Midwest Having Their Coldest Spring On Record

Today marks halfway through meteorological Spring (March-May) and the US Midwest is having the coldest Spring on record, 22 degrees colder than the Spring of 1910 when CO2 was 300 PPM.

The only other year which came close to this was 1975, when scientists were worried about a new ice age.

Science News March 1, 1975

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

Newsweek April 28. 1975  The Cooling World

The world’s leading climate experts wrote a letter to President Nixon in 1972 warning of a new ice age within a century.


This is the first time the Midwest has had fewer than 10% of days over 60 degrees during the first half of Spring, compared with 1910 when more than two-thirds of days were over 60 degrees.

This will of course not be reported by the mainstream media or told to school children, because it wrecks the global warming agenda.

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23 Responses to Midwest Having Their Coldest Spring On Record

  1. Bob Hoye says:

    This week, there is a headline about Edmonton having the longest run of cold days on record.
    I live in Vancouver.
    I sent the headline to a friend in Calgary with a note:
    “Aren’t you glad you don’t live there?”
    I took a degree in geophysics a long time ago (1962) and it has been fascinating to watch the remarkable accumulation of data. Generally confirming that climate history is periodic.
    Then over the last decade, the advancement of “Cosmic” theory has been the “missing link”. Once the Sun’s energy could be measured, there was not enough variation to explain temperature variation with real climate change.
    Then the promotion about CAGW has been so blatant.
    On the real science side, it has been a privilege to be alive (check) and alert (check) to this part of climate history. The same goes for the unprecedented experiment in authoritarian government.
    Of which, the two main control agents have been the nonsense that a committee can “manage” a national economy. And that another committee can set the temperature of the Earth. The ambition is to provide a “Perfect” economy and a “Perfect” climate.
    Communists were ambitious to create the “Perfect Man”.
    Today’s drive for the “Perfect” economy will be seen to fail with the next recession.
    Recent cooling as it continues will prompt wider and more popular criticism of the “Perfect” climate promotion.
    I’m looking forward to both. But the prospect of actual cooling is daunting. Might have to move to Santa Barbara.

    • arn says:

      a committe CAN manage a national economy:
      They already did it in USSR and China
      The only problem is how it was managed:
      The tens of millions of people who got killed by this management(eg the holdomor etc)

      They also can create the perfect man:
      They already did it.

      The problem is that we non-psychopathic people do not understand what they mean by “the perfect man”.
      They don”t mean perfect in terms of behaviour,moral or ethics
      but perfect in terms of=a state&celebrity worshipping smartphone zombie glued to facebook and instagramm with zero critical thinking skills and addicted to likes,
      just smart enough to do his job((as George Carlin predicted 20 years ago))
      a pathologic buttkisser who acceppts any perversion as long it makes him feel good,tolerant and smart.

      This is the perfect man for them
      (there’a reason why the communist systematically killed the smartest of the Russians.Pol Pot killed everyone with glasses((and in the 60ies he was cheered by the psychopathic french leftist intellectuals when he left france to fullfill his sick plans))

      • Bob Hoye says:

        A key delusion about central planning is the assumption of a national economy. One that can be “managed”.
        No such thing exists. Is Canada’s economy isolated from that of the US? No way.
        Then, let’s look at a remote economy such as Iceland’s. In the financial crisis that started in 2007, Iceland was suddenly not remote at all.
        So one of the foundations of interventionist ambitions does not exist.
        There is another equally important blunder, but I’ll leave to another time.

    • Robert McKenna says:

      Greenland gains 6 million tons of additional ice ? Does Hank Johnson think it’s in danger of tipping over ??

  2. Dave O. says:

    I live in the middle of this and it’s not fun. Warmer is better.

    • Steve Case says:

      Dave O.
      said at 4:25 pm I live in the middle of this and it’s not fun. Warmer is better.

      I’m north of Milwaukee almost to the county line and about 4 miles from Lake Michigan. Lots of wet and sloppy today 4″ maybe? And it’s not done yet.

      My daughter’s 70 miles north in Manitowoc and they are getting clobbered.

      • AndyG55 says:

        But its pleasantly warm and sunny in Europe, apparently :-)

      • Andy DC says:

        Green Bay has received 21.4″ as of their latest reading with unofficial reports in the area up to 29″. Meanwhile, Minneapolis is averaging over 18 degrees below normal since the beginning of April. Probably nothing nearly as cold in the record. This is literally the “Year Without a Spring” in the Midwest.

        This week should continue to average way below normal.

  3. Gord says:

    And if you live near Regina, you can hear what global warming is doing:

    April 16, 2018

    April monthly meeting: The Climate Crisis: Implications and solutions for Saskatchewan and the world
    Starts: 7:30 pm
    Ends: April 16, 2018 – 9:30 pm

    Location: Royal Saskatchewan Museum, 2445 Albert St, Regina, SK S4P 4W7, Canada


    Monday April 16, 7:30:
    In October 2017, Jared Clarke travelled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to attend the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training. During the three day workshop, he learned from seven world class scientists, as well as former Vice President Al Gore about the climate crisis. Now back in Saskatchewan, he has been sharing the message with hundreds of people that we need to act! Join Jared for a presentation that looks at recent events across the globe being caused by climate change and what it means for Saskatchewan’s future. From intensifying storms, increased flooding events, more severe droughts, dwindling glaciers and arctic sea ice, the evidence of climate change is overwhelming. Learn about the solutions at hand and what we as individuals can do.

      • Timo Soren says:

        I don’t think “we” the skeptics should make anything about this man’s immolation.

        Historically, those that do this are radical, religious extremists, not mentally well people. In this case, I don’t expect anything different to be learned about this man.

        “We” are better than the exploitation of the truly weak and troubled mind.

        Mann, Serreze, Amstrup, Derocher, Hayhoe, Gov Moonbeam, etc… are far better targets of our scorn and persistent commentary.

        Leave them to ‘virtue signal’, ‘piously preach’ and hypocritically attempt to lead.

        We should just be PPPP: polite, persistent, professional people.

        Well, getting ‘riled’ up now and again I guess isn’t bad, but I fear a ‘Dean-scream’ moment.

        • R. Shearer says:

          People that do intentionally stupid things like this should be scorned and scrutinized. It’s unlikely to become a fad like eating Tide pods has, but some of the indoctrinated need direction and to be shown the idiocy.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        A leading LGBT+ lawyer and environmental activist used fossil fuels to burn himself to death in New York in a drastic protest against climate catastrophe.

        This is an undeniable proof that fossil fuels kill. It’s notable that the tragedy happened with atmospheric CO2 concentrations above 350 ppmv. Belgian citizen scientists say we should expect millions more to perish.

  4. Timo Soren says:

    Grew up in MN. Remember well the great blizzards of 64 and 66 and 68.
    68 we had a strong winds and dry-moderate snow. 8 ft drifts on the roads around our home. A NE wind pushed a ‘wave drift’ up against my grandparents house and we got in trouble for sliding off the roof down the hill into the windbreak.

    In 68, a straight west wind piled snow on the Northside of our house just shy of the roof line but the entire 80 feet of our Northside garage and house we packed solid with snow. Windows were packed pure white for weeks.

    Winter 75-76 killed 15,000 livestock because of wet, then snow.

    Now in South Dakota and April 15th we have in our backyard 13″ of snow over 30 hours.
    Front yard with more blowing winds only accumulated 11″.

    Outside temp 28, expected to be max and dropping to 16 overnight.
    Monday temps max expected to be 32 then dropping again to the teens over night.

    Hate to say I do enjoy it, but… if we see a regular return to cold winters like the 60’s maybe my crazy green-weather-turned-climate-afraid-of-the-future friends might grow a new neuron and figure something out!

    • Disillusioned says:

      In order to grow that new neuron, they must badly want to become disillusioned. They’ll believe any explanation from the cabal, and the cabal are at it 24/7 with the propaganda headlines and stories. This brainwashing is pervasive and very difficult to break through. I know.

  5. Kodiak says:

    Here in Mpls, MN we have 17 inches of new snow this Sat and Sunday.
    Based on the forecast we will not see 60 degrees for another 10 days.
    Ice-out dates for the local lakes is looking like early May (maybe set some records late Ice out dates)… as under the new snow we have 2 solid feet of Ice.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Minnesota lake ice out is quite a site to behold. Saw video a few years ago of lake ice marching out of the lake, onto yards and into apartment buildings and summer homes.

      • Winnipeg boy says:

        That ice out was a freak event. you need very specific temp and lots of wind to do that.
        It usually happens on larger lakes on the shore directly in the face of the wind.
        It was cool to see though.

    • Brad says:

      17 inches of global warming :P

  6. GW Smith says:

    And from the AGW crowd… crickets.

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