Twenty Years Of Arizona Seaside Living

Because, science.

04 Mar 1981, Page 71 – Arizona Republic at

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  1. Anon says:

    On that note, there is some bad news from the newly assembling Antarctic communities,
    as per:

    Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica

    Now this:

    Antarctic scientist ‘stabbed colleague on remote research station because he kept telling him the endings of books’

    It is believed to be the first time a man has been charged with attempted murder in Antarctica.

    The guy had to be transported out, as the jail facilities are under construction… but as 3.5 million are due to arrive I think we can expect a lot more of this.

  2. Anon says:

    Totos under attack now:

    Environmentalists: To Save The World, Dump Your Pets

    Your dog is responsible for global warming.

    According to a study out Monday on global climate change, your dog (or your cat) is probably killing the environment, and if you want to stem the tide of global warming, it’s time to say “good-bye” to Fido and Fluffy.

    • arn says:

      I still wonder how this planet survived all those trillions of dinosaurs
      that “created” trillions of tons of oil that can be found these days?

      (btw- it would be funny to Trigger them with a
      “OK-let#s first kill all those
      feral animals on earth to save our climate”

    • Rah says:

      Meanwhile on TV the SPCA has commercials all over the place asking for people to give $19.00 a month to help stop the suffering of mistreated dogs and cats.

  3. Robertv says:

    Queen – Seaside Rendezvous

  4. Rosco says:

    I saw a Rockford Files episode where someone was selling waterfront land in the desert.

  5. Steven Fraser says:

    call me when the Baja is separated from the rest of Mexico, and Interstate 8 is under water. Both of those would happen before the ocean reaches Arizona, unless, of course, you dig a nice trench where the Colorado is.

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