SCIENCE : Symptoms Of Global Cooling And Global Warming Are Identical

From the global cooling scare, which climatologists now say never happened.

Climatologists now blame recurring droughts and floods on a global cooling trend that could trigger massive tragedies for mankind

  • Chicago Tribune  November 25, 1981

25 Nov 1981, 13 – Chicago Tribune at

Climatologists now say droughts and floods are caused by global warming.

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7 Responses to SCIENCE : Symptoms Of Global Cooling And Global Warming Are Identical

  1. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    There is a 1974 CIA report that reads the same way. Just swap “cooling” for AGW and the papers are for all intents and purposes identical:

    Also, I discovered this a few days ago. The formal position of the Russian climatologists on AGW:


    Power Point Presentation:

    Take a look at the graphs in the second part of the ppt, about the science, they are almost identical to yours!

    Putin’s original intent was not to get Russia involved in the anti-AGW movements as they felt the science was fraudulent, but only relented when the G7 tied the issue to Russia being invited to join the World Trade Organization.

    • arn says:

      It is obvious that the plan of the deep state
      to create a world wide tax (and guilt)
      already existed long before AGW was started,
      as all tools of manipulation by fear and guilt already existed long time before
      Global Warming was a thing.

      They simply changed the title of the script and changed a
      the black boogeyman for the white boogey but the story
      remained the same.

      How shameless they are can be seen that between the chicago tribune article and the start of AGW less than 7 years have passed to get from one extreme to another.
      (simliar to Noriega and Saddam who were best friends of the USA until
      the official truth was changed into the opposite)

      And i am still missing this amazing breakthrough in climate science that
      turned everything upside down.
      Who was the genius that discovered the amazing heating abilities
      of co2?
      When exactly was this ‘discovery’ made between 1981 and 1988.
      (realistically it can’t be after 1984 as every discovery need several years
      to be acceppted,go mainstrean&become even part of (inter)national politics)
      Where are the documented arguments between the ice age fanboys
      and the AGW cult
      as an established way of thinking never gives in without a fight?
      How the hell could we go from one extreme to another though every option in between is far more likely(moderate AGW,weaker ice age etc etc). than an extreme.

      Why the hell it is always the USA dictating and discovering what others have to tolerate think or believe.
      No matter wether ice age,AGW,religion of peace,gay marriage etc etc-
      all those realities are made in USA and spread all around the world.

  2. Johansen says:

    The above Chicago Tribune piece is fear-mongering racism to the core. It is playing on white fears of “third world” peoples overtaking them. The “food supply” has never really been the problem; inefficient central-planned economics and disrupted *distribution* have always been the problem with food supply

  3. MrZ says:

    Everything beyond normal is dangerous and we MUST stop causing it!
    Please remind me, what is a normal climate? So I can act.

  4. Gator says:

    Thank God we have politicians, musicians, and Hollywood actors to explain to us which is currently happening! I mean, because clearly, scientists do not have a clue.

    • Gator says:

      Oh, and ignorant trolls! I forgot to mention the ignorant parroting anti-human trolls that know everything…

    • Dennisa says:

      “clearly, scientists do not have a clue.”

      Yes, you are correct, although they hide the major uncertaintities and state that “the science” is settled and unequivocal.

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