muzzle velocity. The Zapruder film was recorded at 18.3 frames per second. That works out to about 128 feet of bullet travel per frame. Even with massive deceleration on impact, the bullet would not be visible for more than one frame. Tracer rounds extinguish on impact. There was an armor piercing incindiary bullet produced for the Italian army, but this would likely have left a very different wound pattern as a FMJ spitzer (would have exited other side of head). Also, it was never availble to civilians and cannot be found in any marketplace. Just checked.
    Dunno what the white pattern highlighted is—doctored film?

    • tonyheller says:

      The entire point of my discussion is that the bullet was not from Oswald’s gun. What is the point of your comment? There is no reason to believe the film was doctored. The sequence of frames occupies only about one second. The bright object is stationary, like you would expect from a soft bullet which is designed to stop in the body cavity.

    • charles nelson says:

      There are many statements from credible people that the film was taken to a specialist photo lab where it might have been altered. The images we were left with certainly don’t correspond to anything realistic. And the multiple descriptions by the good and honest medical staff at Parkland (many made within hours of the killing) of a large exit wound at the rear of the head make me very suspicious of the Z film.

      • RW says:

        If the ‘physics’ of the blur of the light spot matches the ‘physics’ of the blur of comparable objects in the scene, like jackie, then I lean towards the bright spot being unaltered and real. The horizontal extent of blur on jackie’s coat appears to match the horizontal extent of blur of the bright spot in that final frame. Not sure how that fits the idea that the bright spot was edited into the footage.

  5. tonyheller says:

    Your arguments are getting increasingly stupid, comparing reflective metal in the sun versus the side of a man’s head in the shade. And you are spamming the blog with your stupid comments.

  6. JL says:

    At first glance it looked like it could be some kind of reflection from a ring on her left hand as she reached around to cover the wound, but no….

  7. Fred Harwood says:

    Tony, I lived this moment under cover, abroad. It’s a distraction from what you do so very well.

  8. PJB says:

    Pristine copies of the Z film are hard to find. The 2 “obvious” head impacts (0.7 seconds apart) broke his head open and the tangential path (as proven forensically) pushed a large portion of brain, skull and scalp up and out of the shade as his head snapped back from the momentum of both bullets. A coup d’etat and “lesson” for any future candidates trying to counter the established power elite.

  9. GeologyJim says:

    Just a question

    In frame 312 (before bullet impact), it seems the First Lady is already reacting to the President in a sheltering sort of action.

    I agree that the subsequent frames clearly show the President’s head is thrown backward by the impact (contrary to the “official Warren Commission analysis”), but why was Jackie turning to JFK in frame 312?

  10. RichO says:

    Tony can you explain the bright white spot on the forehead of the guy sitting in front of Jackie in frame 315?

    • richard says:

      No he can’t but he will cry BS on your comment.

    • tonyheller says:

      Reflection off John Connally’s forehead, facing forwards towards the sun. Not as bright or consistent as the circle on the shaded side of JFK’s head, which formed a very well defined tight circle throughout the sequence.

  11. Ulric Lyons says:

    From 1:04:30, Files claims the photo he is presented with is ‘not the right picture’, yet the damage to the side of the head agrees with frames 313-315.

  12. Robert Bourke says:

    Tony, have you read Bonar Menninger’s book “Mortal Error” which expands the excellent ballistics work of Howard Donahue. The ballistic analysis shows very clearly what probably happened and has never been effectively refuted.

    The other excellent analysis is the cold case review by the Australian detective Colin McLaren called “JFK: The Smoking Gun”. He basically elaborates on Donahue’s ballistics analysis and pieces it together from the perspective of a criminal investigation.

    If these two books were presented as the case for the prosecution I do not think any reasonable person would be left with any doubt about what happened.

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