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We went to Estes Park for opening weekend of the golf course in mid-April. The course was closed because of record cold and snow.

We were planning on going to Estes Park for Halloween,  but record cold and snow caused us to reschedule for Thanksgiving.

The forecast for Thanksgiving is record cold and snow.

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

Meanwhile, Boulder (which depends on 100,000 out of town workers driving here every day) is suing oil companies to stop all this heat.

Colorado Climate Lawsuit | Union of Concerned Scientists

This suit was filed during the eighth straight year of record tourism in Colorado.

News Release: Colorado Tourism Sets All-Time Records for Eighth Consecutive Year |

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  1. Bob Hoye says:

    The interaction between intellectual control freaks and Mother Nature has been and still is a wonderful source of irony.
    That’s in their boasts that a committee can “manage” a national economy when there is no such thing as a discrete national economy.
    And the greatest audacity in history has been the notion that yet another committee can “manage” the temperature of the nearest planet.
    But while the irony is exquisite, in these issues it is very expensive and intrusive.
    And even more ironical, is that they force the intrusion into private life in order to extort hard-earned money.

  2. scott allen says:

    I can not understand why these oil companies don’t just walk into court and say, ok you states that blame us, we will no longer sell petroleum based products in your state. Then in a day or the state will sue them again for NOT selling petroleum products.

    • arn says:

      You will understand once you find out that
      the biggest pushers of AGW are billionaires.
      Billionaires from the oil business
      as Rockfeller,Rothschild
      or Maurice Strong who has been CEO of several Energy Companies.
      (mr strong spent his last years in China to avoid western prisons)

      +to quote Forbes.
      15 Billionaires own americas news media.
      And those are pushing UN agenda 2030.

      • Aussie says:

        I’ll give you the tip. They are hoping like anything that US power prices go the way of Germany and Australia.

        Power companies and renewable providors make out like bandits with high power prices.

        Unfortunately the poor are impacted very badly and “energy poverty” is real. Industry is also hit savagely – somehow the warmists think that power prices don’t matter at all

    • Barry Sheridan says:

      Quite right Scott, if it were to happen it would take about 48 hours for life in most of these places to stop. This sort of reality is now necessary given how stupid many people are.

  3. KevinPaul says:

    Can we coin a new term Solarcy?
    Like lunacy, I often hear people question “has the world really gone mad”?
    There appears to be a correlation between UV radiation levels and the expression of mental illness, of coarse the causation could be cosmic radiation or a combination dosage, since all are modulated by solar cycles.
    UVR maybe the answer to a number of puzzles, including the madness of climate alarmism, associated anxiety illnesses and death cult preoccupation.

  4. Scissor says:

    I’m pretty sure that this year will be one of the bests in Colorado as far as agriculture is concerned also.

  5. Hey! I use the same model of bike seat.

  6. Douglas Hoyt says:

    NOAA gets the sign of the temperature anomaly correct about 50.5% of the time, based upon a study done in the early 1980s. In contrast, the Old Farmer’s Almanac was correct about 51% of the time. So neither one give very useful results.

  7. Jonathan Ranes says:

    CONcerned Scientists lol. Now that is something to run from as fast as you can.

    • Jason Calley says:

      If memory serves me correctly, Anthony Watts once had his dog join the Union of Concerned Scientists. They are apparently not concerned about science, but only about whether they collect a membership fee.

  8. DCA says:

    If a fossil fuel company can be made to pay a government entity if things get worse, does that mean the government entity can be made to pay the fossil fuel company if things get better?

  9. G W Smith says:

    If you can sue the fossil fuel companies for producing greenhouse gasses why can’ you sue the government for allowing them to do business?

    • Gator says:

      If I am not mistaken, the fossil fuel industries only produce fuels, and WE THE PEOPLE burn them. Circular firing squad anyone?

      Once again leftists blame the object, and ignore their own obvious culpability.

  10. richard MERRILL says:

    Don’t forget to also shut in the gas pipelines.

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