Yesterday afternoon’s peak temperature of 37 degrees in Boulder was the third time in the past four years with April 29 temperatures below 40 degrees.

Average temperature for the date is 65 degrees. Three of the seven coldest April 29ths have been in the last four years.

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  1. Norilsk says:

    It’s cold and wet here in southern Ontario, too.

  2. Windsong says:

    Normally late April is safe to get plants in the ground at my house. NWS forecast for Saturday night was low 30s here. Uh, oh. It briefly dipped down to 28 around sunrise. Wiped out several plants in the back yard that gets sun later than the side yard. Side yard plants that get early sunshine survived.

  3. rah says:

    And the Alarmists assure us that the wind farms will make it even colder!

  4. Mark Luhman says:

    The world has cooled since the much in the last few years, yet the so called “climate scientist” say the worlds is warming. Snowing in the Sahara, Bagdad and in Egypt for the first time in over a hundred years is cooling world not a warming world. Of course when you infill data you can always get the results you want, infilling in most professions is what is call fraud, and generally gets you fired, not promoted.

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