Don’t Be A Conspiracy Theorist

If you control the language, you control the argument
If you control the argument, you control information
If you control information, you control history
If you control history, you control the past
He who controls the past controls the future.

– George Orwell 1984

Socialists would never create an army of useful idiots to unwittingly help them commit genocide. And later they would never attempt to rewrite the affiliation of the people who did it. That is just conspiracy theory.

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11 Responses to Don’t Be A Conspiracy Theorist

  1. steve case says:

    I love that Orwell quote.

    Also when George Orwell wrote “Animal Farm” he chose the windmill to represent the boondoggles that oppressive governments promote in order to create an appearance of progress.

  2. To this day lay socialists swear the nazis “aren’t really” socialist, and religious conservatives swear the nazis “aren’t really” christian. Yet both sides of the mixed-economy swath view freedom as something divisible. Totalitarians do not see freedom as divisible and work toward another Enabling Act Anschluss uniting the coercive “left” and the coercive “right” into their square of the Nolan chart. Libertarians urge the left&right to stop trying to divide freedom and shun coercion instead.

  3. UKjohn says:

    I find it amazing the way it is now a mainstream belief that Germany’s National Socialists( the name alone should tell you something) were right wingers. Similarly Italy’s Fascists were socialists. Mussolini was a leading socialist but broke away to form the Fascist party. His claim was that the Fascist party would work with business corporations so distancing himself from the Socialist party he had been a leader of. The pledge to work with corporations was due to all bad news coming from Russia after the Bolsheviks seized power and confiscated all businesses. Of course after he came to power all corporations were soon brought to heel.
    Modern day Antifa don’t have the brains to realize it but they are just modern day Blackshirts.

    • Disillusioned says:


    • rah says:

      Actually they’re the Brown Shirts. The first, which when and if they become to powerful, will be eliminated by the Black Shirts.

    • arn says:

      You should have mentioned that Mussolini never stopped to be a socialist –
      he just turned from international cultureless socialism to national cultural socialism.
      (even his first name was a tribute to a mexican socialist)
      It can be seen by how he even defined fascism(the unification of corporations and state)
      =this is 100% what happened in all communist/socialist countries.

      But the neomarxist who controle media succefully convinced people that they are completely different which is not the case.
      The only real difference is that the national socialist use local culture and identity to unite the people,
      the international ones use the hate(this is the only thing that unites them)towards the class enemy(devil) and the utopia(paradise) to unite them.
      They even have a hell(AGW) and Satan(Hitler=you are like him if you are not like us) that unites them and makes them feel morally and intellectually superior.

    • Robertv says:


      Deutsche Arbeiterpartei =German Workers’ Party

      • Robertv says:

        But I don’t care what it is called but when the State controls all facets of your life it is Totalitarianism = NO freedom = Big Government = Form 1040

  4. MuzzyDave says:

    Ol’ George missed a couple:
    If you control the money, you control the language.
    He who controls the future controls the money.

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