Tebow 1 – Leftists 0

The @Broncos also got on one knee, and lost almost every game since

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3 Responses to Tebow 1 – Leftists 0

  1. misanthropicMarc says:

    BAM! Great meme, Tony. Nailed it, dude!!!!

  2. paul courtney says:

    And didn’t the players rally ’round Tim Tebow when the NFL Kapernicked him for being too Christian? All he did was beat the Steelers in a playoff game.

  3. rah says:

    “95 Percent of NFL Defensive Players Say Colin Kaepernick Should Be in the League”

    100% of owners, managers, and coaches indicate they don’t want the distraction Kaepernick would bring to their teams by not hiring him. And THAT is what counts. This isn’t rocket science. The management wants money and the coaches want to win games and neither want anymore distractions from those goals than there already is. Kaepernick’s talent is not sufficient to make up for the distraction from the goal of winning games and making money that he would bring with him.

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