New Video : Ice Doesn’t Lie – But NASA/NOAA Scientists Do

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  1. Andy DC says:

    Every idiot knows that Primitive Man back in 1940 had no capacity to read a thermometer, let alone the technology to measure temperature!

    By far the most accurate means of measuring temperatures in 1930 or 1940 is for today’s climate scientists to run their climate models backwards. That proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the Dust Bowl never happened and that 20 out of the last 20 years were by far the 20 hottest years on record! Why are you so anti-science?

  2. Misanthropic Marc says:

    Pretty strong, Tony. Good work.

  3. AndyG55 says:

    I don’t know what its like in the USA, but down here in Australia we have had the COLDEST start to November in 49 years…..


    According to news, UK is also set for a very cold November,

    And looking through some news links I found Canada is in a deep freeze as well

    Then apparently US as well

    Anyone know how Europe and Asia are doing ?

    • Markus Specht says:

      In Switzerland the summer and the Autumn were great. In northern Germany it was raining the whole summer and autumn. Usual there are 15 summer-days (more then 26 degrees). This year there were just 6 summer-days. Also the last 5 years in northern Germany was no real summer but this summer was the worst everybody could think of in this region. Switzerland is 1000km more south and here it is more dry and less cloudy the last years then usual. I think the clouds go down earlier because of the cosmic rays. That’s why it is raining and cloudy the whole time in northern Germany.

    • richard verney says:

      It has been about 5 years since we had a really hot summer on the coast in Southern Spain.

      This year, and indeed last year, my pool struggled around the 30/31 degC level, whereas, in July/August, I would expect it to be around 33/34 degC. In really hot summers it gets up to about 36degC.

      Today was quite a sunny day, but there was a real chill in the air, and according to Windows 10 weather app, it was 16degC, some 3 degC cooler than average for this time of year, and looks set that way for the next week. At this time of year, we would normally expect to get some days in the low 20s, not days of around 16degC.

      But this is only weather.

  4. Markus Specht says:

    The 2 Graphs between minute 0:47 and 1:27 has a graph on the top-right-side. Why is the ice volume in 2017 smaller then in 2007? The ice nord-east to Russia is much thicker now so the Volume should also be bigger. The Volume 2003-2007 is above 20 and the volume 2013-2017 is below 20.

  5. richard verney says:


    An excellent video presentation, but in future perhaps you could also incorporate the paper covering the glaciers on Iceland which covers the 3 main glaciers and which shows that most retreat was between the end of the LIA (variably referenced as about 1950 or 1880 depending upon available data) and 1940, and relatively little post 1940 to data. My recollection of the paper was that upwards of 70% of the total linear retreat was prior to 1940 and less than 30% post 1940.

    This is a useful paper and well worth a look.

    High sensitivity of North Iceland (Tröllaskagi) debris-free glaciers to climatic change from the ‘Little Ice Age’ to the present


    The Tröllaskagi peninsula is located in northern Iceland, between meridian 19°30′W and 18°10′W, jutting out into the North Atlantic to latitude 66°12′N. The aim of this research is to study recent glacier changes in relation to climatic evolution of the Gljúfurárjökull and Tungnahryggsjökull debris-free valley glaciers in Tröllaskagi. Glacier extent mapping and spatial analysis operations were performed with ArcGIS (ESRI), using analysis of aerial photographs from 1946, 1985, 1994 and 2000, and a 2005 SPOT satellite image. The results show that these glaciers lost a quarter of their surface area between the ‘Little Ice Age’ and 2005. In this paper, the term ‘Little Ice Age’ follows Grove (2001) as the most recent period when glaciers extended globally between the medieval period and the early 20th century. The abrupt climatic transition of the early 20th century and the 25-year warm period 1925–1950 triggered the main retreat and volume loss of these glaciers since the end of the ‘Little Ice Age’. Meanwhile, cooling during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s altered the trend, with advances of the glacier snouts. Between the ‘Little Ice Age’ and the present day, the mean annual air temperature and mean ablation season air temperature increased by 1.9°C and 1.5°C, respectively, leading to a 40–50 m rise in the equilibrium line altitude (ELA) of the glaciers during this period. The response of these glaciers depends not only on the mean ablation season air temperature evolution but also on other factors such as winter precipitation.

  6. MrZ says:

    Hi Tony!

    Your video is irrelevant because you exclude man-made changes. Please be more careful when there is a major IPCC event going on in parallel next time!!!


    • Markus Specht says:

      I can’t find any argument in your post? It’s like bla bla bla

    • MrZ says:

      I was trying to be funny that things changes everytime there is an ongoing IPCC event. US Navy changed Arctic ice thickness just after Tony produced the video.

      Did not work. Sorry!

      Do you have any use for the DB load files I have?
      You will see from the php script where everything is located. I also handle the complexity of merging information that are split between several flat files. Only drawback is you need PHP and MySQL

      • Markus Specht says:

        ups, sorry I thought you are a hardcore-IPCC. Wow you have this Data from NOAA? Cool. It doesn’t matter in which form the data’s are. The best would be flat files. I work with MSSql. How I could get this files?

        • MrZ says:

          Ha ha 8-)
          I will post a link here when ready so please bookmark it.
          Tony is so active producing new stuff so it’s hard to remember in what thread you said what.
          My wife is upset with me coding on our shared time so it will probably be Monday.
          Bare with me

  7. MrZ says:

    I was posing a link to the scripts and it did not get accepted.
    Tony ok with you?

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