Five Moons

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8 Responses to Five Moons

  1. gregole says:

    Jupiter’s moons – nice.

  2. Chauncey Chapman III says:

    With your Nikon P1000?

  3. Al Shelton says:

    Jeez Tony Your pic of the moon exposed the alien base… ;^D

  4. arn says:

    First Trump created this hurricane and now he stole 3/4 of the moon.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    Yes, especially neat to get the major Jupiter moons.

  6. sol says:

    Nice shots! What equipment?

  7. Nice shots and video. My P520 is getting well worn after taking tens of thousands of photos with it since 2014 (mostly nature and landscape photos), so I checked the price tag on the P1000. Unfortunately, being retired with a daughter only half way through college, I will be hanging onto the P520 for awhile longer provided it keeps working.

  8. Pops says:

    I wonder if you’ve considered trying the super-resolution trick using Photoshop on multiple shots of Jupiter and its moons…

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