Comparison Of The January 1896 Heatwave At Bourke, NSW With This Year

January 1-19, 1896 averaged 2C hotter than this year at Bourke, NSW.


The number of 100F (38C) days at Bourke plummeted from 1880 until the station shut down in 1996.

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4 Responses to Comparison Of The January 1896 Heatwave At Bourke, NSW With This Year

  1. John of Cloverdale, Western Australia says:

    Jo Nova has an old post on her website, comparing the 2009 SE Australian Heatwave to the 1896 Heatwave. She also mentions it was a hot year worldwide:
    “Later in 1896, heat waves also occurred in India, Burma, Borneo, America. (It was bad in New York. Listen here.) There was heat in England, Germany and Spain. 1896 was an example of extreme weather. [It was obviously the fault of the evil power stations, eh? Just 14 years earlier, Edison had built the first coal-fired electric generating station. If only people had understood just how dangerous it was. ;-) – Jo]”

    • garyh845 says:

      NWS [US] says that the record high temp – 103 – for the month of May, in Los Angeles, set on May 25 1896 is still standing.

  2. Hivemind says:

    I thought Bourke was meant to be an all-time highest record?

  3. Russell says:

    Jo Nova has some interesting info on her website regarding Australia’s BoM,

    ”Record temperatures, maximum and minimum temperatures, and monthly, seasonal, and annual analyses are based not on daily values but on ONE SECOND VALUES”.

    After a FOI request Australia’s BoM admitted they destroy the historic climate data as routine practice. The scandals are aplenty at the BoM, caught erasing cold temperatures, rounding up hot temps, they even acknowledged they have put in place limits on the lowest temperature that an individual weather station could record, -10 deg.

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