The Frozen United States

The last two afternoons were both the second coldest on record for the date in Boulder.

The cold is forecast to shift east over the next week, with temperatures well below 0F (-18C)

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

Illinois has never had an afternoon below 0F between February 18 and December 10.

Afternoons below 0F were not unusual in Illinois prior to 1940, but they nearly disappeared during the 1940s and 1950s. They became quite common during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, but then disappeared for a few years after the year 2000. Over the past few years very cold afternoons have started becoming common again.

Afternoon temperatures have declined in the Midwest since the 19th century, with 2014 being the coolest on record.

There hasn’t been much of a trend in the frequency of cold nights, but during 2014 one night out of four was below 20F in the Midwest.

The frequency of hot afternoons has plummeted in the Midwest since the 19th century, with recent summers being the coolest on record.

Meanwhile, the New York Times continues their spectacular lies about the climate, claiming that hot days are increasing in the Midwest and across the country.

How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born? – The New York Times

It’s Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter. – The New York Times

The exact opposite is true, which is normally the case for New York Times reporting.

The New York Times is quite openly attempting to induce panic with their climate lies, which begs the question – what is their agenda?  Historically the big lie has been the predecessor to genocide. Who is funding and directing this fraud?

NYT Opinion on Twitter: “Panic might seem counterproductive,

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17 Responses to The Frozen United States

  1. Bob says:

    “Historically the big lie has been the predecessor to genocide.”

    For those skeptics who may not be as familiar with history, and our naturally skeptical, can you cite some examples please?

    • pete says:

      Walter Duranty telling the world there was no famine in the Ukraine:

      While the famine was raging, he wrote in the pages of The New York Times that “any report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda”, and that “there is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation, but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition.”

      Only 6 to 7 million people died of starvation…

  2. R Shearer says:

    Sorry. Cory Booker says you can’t eat meet or cheese unless it’s a penis.

  3. Mr GrimNasty says:

    It’s just a good demonstration that the energy in the atmosphere is wildly unevenly distributed.

    February in the UK (and much of Europe) has been llike spring. 18C is forecast in the coming days. Nearly every day has been what we would expect in April/May.

    • Gator says:

      It’s just a good demonstration that the energy in the atmosphere is wildly unevenly distributed.

      Don’t be absurd! CO2 is a well mixed gas.

    • Sara Hall says:

      But it dips to freezing every night.

    • rah says:

      The vast majority of the energy in the atmosphere originates in the tropics. The band on earth that receives the most insolation. The place where the sun beats down on the oceans with the most intensity the most hours of each day.

  4. rah says:

    If Trump doesn’t win in 2020 in a landslide I’m afraid that the United States as we have known it is doomed. The sheer lunacy of the democrats has been on display for all to see. Their candidates compete to see who can say the looniest leftist things.
    The total bias of the legacy media is undeniable. They remind me of a mindless mob as they rush from one false story to another hell bent on destroying anyone that may support Trump or wears a MAGA hat based on no more than the blathering of idiots on social media. These people are mentally ill.

    • AndyDC says:

      Yes, now they are again coming down full force on the innocent kid Nick Sandmann because he had the utter audacity to wear a MAGA hat (how dare he support our President!) and also smile while some imbecile is beating a drum in his face.

      • rah says:

        I am finding it very difficult not to become as intolerant and hateful towards them as they are towards me, the POTUS I helped elect, and the country I Love.

  5. rah says:

    How come whenever I see Brian Stelter I think of the rape scene in the movie ‘Deliverance’?

  6. Sara Hall says:

    But it dips to freezing every night.

  7. Psalmon says:

    Great Lakes ice coverage thru this week was a bit over 60%, about equal to 40 years ago.

    Two of the highest coverages during this week occurred in the last six years.

    Looking at the horizon…bitter cold air is forecast to invade the eastern US thru Early March. Superior, Huron will definitely ice over. Michigan is always tough but cold so it may have a chance over three weeks of intense cold.

    If anyone would like, I have five good recipes for Groundhog (who predicted an early Spring).

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