Motivational Speaker At The University Of Colorado

The commencement ceremony will take place rain, snow or shine in Folsom Field, please dress accordingly.  Folsom Field will allow umbrellas in the stadium on May 9 for the Commencement Ceremony.  In the event of rain or snow, the ceremony may be abbreviated.  Livestream will be available on this site on Thursday, May 9.

Spring Ceremony | Commencement | University of Colorado Boulder

Savannah Sellers from MSNBC will be delivering the CU Boulder commencement address today in a snowstorm and record cold. Last week she suggested that students should skip school because global warming means they they have no future anyway.

MSNBC Hypes Students Skipping School to Protest Global Warming

Today’s forecast high of 39 degrees would shatter the old cold record of 45 degrees set in 1917, and is 49 degrees cooler than 1916.

She also is a big gun confiscation advocate. There was a school shooting in nearby Highlands Ranch on Tuesday committed by two Trump-hating progressive children – who apparently  believed they had no future. Very similar to the 2013 Arapahoe High School shooting by an Obama supporter, not long after Michelle Obama spoke at the school.

Progressives certainly know how to motivate students.

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  1. MGJ says:

    A good test to see whether Progressives really believe we are all going to die in 10 (12?…6?) years time is to observe their behaviour. Anyone who genuinely believed in the shortly arriving Armageddon would immediately quit work/school and spend all their resources having as good a time as they could during the short period of life that remained.

    One possible flaw in my argument is that Progressives love to wallow in misery – in particular making other people feel nihilistic and depressed – so maybe we wouldn’t notice much difference.

    • arn says:

      They don’t believe their own crap.

      If they did Al Gore would have never bought a Villa at the beach of montecito for 9 mio dollars,
      and if this chick would believe that students have no future she would have bought a rope and took a tree as she is not that much older than
      those she is advising.
      ((and if we look into her personal longtime strategies we may find out that she(besides many other longtime strategic things) bought a house/appartement she will pay of during the next decades.
      ((+ i can guarant you that noone of the 97% consensus scientists believes that the world will end within 11 years,
      but noone is challenging AOC’s stupid claims and asking for explanations just as noone is able to prove her claims to be right.
      The reason for this silence?
      They are sellouts and prostitutes and only interessted in keeping the moneyflow alive.

      In term of propaganda such a fatalistic statement has a huge impact on weak minds.

      • R Shearer says:

        I’ve been by his villa. It is up in the hills a couple of miles from the beach. It’s high enough that it has an ocean view. A lot of those villas have access to the beach via cabins located there. I don’t know whether that is the case.

      • dave1billion says:

        If you believe the world is going to end in 10 or so years then a 30-year mortgage makes perfect sense. Maybe she can get a balloon mortgage that is timed to kick in the week after the civilization ends.

  2. Jim says:

    How can you be a motivational speaker and preach gloom and doom?

    • R Shearer says:

      I just watched her address and she didn’t mention climate change at all and only briefly commented the cold weather. She pretty much just talked about being a millennial – no gloom and doom at this venue.

  3. Gator says:

    Motivate – verb: provide (someone) with a motive for doing something

    Do something. Like shoot at republicans while they practice for a charity softball game. Or strap a bomb to yourself and threaten the employees of the Discovery channel. Or make up a false report accusing the leader of the free world of treason. Or shoot up a school.

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
    ― Voltaire

    The world is ending, and it is all the fault of conservatives. Go get ‘em.

  4. GeologyJim says:

    It will be fascinating to see how the reporting plays out on this Highlands Ranch shooting

    The suspects were apprehended within minutes of their attack, largely because several boy students rushed the shooters. One of those boys died, and doubtless saved his classmates lives. You probably won’t read much about that.

    Fortunately, the police also arrived quickly and secured the scene. “Fortunate” I say because the police station was less than a mile away.

    Now for the interesting part. The shooters were initially described as “an adult male (18) and a male juvenile (17)”. But “on further review” (as they say in sports), it turns out the juvenile was a girl transitioning to whatever gender preference was her fancy of the day.

    So, how soon will the reporters start referring to the juvenile as “him”?

    How soon will the LGBTQ+WXYZ thugs start claiming the shooters were “bullied” and called out by the wrong pronouns?

    How soon will the shrill cries erupt demanding “No More Guns”? (already happening)

    Will our gay governor wear his signature blue loafers to the student’s funeral?


    • Gator says:

      A pediatrician went on a viral rant recently about the dangers of convincing children they are transgender and then prescribing them hormone blockers that prevent them from developing into their born gender.

      What did she say?

      At a recent Heritage Foundation forum about the topic, Dr. Michelle Cretella went on a lengthy rant about how it is child abuse to indulge children who are gender-confused by helping them “transition” to the gender they think they are.

      Cretella said:

      Chemical castration is what you’re doing when you put any biologically normal child on puberty blockers. It’s treating puberty like a disease, arresting a normal process which is critical to normal development and bad for kids.

      Sterilization: not good for kids. Prepping them for what will likely result in a case in girls a double mastectomy at 16 — not how you treat depression or anxiety and I have plenty of experience treating teenagers with depression, anxiety, even suicidal depression. Indoctrinating pre-school kids with the lie that you can be trapped in the wrong body, again, that’s disrupting their normal reality testing and cognitive development. Those things are abusive.

      As to the studies, there are two that I am aware of that claim affirming your child’s gender confusion is good for them. Number one, it assumes that coaching a child into a fixed-false belief is mentally healthy. Science doesn’t allow you to assume your conclusion. Number two, those studies are extremely small. Number three, those studies are very short term. And number four, the control group of “mentally healthy children” are the siblings, most of them are siblings of the trans-identifying child. Oh, and there’s a number five, the parents were the ones evaluating the mental health of the children.

      This is not science…I don’t think you need to have an M.D. or a Ph.D to know that’s not science — that’s ideology masquerading as science.

      Watch this pediatrician shut down leftists on giving puberty blockers to children with gender

      — Heritage Foundation (@Heritage) October 13, 2017

      Who is Cretella?

      Cretella is a pediatrician who serves as the president of the American College of Pediatricians. She is very outspoken about the dangers of letting kids believe they are transgender and calls the cultural problem “large-scale child abuse.”

      The trans kid also had a hatred of Christians, according to her social media posts. The left is warping our kids into psychos who cannot think for themselves, little left-bots awaiting their marching orders.

      • GW Smith says:

        Common sense can be cruel, especially to the left.

      • arn says:

        You will find out that 99% of those “trans”kids
        are by some incredible coiincidence
        1)following left politics
        2)love socialism&marx
        3)hate christianity
        4)love islam
        5)hate white people
        6)dress and style in similar ways

        Now-what can the reason be that a 50:50 situation(as there is a 1:1 chance to be at one side of a spectrum
        or somewhere in between instead of a poster child of obamas new world order)
        turns into such an absurd,one sided and contradictional
        The reason is indoctrination.

        And as usual the abused child mimics the beliefs and behaviours of his abuser in the end.

      • Robertv says:

        marching orders

        From white rich(the hated 1%) old men like B Sanders. Sounds very ……….progressive.

    • R Shearer says:

      The students are more intelligent than the Democrats that tried to politicize the event. They stormed out of a vigil after Michael Bennett talked. The students recognize the main contributor as a mental health issue.

    • GeologyJim says:

      Tony –

      What happened here?

      I made this post in response to your post about the freak boy/girl who shot up the STEM school in Highlands Ranch, but now that post is gone

      Now, my comment is totally out of place in this thread about the dingbat commencement speaker at Dear Ole CU in Boulder.

      Just wondering. . . . . . .

      Love the Spring photos from this damp, cool season in Colorado
      = = = = = = = =
      BTW, anyone who can’t sort out their sex by looking between their legs is psychologically sick/deranged. That used to be the official diagnosis of the psychological profession, which has now become “politically correct-ified”

      My prediction has been verified. The Denver Post article this morning about the STEM school shooting noted that the female assailant was charged under the legal name of “Maya Elizabeth McKinney” – “but uses male pronouns and the name Alec ” – – and thereafter the article referred to her as “him”

      Orwell was totally spot-on – Progressives corrupt the language in order to corrupt society.

      And the media are more-than-willing accomplices in the degradation of society

  5. R Shearer says:

    Due to the weather, the program will be shortened by about 2/3.

  6. R Shearer says:

    The live stream is funny. Where’s Al?

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