Controlling Spies In Salisbury

I travel to Salisbury, UK just about every year. Besides their chemical weapons facility where they exposed thousands of Brits to nerve gas, they have an original copy of the Magna Carta – and possibly the world’s worst traffic light. Driving in from the southeast on the A-36 you can get stuck quite literally for hours at an incredibly badly timed traffic light.  I guess it keeps the Russian spies out.

I got stuck at that light for about an hour last December, and by the time I made it across Salisbury, they were lighting the Christmas tree at Broadchalke.

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11 Responses to Controlling Spies In Salisbury

  1. Filbert Cobb says:

    Thanks for drawing attention to this. It is far worse than you describe. To accommodate the construction traffic at a new McDonalds and Premier Inn development, the traffic lights are frequently re-sequenced to favour the traffic on Milford Mill Road. The result is that traffic southbound backs up beyond the Tesco roundabout towards the College, traffic into and out of the Bourne retail area is trapped. Never mind – when finished the patrons of the two unwanted establishments will have a nice view across the meadows to the sewage treatment works.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      And it’s made worse still by sending vehicles onto A36 west and through the Tesco roundabout on the wrong side of the road. What a mess.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      If you bastards would just walk as your green masters want you to there would be no traffic problem ;-)

  2. arn says:

    I really like the photo.
    Very nice contrasts.

  3. frederik wisse says:

    Here apparently all service was secreted out of existence .

  4. Robertv says:

    I suppose it has still one of those old facial recognition cameras with a 1G connection which needs more time.

    Don’t you use a bicycle when you are there?

    • Robertv says:

      ps. I think you are showing the roundabout which has no traffic lights. It is the intersection with Milford Mill Rd which has traffic lights.

      • Filbert Cobb says:

        The problem is that we give way to the right. There are no right turns across the A36 to premises on the south side – traffic must go to the roundabout and return west to turn left. Both they and traffic exiting the Bourne retail park take priority at the roundabout over A36 traffic westbound. Off image to the right about half a mile, the two-lane A36 from Southampton – the major port on the south coast – converges into one lane. Traffic SNAFU. Thanks to the Council for the Preservation of Rural England, Salisbury does not have a by-pass.

  5. Jeremy Poynton says:

    I know it well. If you want another challenge, you need to go to the other end of Wiltshire and give the Magic Roundabout a go :-).

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