The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

The Russians are Coming. The Russians are Coming

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  1. Wan Wei Lin says:

    One of my favorite movies!

    • GeologyJim says:

      “Eh-mehr-gin-cee! Eh-mehr-gin-cee!
      Everybody to get from streets!!”

      What a howler! Love that film.

      “The Mouse That Roared” was based on the same premise of a pipsqueak “invading force” that arrived in New York on the day of a nuclear bomb drill and encountered no resistance.

      Americans need to reject the media version of our “enemies” (racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobe, knuckle dragging misogynists, etc.).

      The real enemies are in our faces: illegal immigrants, liberals, activist judges, liberals, Green New Deal socialists, liberals, gender-fluid activists, liberals, abortion-at-any-time activists, liberals, social justice warriors, liberals, climate-change alarmists, liberals, Jihadists, liberals, renewable energy activists, liberals, athiests, liberals, … you get the drift.

  2. rah says:

    Well Meathead is right in a way! He’s one of them. A whole bunch of reds in congress, the legacy media is dominated by them, and let us not forget that former CIA director Brennen voted for the Communist Party candidate in 1976.

    The legacy media, democrats, and the likes of Meathead and Brennen have done and are doing far more damage to the United States than Putin or Xi Jinping or any outside enemy of the could have ever dreamed of doing.

    I hear that CNN and MSNB’s ratings are crashing. They can’t go low enough for me.

  3. scott allen says:

    “Trump colluded with Russia. He did it in plain sight”

    If he did it in plain sight, yet Mueller couldn’t find it. Either Rob is an idiot or Mueller is, as with Adam Schiff who said he has evidence yet have failed to produce it, isn’t he guilty of obstruction by not turning the information over to the special council.

    • arn says:

      He did it in such plain sight
      that Rob Reiner has zero facts to prove what he claims except parrotting the same nonsense thousand journalists have said a million times with zero evidence.

      But we have to understand:
      Rob Reiner is one of those who looked away when Weinstein raped in plain sight for many years(and i guarant you Reiner is such a disgusting hypocrit who still dare to call himself an advocate for female rights and feminism).

  4. Menicholas says:

    Life imitates art.
    Meathead is fulfilling the Bunker Prophesy.

  5. Johansen says:

    “…he did it in plain sight”
    I think he’s referring to Trumps “Russia find Hillory’s emails” quip, which, along with “She would be in jail” and “lock her up” is the high point of presidential campaigning in American history. It will be 100 years before another presidential candidate comes along that can match this guy’s humor.

    • rah says:

      In the history of the US Government no POTUS has faced such a tremendous resistance from elements within his own administration combined in alliance with the opposing political party. Only the stresses of personal and professional attacks experienced by Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and perhaps Andrew Johnson, can be compared to the partisan/ideological resistance this POTUS has had to endure. And none of those faced a preorganized and initiated internal coup supported by the general press that Trump has defeated. The scheme to remove this POTUS started BEFORE he took office and there is no example in the history of this government that compares to that. Not even the assassination schemes that Lincoln faced in his earliest days in office were hatched before he was elected.

      • Johansen says:

        I’m still reading your WWII history book, RAH, a few pages at a time. Very interesting. I can only stand being depressed a little at a time.

        • Dan Kurt says:

          re: “I’m still reading your WWII history book, RAH, a few pages at a time. ” Johansen

          Do you mean V. D. Hanson’s The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won;.

          Dan Kurt

          • Johansen says:

            No, Dan, this one is “The history buff’s guide to WWII” by Flagel. Around 350 pp, full of interesting, little known facts.

        • rah says:

          I just bought the Kindle versions 12 different US Army Green Books. Those books, each describing the tactical and strategic details of a battle or campaign, are official US Army histories. These books are really only for those that already have some knowledge of military science and history and some familiarity with the Order of Battle of the campaign nor battle that is the subject.

          The great thing is that at Amazon each Green Book is only $1.50 and there is a whole lot of reading and information in each one.

          On the downside the Kindle versions are not conducive to using the maps that are in the annexes and are essential to follow the action. But for a person that has long studied WW II that is not a problem because they will already have the maps in other references. The official ones that include topography.

          The Green Books are not light reading and the one I am just now finishing up is probably the most difficult to digest. It chronicles the Normandy campaign in the tough Bocage and the breakout. During that time things were so fluid that Divisions were constantly being shuffled from one Corp to another and even Corp were being shuffled between the two US Armies (the 1st and 3rd) involved. At the same time the Order of Battle was being shuffled even more frequently and dramatically on the German side. And at the same time mission orders for the units on both sides were changing frequently and many times on both sides unit commanders received conflicting orders from various HQ. So it becomes quite a chore to keep track of who is commanding and doing what at times.

          Anyway when one is reading about the tough fighting and sacrifices made in Bocage and later during the breakout one cannot help but reflect on the way the people today of Europe and the US are frittering away the liberty so many sacrificed for. And that does get depressing at first and then just pisses me off more.

  6. Mohatdebos says:

    Consistency is not the strong suit for MSM. In the spring of 2017, as the Russian collusion hysteria was first exploding in the media, NYT and WPO both reported that during the transition in December 2016 Trump personally commissioned Jared Kushner to set up a so-called backchannel to Putin. But if the story was true, it was rather conclusive evidence that a Trump to Putin collusion channel never existed prior to that time. This aspect of the story apparently never dawned on NYT or WPO.

  7. David A says:

    There is 0 evidence. The FBI pulled strings so a banned from the USA attorney from Russia could come in and try a sting on the Trump admin. She let with the firm hired by HRC doing research for the FBI, both before and after the meeting at Trump tower. Nobody from Trumps camp bit.

  8. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    “He did it in plain sight” = verbal diarrhoea. Does he even realise what he has said? Words have meanings.

    “I don’t know what you mean by ‘in plain sight’, ” Alice said.
    Meathead smiled contemptuously. “Of course you don’t—till I tell you. I meant ‘there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!’ ”
    “But ‘in plain sight’ doesn’t mean ‘a nice knock-down argument’,” Alice objected.
    “When I use a word,” Meathead said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

  9. rah says:

    A fundamental truth expressed in a simple graph.

  10. rah says:

    Runs this week. After a very tough week last week this one was light. A single run down to the Nissan plant in Canton, MS and back. I pass over the Mississippi river twice on each leg. The first place is where I-57 crosses between IL and MO. The second is where I-55 crosses between AR and TN. Both places old man river is way up though I have seen it higher.

    I had to get pretty adamant to protect my CDL this time. Before I get into my rant I should say that one big reason I have driven for the company I do for the last 11+ years and stuck with them through thick and thin is because their equipment and maintenance programs are excellent. Now for the story.

    The trailer I was to pull down to Canton is not a trailer from the company I work for but the trailer from another company. The company I work for helped Nissan figure out a severe and complex logistics problem and at one time Nissan was it’s largest single account. Over the years though Nissan has proven to be less than an honest business partner and so the company I work for has been gradually phasing out their trucking operations for that company. The way this is done is that when contracts for batches of runs come up the company I work for is bidding high and thus more often than not loses the runs to another business. This is planned because they are basing their bids on what they know they can make using their assets doing business with other accounts.

    But the problem is the company has to workout the most cost effective method of recovering their trailers. So the trailer I was to pull down to Canton was from the trucking company which won the bid and the trailer I would bring back would be one from my company. Transitioning this way is cost effective for both the new company taking over the account and the company I work for that is dropping the account.

    When I hooked to that loaded trailer from the other company I found two tires that had been flat spotted and were out of compliance on tread depth. I took it to the express bay of our garage. It was 08:00 and the guy that would make the decision on how to handle it was not in yet so the mechanics could do nothing until he showed up.

    When he showed up he came out and looked and then got on the phone then he looked at me and said “pull it”! Nobody is going to force me to pull a noncompliant trailer and I got pissed! It is MY decision if I will pull a trailer that is not compliant because it is MY money and CSA score that is on the line. Not a supervisor from the garage or from dispatch has the authority to order me to do so. I have pulled an noncompliant trailer many times before. It is a judgment call. But this time I knew something they didn’t. The Missouri weigh station on I-57 south has been posting a DOT officer right at the scale looking over the rigs as they come through and pulling those he see’s something wrong in for a formal inspection. I got pissed because this guy acted like he had the authority to order me to pull it and when I called him on it he claimed he was just repeating what my dispatch supervisor had said. He also said he had been a driver and he would have pulled that trailer to California. I told him I wasn’t pulling anywhere but out of this express bay and onto the lot before those tires were replaced.

    They finally called the company that owned the trailer and that company sent out a local tire service and they changed the tires and I pulled the trailer down to Canton.

    The thing is a motivated driver new to the business and not knowing any better and wanting to do a good job would probably have taken off with that trailer based on the word of that garage supervisor and that is just wrong!

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Experience, judgment and self-confidence.

      • rah says:

        Just an old fart that ain’t taking shit from any of them. Fact is if I walked off I could be driving for Walmart next week making as much or more than I am now with somewhat better benefits and working on a regular programed schedule where I would know exactly what I would be doing for the whole week before the work week started.

      • rah says:

        BTW my truck is still governed at 65 mph for Canadian runs. It is 705 miles one way to Canton, MS from the terminal in Anderson, IN. I had 11 hours driving time to make it. I made it going down with 13 minutes to spare. Took my 10 hour break and then coming back up I made it back to Anderson with 3 minutes to spare. By next month that will not be possible because of construction.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          That’s a narrow margin on 700 miles trip. Every minute and every detail count.

          • rah says:

            I await the day that Kentucky and Indiana get their stuff together and put a new bridge in over the Ohio River and Indiana finishes the section from Bloomington to I-465 at Indy there by making the new portions of I-69 a viable option to make a trip down to that area. When they get it all done, I-69 will run from the port of entry between the US and Canada at the Blue Water bridge at Port Huron, MI and split in Texas into a western and eastern branch ending at the Mexican border at Brownsville, TX and the western branch ending at the Mexican border in Laredo, TX. Thus it will become the NAFTA super highway.

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