The Start Of The Washingtonian Ice Age

I found this fossil leaf frozen into thick first year ice in the reflecting pool in front of the US Capitol today. People were playing hockey right in front of the Capitol Building.

Washington DC may be having their coldest start to a year on record. I will be able to evaluate that in a few days, but I do know that the first week of 2018 has been much colder than the first week of notoriously cold 1977. The Sun is very quiet, just like it was in 1977.

The only liquid water flowing around DC is that flowing out of thousands of burst pipes around the city.

Climate experts say the cold is due to CO2. Later in the week will be warm, which they will also blame on CO2. But the Sun is setting on their scam. Tomorrow we work on that.

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  1. feathers says:

    Welcome to Washington Tony – don’t go native.

    If you ever do get on your bike, a great ride is west on the C&O canal. 180 miles with zero stops. 8 miles west of the DC/MD line you’ll think you’re in New Hampshire.

  2. Chip Johnson says:

    We already know 2018 will be one of the hottest years on record. As Stalin noted: it’s not the votes, but who counts the votes (temperatures).

    • Ernest Bush says:

      The main reason satellite data is showing so much warmth is because the warmer Arctic and Antarctic winter temperatures are pumping up the global averages. In reality it makes no difference to temperatures in the rest of the world because it is so awesomely cold there with a 5-degree rise. A five-degree rise in the tropical average would certainly be noticed right away. According to Joe Bastardi, not me.

  3. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    Washington DC may be having their coldest start to a year on record…

    but Gavin Schmidt’s adjustments will make sure 2018 is the “Hottest Year Evah!”

  4. AndyOz says:

    Go get them Tony.
    10 years work uncovering the corruption is coming to fruition.
    The climate crooks are leaving the DC swamp in a hurry.

  5. charles nelson says:

    Do you think maybe there will be a Punk Rock Revival?

  6. Axel Horn says:

    The consequences of “America first!”: the USA are getting all the cold!

    • Ernest Bush says:

      People are freezing to death in Northern India because of extreme cold. Same thing is happening in China. Siberia has had temps colder than the Arctic temperature. Parts of the Mediterranean have colder that normal SSTs. We are hardly the first to have record setting low temperatures starting in 2017.

  7. Michael Spencer says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! It will be just AWFUL if your nasty facts get the attention of the POTUS now, wouldn’t it Tony? Just think of the conniptions for Michael E. and Gavin, and dear old Al. I think I might almost feel sorry for them; on the other hand I might not!

    Meanwhile, back in Australia summer heat has set in. It’s called “the weather” you know ……

  8. arn says:

    Indeed co2 is a threat to mankind.

    Since co2 is rising people get dumber and dumber.
    The number of idiots has dramatically increased.
    The number of drug addicts(+death),
    the number of broken families.
    The number of supereducated perverted experts claiming things that does
    not exist((increased sea lev ris,more hurricanes etc))
    or things that are the exact opposite((religion of peace))
    the number of idiotic US presidents has risen dramatically since woodrow wilson sold your country to the banksters(FED) in 1913.
    Around the same time communisms started to turn half of the world into a shithole-
    all this happened when industrialisation and the use of gas@cars became a real big thing.

    This evil co2 may not cause global warming,sea level rise or some other fairy tales but it definitivly turns more and more people into selfhating zombies
    with horrible double standards obsessed with activism far away from reality.
    Even worse-it make people like Gore,Di Caprio and Weaver believe that they are experts.

    But i’ve got good news for you.
    We have 3 more years before we reach the point of no return.
    Donate me all your money( and i’ll save you all.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Hopefully, you accidentally left off the SARC tag. I was under the impression that a progressive takeover of public schools in multiple countries had produced all of the above.

  9. CheshireRed says:

    Full steam ahead on closing down the scam, Tony.
    Trump is in full command with the US economy flying and multiple other pledges being actioned, so despite his opponents best efforts to unseat him he’s now sure to complete his first term.
    Years 2 & 3 are the times to deliver on contentious issues and climate change certainly is contentious. The time to deliver (and hopefully take down the likes of Mann) is fast approaching.

  10. TimA says:

    Was that sunset that vivid in person? Incredible!

  11. gregole says:

    The climate scam is getting old – and it hasn’t aged well causing harm to mankind and nature on an industrial scale.

    Solar and wind are ravaging the environment from the pollution caused in solar mfg to windmills shredding raptors, bats and birds. Not to mention infernal experiments like Ivanhoe; an avian death-factory (

    And no one to my knowledge, has figured out how the enormous tonnage of hardware that goes into wind-turbines, solar farms, and solar incinerators is going to be decommissioned and disposed of.

    What a mess. And man-made doncha know. We did this. To save the planet.

    And the climate scam hurts people – primarily people in poor underdeveloped places lacking access to energy.

    In the developed world, the assault on people continues in Europe with the destruction of their natural resources by the whole-scale construction of wind-turbines and forcing energy prices to skyrocket so that the elderly on pensions, and the poor, freeze to death in the winter after their electricity is cut off.

    I am really amazed so few of us see this scam for what it is. I mean, if it was all harmless, a few crack-pot academics, a few blogs pro, a few blogs con. Arctic ice. Heated discussions. Ho Hum. The entire debate would be, perhaps, mildly amusing. But we are wrecking natural environments, killing wildlife, destroying habitat, ruining people’s lives, impoverishing people, and killing people.

    The scam has to end.

    • gator69 says:


    • Mohatdebos says:

      Hard to end end a scam that is producing billions of dollars for the perpetrators. Check the newspapers or television reports on the current heat wave in Australia. Hardly any mention that it is summer in Australia. As I posted in WUWT, my company has offices in Detroit and Melbourne. It appears that Melbourne has the hottest day of the summer whenever Detroit has the coldest day of the winter.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      You summed up the Progressive agenda admirably.

    • Mark Fife says:

      “But what can it hurt to clean up our emissions?”

      “If we are wrong, no harm no foul. If you are wrong the planet dies.”

      I hear some variation on those two statements all the time. It is maddening. All you have to do is call something “green” and people automatically accept its essential goodness as immutable fact. It is like mass brain washing. Future tyrants and illuminati wanna bees will no doubt study the success of this propaganda campaign. Imagine their joy at learning the techniques that enabled government to mandate people replace their harmless and inexpensive incandescent light bulbs with costly, less functional, potentially hazardous glass bulbs filled with industrial poison while convincing them doing so was a good thing for the planet.

  12. Ernest Bush says:

    @Tony Heller – I keep hoping that your data will eventually show a turn around in global cooling. However, it appears that the signs are increasingly there.

  13. Andy DC says:

    Since New Years, it has been 17-18 degrees below normal in DC. Since Christmas at least 15 degrees below normal. Some moderation this week, but back in the deep freeze next weekend.

  14. Robert B says:

    Was it 1977 when polar bears took a huge hit because of a late spring thaw?

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