Declining March 23 Temperatures In The Great Lakes States

On this date in 1907, Portsmouth, Ohio was 96 degrees. Great Lakes States March 23 afternoon temperatures have declined nearly two degrees since the 19th century.

On this date in 1910, the average maximum temperature in the US was 73 degrees, at least twenty degrees warmer than this year.

Warm March 23rds were quite common in the US before the year 1940. They rarely happen any more.

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4 Responses to Declining March 23 Temperatures In The Great Lakes States

  1. GW Smith says:

    The left is going to hate you for this, Tony!

  2. Jimmy Haigh says:

    I don’t think Tony will lose any sleep over it!

  3. DM says:

    Similarly, 4200 miles east, winter temperatures are also trending downwards. Plants confirm the cooling trend. Blooms appear later & later each year. See:

    Might mann made global warming be a figment of mann’s imagination?

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