Reflecting On The Broken Atmosphere

Scientific American says we broke the atmosphere, and we need to increase CO2 emissions to fix it.

We Broke the Atmosphere; Here’s a Way We Can Start to Fix It – Scientific American Blog Network

Looks pretty broken to me.

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8 Responses to Reflecting On The Broken Atmosphere

  1. arn says:

    I wonder how many weeks and month of brainstorming a bunch of climate looneys needed to come up with the word “broken atmosphere”.

    I guess the next step is that they try to turn it into a buzzword to make virtue signalling even more easy.

    Now i”d like to know how much co2 or methan(or whatever gas can be used as it-word doom bringer) is needed to break the atmosphere.

    What is exactly the tipping point for atmosphere to break(how many cowfarts does our atmosphere need)
    and how can we tell a fixed from a broken atmosphere.

    What was the exact day atmosphere broke((the day of climate gate 1 or the day of climate gate 2??)

    Is the atmosphere on Mars,Venus or Saturn more broken than on earth?

    Which planet has the least broken atmosphere and why??

    Or is this just the next step of an Agenda that
    first uses co2 as reason to stiffle economy
    and then methan to end meat production.
    (i”m pretty sure the day will come soon when pig and chickenfarts will become destroyers of the atmosphere,but so far they only dare to focus on cows)

  2. Petit_Barde says:

    So they want billions in order to transform an insignificant ratio of an insignificant gas into another while this transformation is already done naturally …

    Those guys are completely dumb.

  3. Cornelius says:

    Typo on ‘atmosphere’ in the title. Pls remove this comment after reading.

  4. Blair Macdonald says:

    It ain’t broke. Just a 150-year-old mistake.
    Read my working paper:
    The Greenhouse Gases and Infrared Radiation Misconceived by Thermoelectric Transducers
    Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory

  5. Johansen says:

    I believe it was Scientific American who promoted the idea (for a long time) that the sun’s energy came from the gravitational attraction between its particles, and thus, all forces (and thus energy, heat, work) we observe in the universe ultimately derive from gravity

  6. Tom Robbins says:

    The AGW narrative in all its different and insane forms, ts falling apart, and be very careful, as so much money at stake, look for a False Flag! With Trump in the WH, we are somewhat safe, but any normal neocon, democrat or republican,will pick up the banner of socialism AKA -> Slow Death by technocracy. Joe Biden, is just more of he same, a person that simply turns his power over to the global cabal of bankers and war machine profiteers, AKA -> New World Order. I hate to admit it, but former director of the CIA, George Bush 1, was part of the globalist push, along with the Iron lady… Nothing surprising or earth shattering, but the most wealthy families, ALWAYS wield the most power and choreograph what presidents jabber on about – TRUMP broke the chain for them moment, as say what you want about him, he is fearless…

  7. Tom Robbins says:

    Sorry for grammatical errors, I cant see to find out how to edit my post. By design?

  8. establ says:

    Great Spotted Sandpiper shot Tony!

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