Latest News From The Banana Republic

In 2008 and 2012, US voters elected a third world mentality banana republic thug.  The consequences continue.

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  1. DCA says:

    “…they continue to look for new ways to steal elections.”

    How about flooding the country with undocumented Democrats? How about allowing felons to vote? How about giving the vote to 16 year olds?

  2. rah says:

    Tucker Carlson nails it: ‘The People on TV Have Been Lying to You”

    Of course it goes much much deeper than that. And of course the sane know all of that. The question is how many of the democrats and their supporters are actually sane?

  3. arn says:

    Everyone with 2 braincells new that this was a nothingburger from the very beginning as it worked the same way AGW does.

    A coordinated hype from all sides(MSM,politicians,celebs etc)
    while in fact nothing has happened.

    But that’s not even the real problem.
    The real problem is the idiots who won’t learn a thing.
    First they cried conspiracy theorist when one pointed out that this was just a coordinated smear campaign with zero substance-
    and now that it turned out to be BS
    they don’t even ask:”How is it possible that MSM and politicians and even secret services were able to push this BS for 2 years when they have nothing to show?”.

    (now i guess many people realise why Pelosi said several days ago that democrats wipp no longer impeach Trump)

    Every lie has its expiration date,some last 2 years,others 3 decades.

  4. rah says:

    This really is funny as hell. The Democrat and never Trumper (but I repeat myself) world has come crashing down around their ears. Rachel Madcow crying on air. Adam Schiff vows to subpoena Muller (which any numbskull should no is the LAST thing he should do). John Lewis declaring “impeachment is still inevitable”. Joy Reid and Chris Matthews wondering if there is a cover up! And then there are the twitter chucks like this one:

    And I suspect the best is yet to come on several fronts. We will never see Hilary or Obama or any of the top echelon that started this crap locked up, but I suspect that some of those once at the FBI that should be, will be, or at the very least face serious charges once the IG gets done.

    Just imagine the cries if ole Ruth picked this time to kick the bucket and open a SCOTUS seat to a Trump nominee.

  5. GW Smith says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how blatantly corrupt the democrats are. They don’t even care who sees them acting this way!

  6. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    Maher: “Did the Democrats put too much trust in the Mueller Report?”
    Did the gangsters put too much trust in their hit-man?

  7. rah says:

    I have to say that watching the heads explode all over the media, democrat, and never Trump (but I repeat myself) world is quite enjoyable. It is obvious that despite having absolutely no probable cause to continue investigating this POTUS they are determined to keep digging and just as obvious that the hole is collapsing on them and they’re going to get buried. Their visceral debasing hate for Trump will be their downfall in 2020. All of their prospective presidential candidates are running so hard and far left in order to try and win the nomination it will be impossible for the primary winner to shift back closer to the center. Today with the release of the Muller report I think we saw a pivotal event that goes a long way in determining the election outcome in 2020.

    The understanding of this layman is that what the democrats are demanding is for the release of ALL the supporting documentation of the Muller Report to be made public and that is most likely not possible legally, ethically, or for national security reasons. Persons that are brought before a Grand Jury but not indicted, and there were many of them in this case, cannot ethically or legally have the transcripts of their testimony and the Grand Jury deliberations made public. The Grand Jury testimony remains secret for them because they appear without council and can be asked ANYTHING about ANYTHING including their most personal intimate details. They can also be compelled to speculate and express personal opinions. Divulging such materials would be a clear violation of that persons rights under the 4th and potentially the 5th amendment. Chuck Schumer and the rest of the democrats understand this very well but still demand to have such materials because they know most of the public don’t know this.

    Personally I want the democrats to keep digging. I want the corrupt AG and prosecutors of NY to keep “investigating”. In short I want the democrats to keep trying to tear this country apart by persecuting this president and his family and associates because I believe in the long run they will pay a heavy price for what they have done and most likely continue to do.

  8. feathers says:

    Doesn’t the Southern New York DA report to AG Barr? I don’t think they’ll get very far, he seems like a no nonsense type to me.

  9. Tom Abbott says:

    The Democrats will continue to try to get something on Trump or at the least, imply that Trump has done something wrong.

    The Democrats are claiming they want “full” disclosure, which is not going to happen because of security and constitutional issues, but that will just give the Democrats an excuse to claim that pertinent, damning evidence is being withheld from the public.

    This won’t end until the Democrats are thrashed in the 2020 elections.

    Now that Trump no longer has this Mueller investigation hanging over his head, he should set about declassifying all the documents that Congress has requested from the Executive Branch over the last ten years. Shine the light on what has been going on for the last ten years.

    Prior to this Mueller investigation wrapping up, Trump would have been accused of interfering in the investigation if he had declassified documents. That’s over now.

    The corrupt officials in the Obama administration who ochestrated this coup attempt, didn’t come up with this idea on their own. They were following orders from higher up. Somebody coordinated this effort across numerous Exexcutive Branch departments.

    Now is the time to go after the “Higher Ups” and Trump declassifying the last ten years of Congressional requests will go a long ways towards exposing the criminals who tried to overthrow the U.S. government and a duly elected President using the power of the State.

    We can’t allow this sedition to stand. If we do, then the next dishonest Democrat that gets in Office will use the power of the State to make sure his ideology controls the presidency from now on.

    We got lucky this time. Had Hillary won we would never know about the criminality of the Obama administration. And had Hillary gotten into power, there is no doubt in my mind that our Republic would be lost to the Socialist Elites who would see to it that conservatives never gained power again. They were almost successful.

    Somebody needs to go to jail to give an example to future generations that they shouldn’t do this.

    • rah says:

      I agree, but unfortunately anyone that thinks that Hillary or Obama or even Loretta Lynch are going to see the inside of a jail cell are going to be very disappointed.

  10. Tom Abbott says:

    Obama and Hillary won’t go to jail, but exposing them for the criminals they are, would be second best. I’ll settle for that. We might be able to fine Hillary enough to make her poor.

    Loretta Lynch may be a different story. I want to know about her and Bill Clinton’s meeting right before Hillary was exonerated by Comey. I want to know why Attorney General Lynch allowed Comey to usurp her authority. It’s the Attorney General who says whether someone is prosecuted or not, not the FBI Director, who is her subordinate. I know why. She took the opportunity to pass the buck. She was grateful Comey took the lead. Another question is did Comey take the lead on his own, or did someone tell him to take the lead?

    I have lots of questions. :)

    I want to know more about Mueller’s involvement in the sale of U.S. uranium to the Russians. As far as I can tell, Mueller knew this was a criminal enterprise, yet he signed off on it, and Hillary Clinton and others got millions of dollars right after the deal went through.

    Mueller, who was head of the FBI at the time, even had an FBI informant right in the middle of this operation who documented and recorded the principal actors in this criminal activity, and Mueller had all that information available to him. So why did he sign off on it? Hillary is the one who made all the money on this deal.

    Trump needs to declassify everything he can that relates to this kind of criminality over the last ten years. Let the chips fall where they may.

  11. rah says:

    Mark Levin weighs in. Worth every second of the time to watch it.

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