Something Rotten In Denmark

The DMI Greenland melt graph and map seems to be stuck on a few days ago, with the June 8 values being exactly the same as the June 7 values. Joe Bastardi pointed this out yesterday.

However there was almost no melting on June 8.

Meanwhile ice and snow continues to accumulate on Greenland’s surface at a near record rate.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

And sea surface temperatures around Greenland are plummeting.

anomnight.6.7.2018.gif (1174×640)

The bad news keeps piling up for climate alarmists.  Their scam is dying a very rapid death.

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13 Responses to Something Rotten In Denmark

  1. Bob Hoye says:

    Yeah–I saw that bizarre chart yesterday.
    I’ve been thinking that ice cover, ice depth, and Greenland’s mass balance would not be corrupted.
    Sometimes charts of financial items such as interest rates or currencies will have a bad data hit.
    But that melt chart looks suspicious.
    Tony–A few years ago I gave an address to a long-running monetary society in NY. The chair was a former Secretary of the Navy and ambassador to the EU.
    It covers the corruption of the Federal Reserve System and “climate science”, with some amusement. Only 13 minutes, with your permission I would like to post the link.
    You could Google:- Bob Hoye CMRE speech 2014.

    • steve case says:


      I tuned in – a very worthwhile 13 minutes of my time, thank you for posting the directions to find it.

      Best regards,

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      Bob Hoye:
      Very good talk. Thank you for this.
      Age brings wisdom, and in your case bravery as well.

  2. Andy says:

    Considering DMI history it will be worth seeing how this develops. I guess it will restart soon with corrected results .

    Lots of things can go wrong with the data from the sensor onwards, and as not many people on this blog do not pay for DMI to produce and share their info to us enthusiasts, best just to note and see what happens.

    Thanks for posting this Tony.


  3. Johansen says:

    So the Danish are succumbing to the pressure to be storytellers and BS’ers? Historically the great myth tellers are the Icelanders, this is new ground for the Danes. Niels Bohr and Hans Orsted and Tycho Brahe will be gnashing their teeth….

  4. misanthropicMarc says:

    Good video. Thanks Bob. The climate scam is about forcing policy that no rational person would normally accept.

  5. Cam says:

    And they now have the same going for the 9th as well.

  6. GlindaAndElphaba says:

    Is that first chart real?

  7. Joe says:

    Does all that cold water affect the Gulf Stream current?

  8. mwhite says:

    Seems to be cooling in the Barents sea?

    • Caleb says:

      I noticed that cooling in the Barents sea as well.

      Because that map is an anomaly map, all it takes to shift an area from yellow to blue is for the water to warm a little more slowly than usual. For example, if spring sunshine usually warms the water three degrees, and it only warms two degree due to a cloudy pattern, the colors on the map can shift dramatically.

      The blue, backwards “C” in the north Atlantic is the clearest sign of a cold AMO I’ve seen in years and years. It’s not suppose to turn cold for around five more years, so the change is raising my eyebrow.

  9. !You may be a bit generalizing. Could you expand this for me please? :)

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