Rewriting The Past At The Ministry Of Truth

In 1989, NOAA said most global warming occurred before 1919.

Analysis of warming since 1881 shows most of the increase in global temperature happened before 1919 – before the more re-cent sharp rise in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. said Thomas Karl, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C.

7 Dec 1989, Page 14 – at

NOAA now shows cooling from 1881 to 1919, and that all global warming occurred after 1910.

NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming

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6 Responses to Rewriting The Past At The Ministry Of Truth

  1. Anon says:

    This has come up a few times in my discussions (with some rather large AGW NGO donors). All just dismiss this alteration as an incidental, saying that the industrial revolution began in the 1800s and that CO2 was rising then too. And that is as far as their thinking goes.

    When you point out that there was so little CO2 in the atmosphere to produce the effect, they simply say something like “CO2 is CO2” and dismiss that scarcity as a triviality. There seems to be no capacity to go beyond that or to understand the implications of what they just dismissed.

    If a 10ppm increase in CO2 could produce all of that pre-1920 warming, then CO2 is a lot more powerful greenhouse gas than we understand and there should be a massive amount of warming evident now with an additional 70 ppm in the atmosphere.

    They are in effect saying that the Charney Climate Sensitivity Parameter is variable; so variable in fact, that it changes from decade to decade.

    I find it odd to see them vet all of their other grant recipients scrupulously, yet make no effort to understand the workings behind climate science in which they are pumping large amounts of money. Very strange.

    • David A says:

      Interesting Anon…. So even if the biased IPCC disagrees with them, (No CO2 affect on GMT prior to 1950) it matters not.

    • Freddy Boom-Boom says:

      No one will take their religion away from them. Ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    The electorate seems to be catching up and the practical political effect of the history rewrite may be weakening.

    The “progressive” globalists at the UN are preemptively opening a second front in their assault on the United States and the western civilization.

    Congressional hearing on UN species report

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