Eight Years Of Falling Sea Level At Manhattan

New York City is suing “big oil” for damages due to imaginary climate change. Sea level has been falling at Manhattan for eight years.


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18 Responses to Eight Years Of Falling Sea Level At Manhattan

  1. feathers says:

    And my god – what if NYC wins? What court will hear the case?

    • feathers says:

      They will make this sound like the 2018 version of “Big Tobacco” and the Commie mayor is banking the future finances of the city on “stacking the judicial deck”.

  2. Freddy Boom-Boom says:

    Would it not be a positive development to have the evidence evaluated in a court of law?

  3. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    Hair on fire headline, “Bike path to Statue of Liberty! Global warming to blame! The Horror!”

  4. arn says:

    This can’t be true-
    according to Mann Manhattan has drowned this year :)

    In case this is correct sueing oil companies would become a huge problem as falling sea level would destroy all their arguments.

    Anyway,it is very very strange that oil companies are sued and not those who use oil and therefore release the co2.
    When i ‘m trying to shoot you.I’ll be sued,not the weapon producer.
    When i hit you with my car.I’ll be sued,not the car producer.

    And it gets really strange when one of the biggest cities in the world,
    which is also one of the biggest users of energy and therefore producers of co2
    is not sueing itself and its citizens –
    especaially those one sitting in their superexpensive mansions(climated and powered with fossil fuels) going to their climated garage using their climated fossil fuel powered limousine,driving to their huge skyscapers(powered and climated by fossil fuels)

    The good thing is:
    less and less people are willing to play this shitty hipocryt game because less and less can afford this fantasie and are no longer willing to freeze
    and being held hostage by a tiny minority of politicians and journalists and celebs who spout the same shit and the 10% of usefull idiots like griff.

  5. CheshireRed says:

    Fossil fuel suppliers should contact the Mayors office and offer to cease supplying NYC with their products and services in 7 days. How would the Mayor react to such an offer? Let his city take its chances with ‘planet-destroying’ fossil fuels at the depths of winter – or cosy up and keep millions alive? We know which route he would take. Case closed.

    • arn says:

      Good idea but that would never happen
      as the center of TPTB in your country is located
      in NY=the Wall Street.
      Just as the Voice of TBTB= New York Times(those who introduce new ‘ideas/trends/realities’ created in think tanks of the supeerich which is then ducplicated by other western news outlets).

      Those people want to keep all the money and comfort:
      “Do what i say,not what i do”
      is the standard of the masters of double standards.

      When you belong to a certain group their standards mean nothing.
      When you do belong to the other group you’ll have to follow their standards like a slave.
      And some people will no longer acceppt those arbitrary and racist good standards.

  6. CheshireRed says:

    ‘without’. Doh!

  7. Latitude says:

    Does this mean if NY wins…..gasoline will be banned in NY?
    Isn’t that what happens when something is damaging to the environment?

    • R2Dtoo says:

      Not in the brave new world. NYC will simply make the oil companies pay for the damages until their life-saving alternative energies kick in. DeBlowhard is a bigger idiot than Kerry – hard to believe isn’t it. Maybe the oil companies can use the first- do- no- harm argument to cut off supplies. NYC would die in a week, and 10m folks would get an instant education on reality. Wait til spring so the poor folks don’t suffer.

  8. Dave Burton says:

    The late Asbury Sallenger wrote about sea-level at New York City back in 2012, when the sea had been sloshing up there. He called it a “hotspot of accelerated sea-level rise.” It got a huge amount of press.

    It was pure poppycock. You can read about it here.

    Here’s what sea-level has done at NYC since then:

    Some “hot spot,” eh?

  9. CO2isLife says:

    Oil Companies Should Stop Supplying New York City

    By cutting off Oil to NYC is will provide the needed motivation for either 1) liberals grow up and start living in the real world or 2) they turn to their friends in the Sierra Club and Rockefeller Foundation to provide a viable alternative. In reality, this war on climate change is nothing more than the Tobacco Settlement 2.0. Liberal organization can’t survive on their own, they require looting of the productive sectors of our economy. Liberals depend upon taxes, donations, contributions, fundraising and lawsuits. They reject the Free Market, so they don’t strive to discover commercially viable solutions to today’s problems, they rely on public campaigns to support looting those industries that actually produce something.

  10. JerseyWhale says:

    Impossible to blame a few oil companies for global warming. If you believe that CO2 warms the planet (I do not), farm animal flatuance also contributes. How about oil companies in China, India, Russia? How can you pick a handful and actually win in court? Precedent would be massive. You could then sue McDonalds for driving heart disease healthcare costs higher thus causing harm to healthcare costs on New York City. Any restaurant for that matter… any provider of meat products because there is a strong correlation between consumption of meat and heart disease. If I were Exxon and the other companies, I would simply stop selling oil and natural gas to New York. Let them try to exist without it.

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