NBC News Inflates Dorian 25 MPH

NBC news says Dorian in 10 MPH higher than Camille.

(18) Tony Heller on Twitter: “@BillKarins @rrcasper1

Camille had winds over 200 MPH.

25 Aug 1969, 13 – El Paso Times at Newspapers.com

14 Aug 2005, Page 4-10 – Chicago Tribune at Newspapers.com

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12 Responses to NBC News Inflates Dorian 25 MPH

  1. James says:

    AccuWeather reported a gust of 285 and sustained winds of 220.

  2. Grilled Tomatoes says:

    I found a buoy located at Freeport, Bahamas that is currently registering 33 kts sustained and gusts of 38 kts. Dorian still to the east but coming straight for it. One would think that these 200 mph winds will be measured by this device. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=spgf1

  3. Joe B says:

    I was a kid working on an oil tanket in the summer of ’69 that actually interacted twice with Camille … once at sea and second time while tied up at a refinery dock about 60 miles upriver from Nawlins.
    The eye came ashore just east of the delta, but the winds were simply incredible even where we were.

    The ship’s cook tried to walk down the gangway and get ashore, but as he could not make headway walking into the wind, he turned around and spent the rest of the night praying.

    2 days later, as we came downriver, not a single thing – not a house, not a tree, not a bush – was standing for as the eye could see.
    Coming thru Nawlins, about a dozen ocean going ships were aground, and a small fleet of tugs was furiously getting them into navigable water.

    Absolutely humbling experience to witness the ferocious power of Mother Nature.

  4. Cam says:

    From NOAA, max sustained winds were in public advisories 33a, 34, and 34a at 185 mph. In 35, it has dropped back to 180mph

    • Scissor says:

      It’s slow movement is dissipating energy. It’s now down to Cat 4. It could be a lot worse. It must be terrifying in the Bahamas though and unfortunately they will not get quick relief.

    • Erast Van Doren says:

      And in reality not even 100mph were reached.

  5. MrGrimnasty says:

    It’s dishonest to compare and claim records, with modern tech. the whole storm system can be scoured for the one point with the highest wind speed, only a few years ago you have guesses from the pressure, or random chance readings from the ground or air.

  6. D. Boss says:

    And, they have been officially lying for several years on the wind speeds etc. But conveniently downgrade their number fudging afterwards.

    See this site for data readouts from the Hurricane Hunter aircraft:


    click tab “real time guidance”
    click “Hurricane Dorian”
    Then click “vortex data messages”

    Scroll down to last 2-3 messages in the list – notice the FL (meaning Flight Level) winds are between 150 and 155 knots. (171 to 177 MPH)

    They are at 2352 meters altitude, which is 7716 feet. There is no way ground level wind is higher than flight level, unless laws of physics changed….

    Using the power law for wind, the ground level speed over water would be 119 to 123 MPH if speed is 177-177 MPH at 2300 meters altitude.

    So proof they are routinely lying. (data retrieved Sept 2 6:54 AM)

    • Erast Van Doren says:

      NDBC buoy in vicinity of Freeport shows 54knots. The same speed at this point shows windy.com. And the max wind on windy is currently 80 – category 1.

  7. Scissor says:

    Dorian’s slight weakening and slowing reduces the risk of a U.S. landfall. Now it will be good to see it turn further to the North.

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