September 9, 1900 – America’s Deadliest Natural Disaster

On this date in 1900, Galveston Texas was destroyed by a category 4 hurricane, which killed ten thousand people.

09 Sep 1900, 7 – Great Falls Tribune at        

The Weather Bureau issued warnings which were heeded by people on the water, but apparently the threat to land wasn’t as clear.

11 Oct 1900, 7 – The Marion Star at

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13 Responses to September 9, 1900 – America’s Deadliest Natural Disaster

  1. Gator says:

    Put Mueller on the case, this was obviously orchestrated by Trump and the Russians.

    • RAH says:

      If the left loses the midterms a whole lot of crap is going to fall on a lot of nasty slime monsters from the swamp involved in this attempted nonviolent coup. Please let it happen.

      • AndyDC says:

        Agreed! Perhaps the most important mid-term elections in history. The choice is either MAGA and draining the swamp, or two more years of obstruction and fake investigations. Not to mention an inevitable impeachment circus.

  2. RAH says:

    Thankfully it doesn’t look like Isaac is going to be that kind of threat if it survives to make it into the Gulf.

  3. Pathway says:

    How did they rebuild without FEMA?

  4. Wise Guy says:

    Thank you so much for posting both halves of the stereo photo of the devastation of Galveston. I am big stereo photographer and stereo photography fan, and am thrilled that such a talented 2D photographer, such as yourself, has an appreciation of stereo photography.

    • RAH says:

      The clarity of detail in some of the stereo stereographs that Gardner, Brady, Gutekunst and later Sullivan took at the Gettysburg battlefield is astounding.

      Though the studies of the dead are informative, the real jewels in my opinion are those that show specific locations and structures and the panoramas of field as it was back then. I have every one of William Frassanito’s books. In fact, I scoured the battlefield carrying his first, ‘A Journey in Time’, and found the locations of all the photographs that have been located plus one that had not.

  5. Psalmon says:

    So we are bound to hear how Global Warming caused the “new normal” hurricane Florence which will be an “unprecedented” Category 7.9 decibels with winds of 0.97 Mach, requiring an SPF of 2,000.

    All this will be attributed to “unusually warm water” near the US East Coast.

    So before that happens, here is the latest…yes warm near US East Coast…but most of the North Atlantic has turned colder than normal…and Florence was born in that colder than normal water…

    Oh and by the way that warm water at the south end of Hudson’s Bay…that has Global Warming fingerprints all over it…

  6. Phil. says:

    I would have said that the Mexico City earthquake, 1985 was America’s deadliest natural disaster.

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