Latest Pictures

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  1. arn says:

    That kestrel got so used to be photographed
    that it now looks straight in the cam.

  2. CBrianB says:

    I really enjoy your site especially the beautiful pictures. I am almost ready to pony up for a P1000. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind. Do you have rock steady arms and hands or do you use a monopod / tripod when shooting? Are there any down sides to the P1000 that you have noticed that might lead to buyers regret? Thanks.

    • tonyheller says:

      The P1000 has pretty good stabilization – which actually is bad for someone with steady hands like myself. It frequently takes the pictures off center from what I was looking at. The down side of the camera is that it is large and heavy. It also is very slow coming out of sleep mode, which it goes into very quickly.

  3. rah says:

    here you go. Webcam video of a red tail challenging a Great Horned Owl for an abandoned nest. Guess who wins.

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