Democracy Dies In Fake Arctic News

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.”

– Mark Twain

“there is really no such thing as an honest newspaper in America; if it were set up tomorrow it would perish within a month. Every journal, however rich and powerful, is the trembling slave of higher powers, some financial, some religious and some political.”

– H. L. Mencken

“Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper.”

  • George Orwell

Three weeks ago, the Washington Post Capital Weather Gang announced record Greenland melt, and record low Arctic sea ice.

Greenland could set a record for the most ice lost in a single melt season – The Washington Post

The melt season is over. Greenland’s surface gained 170 billion tons of ice over the past year, which is in the normal range and more than three times as high as the gain in 2012.

SMB_curves_LA_EN_20190830.png (846×1080)

Over the past three years, Greenland’s surface has gained 1.22 trillion tons of ice more than has melted. This is 140 billion tons above the 1981-2010 mean.

2017      2018      2019

The Arctic sea ice melt season appears to have ended early. Extent is right at 2011-2018 average minimum and about 30% higher than the 2012 minimum.

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

Index of /DATASETS/NOAA/G02135/north/daily/images/

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7 Responses to Democracy Dies In Fake Arctic News

  1. Scissor says:

    It would be very unusual for the melt to have already ended.

  2. GW Smith says:

    Quick, someone call Climate One!

  3. gregole says:

    2019 and still not ice free. What gives? Don’t tell me this entire CO2 theory is nothing but a political / financial scam.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    Some people seem to be able to lie to, steal from or cheat others incredibly easily. Andrew Freedman seems to have no trouble with at least one of those character flaws.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    Meanwhile, some Chinese scientists are hedging their bets after studying sediments under Moon Lake – they see a cyclical pattern, with warm phase about to end; concerned about the potential of a fast and long-term cooling.

    For how much longer will the media be able to continue generating fake record high temps and fake record low ice propaganda pieces?

  6. theRealUniverse says:

    What do you expect from rags like the WaPo.
    This ice gain / loss is completely normal geophysical processes. Expect more growth in the coming grand solar minimum.

  7. Gamecock says:

    Journalists have convinced people that journalists are good people.

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